24 Classic LEGO sets to get your loved ones this Christmas

by Nikita P.

 Lego sets are quite awesome sets if you ask me. They help influence the intellect of your child. Obama once stated that Normal people would judge you on the great things you can create, not on the little things you burn down. If you can create whatever you wanted, or destroy something that was created to build other things? Have you ever wondered why destroying is way easier than creating?

lego lights

These are the goodies we enjoy from the LEGO world. It helps us create, destroy, and rebuild over again. Whatever is better than this never seems to get repetitive or boring. Luckily for the different varieties of products the Lego world has to offer us. 

Lego is one of the best ways in which kids can be taught great lessons of perseverance, focus, patience too. This also enhances the creativity levels of these kids. Some people say this increases from about number four to number ninety-nine. Showing different people of every age. 

This article would be talking about classic Lego sets you can get your loved ones this Christmas. Are you ready to take everyone out shopping? Let’s do this.  

24 Classic Lego Sets to get Your Loved Ones This Christmas

1. Great Lego Sets using Bricks you Already Own

From the year 2016, this Lego set has step by step instructions and photos which would help guide you on how to create new planes, race cars, dragons, robots, and every other thing you presently already own. 

2. Great Lego Times using Lego bricks you already Got

Also from the year 2017, this Bricks Adventures book became available. It has various stories that take different characters on an epic journey. So you can get this book and enjoy using it to your Lego sets and Lego bricks would feel some life flow into them. Get this for your family this Lego Christmas gifts

3. Lovely Lego Inventions using Bricks you’ve already got

Also from the year 2018, using this, you get to organize your Lego sets and Lego bricks in crazy ways you've never organized before. This book has paperback and Kindle editions .It has more than forty new robot designs, designs on games, gadgets, vehicles, and a lot more that you could build using your Lego bricks. This has very serious pictures and instructions to explain all designs clearly for you to understand. 

4. The Book Filled with LEGO Ideas

From the year 2011, this was published and it was written by Lipkowitz Daniel. It is a New York bestseller and you can only get this in hardcover. It has more than a million copies and each of them has different themes. About six different parts. These themes have different basic templates of models using keys and different tips and hints from great master builders. 

The Book Filled with LEGO Ideas

5. Lego Green Classic Baseplate Supplement

This has one of the safest options for gifts for people that already have Hoilday Lego bricks box and from those with the Lego classic Baseplate Supplement. It has 10*10 inches that merge with the 32*32 studs. This comes with beautiful green color and gives you a new foundation to create your designs using a different way. This can get added to any Lego light kit collection. This is a gift that is wonderful for everyone and anyone. 

6. Play Brick Building May from SCS

These building plates are available to serve as the Lego foundation plates. SCS has offered a building plate which one can carry comfortably, store, fold and even roll too long it has double-sided mats. One for smaller bricks and another one that has space for larger bricks. These are created from silicone of very high quality. These measures up to thirty-two inches long and thru have the best size for play tables and other activities. 

6. Play Brick Building May from SCS

7. Lego Display Minifigure Case 16 Large, Black

This beautiful Lego Minifigure case used to display other sets have about three different variants. It has large, small and a large three-pack. This has very different colors and styles like that from Batman, in colors like red, blue, and black and that from The LEGO Ninjago Movie and game. This case can be placed or mounted properly on the wall and a desk or a shelf. This transparent design is very bright and it lets you display your best miniature figures. This is a lovely present for your people during this Christmas season. The cases are easily stackable for things to be simple for you. 

Lego Display Minifigure Case 16 Large, Black

8. Lego Magnets, epic for showing different Mini Figures

These Lego magnets let you show all your Lego little miniature figures using a magnetic board. You can make use of these and keep them all organized neatly and cleanly. These magnet scan hold all original miniature figures that have leg holes. These are a great simple way for young kids to manage the mini figures they have. These can also be used whenever they have models they want to build. These Lego magnets make use of very nice unique gifts for anyone and everyone that own their own Lego mini-figures

Lego Magnets, epic for showing different Mini Figures

9. Lego Time is Playtime with this Monster 4 Lego Game

This Lego game is very unique and it lets you have the option of changing it, building it, and playing with it. Having a Monster 4 game that has a graveyard theme with skeletons and monsters all outside. There are four to two players available and the first game player gets to enjoy having four different monsters after winning from the first row. This game has a simple buildable Lego Dice, a booklet which is ruled, some very detailed building instructions, and one hundred and forty-two pieces. 

