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Christmas is one of the happiest times of the year. It is also one of the most stressful. This is due to the increase in the hustle and bustle of communities during that time of the year. There are sales happening everywhere and the number of people you usually have to deal with could double or triple. One of the most stressful parts of the holiday is purchasing presents. The customary greeting card is usually easy to procure but the presents, on the other hand, can be very hard to pin down. This manifests itself in two ways, either you don't know what to buy or the person who you're buying the gift for has no idea what they want. For some reason, this always happens and when it does, the well-placed presence of the holiday sales leads people to purchase unnecessary items and gifts that are just going to be regifted. 


There is an easy way to solve this and save yourself the anxiety or stress of this situation and that is to buy a good gift. A good gift is one that is useful and practical. It should be useful to the person getting that gift and if it isn't, then it must probably hold some sentimental value. An example of a good gift would be a LEGO set. This is so for three reasons. The first is that LEGO sets are entertaining for adults and kids alike. Secondly, building it brings people together which is what the holidays are about and finally it is a great investment. There are several options to choose from but we're here to help you narrow it down by introducing you to the LEGO sets that specifically target or represent the Christmas season.

LEGO Winter

This series is part of the Creator Expert series. The Creator Expert is a series targeted towards more experienced builders because the sets are not as easy to build. The LEGO Winter Village theme captures the special feeling of Christmas and today we are presenting you the complete list of all the LEGO Winter Village sets under the Creator Expert series. This will be done by arranging them from the highest number of pieces to the lowest. So, let's proceed!


1. LEGO Winter Village Cottage 

LEGO Winter Village Cottage 10229

LEGO 10229 Winter Village Cottage With 1490 pieces, the LEGO Winter Village Cottage tops this list. This LEGO Christmas set represents the coming together of families during this season.

Now that the family is all here, it's time to get them situated and comfortable. Mum is baking a cake in the kitchen and dad is putting up the Christmas tree. You have to share your time wisely to ensure you get to the lick the mixing bowl and at the same time, place the star at the top of the Christmas tree.

Grandpa is all cozy reading a newspaper by the fireplace. This sets features a snowplow to engage the kids and a chainsaw to help dad stock up on firewood. It also comes with skis, a buildable igloo and stunning decoration available for the cottage.

Main features: 

1. Set Number: 10229

2. Pieces: 1490

3. Minifigures: 8

4. Released: October 12, 2012

5. Buy online: Amazon

2. LEGO Gingerbread House 

LEGO Gingerbread House 10267

LEGO 10267 Gingerbread House Gingerbread has a special place in our hearts. From helping Shrek defeat Prince Charming to being absolutely delicious, most of us can agree that gingerbread is special.

Building a Gingerbread House is part of Christmas tradition and with this LEGO set, you can build one that will last a long longer because no one will eat it. This set has 1477 pieces and it comes with its own Gingerbread family!

It features intricate interior detailing of the house, candy furnishing and presents under a beautifully decorated Christmas tree. Swaddle the gingerbread baby in its carriage or stare out the glittery windows. Bundle up your gingerbread family by the warm, cozy fireplace and clear up all the snow with the snowblower. This LEGO Christmas set is nothing short of endearing. 

Main features: 

1. Set Number: 10267

2. Pieces: 