Lego Time is Playtime with this Monster 4 Lego Game

10. “What am I” Lego Game for Guessing

“What am I” is a Lego guessing game that has sixteen build able miniature figures with game boards. These are two-player games that allow you to create and enjoy your game using miniature figures. Having very quick and exciting gameplay. You would need to add more figures that are miniature as you play this game. This is necessary because if you have the same number of mini-figures then you  can get to predict what the next mini-figure would be and that would take all the fun out of the game. This is a nice recommended gift you can get a loved one during this period of Christmas you know. It is fun, sweet, easy to use, and epic too. 

“What am I” Lego Game for Guessing

11. City Lego Undercover

This Undercover Lego game is a Lego game for Xbox One. This lets two different players cooperatively play the game. You get to use a character known as Chase McCain. This is an under cover police officer that has a job of hunting Rex Fury. This is a mischievous criminal that just escaped. Your job is to enjoy the immersive and diverse Lego City world .

City Lego Undercover

12. Lego Nintendo Friends

This Lego Nintendo friends is a wonderful DS Character simulation and a fun-filled game that lets you enjoy wonderful things like the Fantastic Heart Lake City. You can make great new friends and enjoy wonderful exciting adventures all over the city. You get to create friendships and express your style and personality very well. This is a great game for young sisters that love and enjoy using Lego sets. This is a nice gift you can get a loved one during this winter of Christmas eve you know. It is fun, sweet, easy to use, and epic too. 

 Lego Nintendo Friends

13. Friendship Lego Friends Box 41346

This Friendship Lego Friends Box 41346 allows you to create about five different accessories that feel like they are real and sized like real ones. It has some lovely accessories like those used by lovely Heart Lake City Friends. These have a camera, a walkie talkie, a Trophy, a robot, and a camera that has some buttons activated with a flash too. This epic Lego kit has about five hundred and sixty-three pieces. One can build this using any other Lego original piece and building bricks which adds lovely varieties to your playtime.


14. Lego Christmas with Santa

Looking for this best Lego sets to give your loved ones this Christmas, patience my dear, we are getting there.

From the year 2012, Scholastic made “Lego City Save our Christmas” go wild and become popular. This is written by J. May Jason and Rebecca McCarthy. You can get this booking paperback, library binding, and Kindle versions. This book talks about very nice stories about some intelligent crooks that want to rob the entire world of all the Lego Christmas presents delivered by Santa. But they all did not get these presents and before we knew what was happening, Christmas got saved. So lovely. 

Lego Christmas with Santa

15. The Lego Ornament Book of Christmas

This Ornaments book for Christmas has about fifteen different books to give us all the cheers for the holiday. It got written by McVeigh. It is available in hardcover versions and Kind leversions too. It has detailed instructions to create decorations and ornaments which could be used to hang your lovely decorations on your tree. Do not forget it is Lego based, so let’s not kick that off our table. 

16. Lego Ornaments for Christmas with Santa

This is a necessary and cool part of Christmas all over the world. Especially when you want to create your very own Christmas tree. We all make use of several different hangings, Lego Christmas ornaments, and decorations too. Have you ever seen a Lego-themed ornament that could be used for your Christmas trees?. This ornament has lovely designs and they are filled using different lovely bricks. The gold-edged red ribbon has lovely Lego bricks that are nicely printed on them. 

17. City Advent Lego Calendar 6174567 for Building 60155 Kit

Lego takes you to this epic City Advent Lego Calendar 6174567 for Building 60155 Kit. You can get this for your loved ones this Christmas in three different styles. Lego Star Wars, Lego Friends, And of course, Lego City. This kit has a lot of items, about twenty-four in number. These items include beautiful figures, lovely vehicles, and items for this season of Christmas. There are six figures too. These figures include Santa, Jungle Explorer two-guard coast members, grandma, and a snowboarder kid too. Great present and a nice gift you can get a loved one during this period of Christmas you know. It is fun, sweet, easy to use, and epic too

18. 40263 Christmas Lego Town Square

This Christmas Lego town Square has about three different miniature figures and a buildable snowman figure. Thus Lego led set has colorful holiday trees, a mailbox, shop stall, lamppost, sleigh, and a lovely looking holiday tree. Elements that could get accessorized include things like a wreath, cupcakes, pretzel too. These measures up to three inches high, five inches sideways, and about six inches deep down. This product weighs about 6.4 ounces


19. Lego Town Duplo Santa’s Holiday For Winter.

This lovely building kit lets you build using Santa's sleigh and it has serious three big figures. These include Santa and his lovely two kids. Can you see where this Lego set is headed? Already telling you to get this for yourself, your spouse, and your kids too. This Lego set has a squirrel and a reindeer. There are about forty-five Lego pieces and it has a snowman, a slope, and a fir tree with some Duplo figures too. For its weight, it's got 1.76 pounds per ounce

Lego Town Duplo Santa’s Holiday For Winter.

20. Town Pizzeria using Lego Duplo 10834 for Pre School Pre-Kindergarten Large Building Block Toys for young ones.

Lego has colorful simple to build Lego sets. As you've noticed from the beginning of this article. This particular Lego set has about fifty-seven pieces. There are about three different Lego Duplo figures. It has a restaurant owner, a child, and a dad. Young kids can settle and create their very own pizza delivery bikes and restaurants too. This entire Lego set measures about 7 x 7 x 3 inches. All these Lego single toys are specifically compatible with all other Lego sets and Lego Duplo materials too. This helps increase creativity and variety in young kids. 

Town Pizzeria using Lego Duplo 10834 for Pre School Pre-Kindergarten Large Building Block Toys for young ones.

21. Lego Brand Duplo Disney Minnie 10597 and Micky Lego Building Parade Kit.

Lego Brand DuploDisney Minnie 10597 and Mickey Lego Building Parade Kit lets your lovely kids crest a traintravelfor Christmas which has lovely characters from Disney. These characters include those that are loved by every Disney fan. We've got Minnie and Mickey Mouse, they are Duplo figures. This Lego kit also allows you to create candles, balloons, birthday cake, and some lovely bricks that can be decorated using the Christmas theme. This Lego kit has about twenty-four different pieces. It has a birthday train that measures about seven inches high, thirteen inches long, and two inches sideways. 

22. Baby Animals Lego Duplo 10801

Lego grants are the Baby Animals Lego Duplo 10801. This has lovely Lego Duplo figures of animals that are from every and any part of the world. This Lego set is for young ones and toddler sagestwo to five years. This product has weights of six point two ounces and it can be measured for 7.5 x 2.8 x 5.5 inches. This set is one of the best options you can give toddlers. This would teach and encourage them indifferent ways they can build using Lego as they learn and grow up. They would also get to know about different and several animals from all around the world. 

Baby Animals Lego Duplo 10801

23. My First Lego Bus set For Building 10603

This Lego My First Lego Bus set For Building 10603 let’s young kids create a blackboard and a school bus. This includes a young child in the Lego Duplo figure. There are about six lovely looking bricks on the blackboard MIT measures about four inches high, four inches long, and about two inches sideways. It also has rolling wheels. The blackboard measures about four inches high, three inches wide, and two inches deep. 

My First Lego Bus set For Building 10603

24. Lego Duplo Play Creative Large Screen Building Plate and Building Kit 2304

This Lego Duplo Play Creative Large Screen Building Plate and Building Kit 2304 is measured by 15 inches through 15 inches. It is a great game for any lovely kid that wants to start their Lego journey. This plate is great and it lets the kids build whatever they would like because there are a lot of designs available for these kids to create the best garden. This product weighs 9.6 ounces. It doesn't have any miniature figures or bricks. It is easily compatible with all different Duplo Lego Figures and Bricks. Just like the other type listed here. 


So there we have it. Take your family out, go through the internet, get your child that Lego presents they've been dreaming of. It is Christmas time. If you don't have maximum fun now, when would you? 

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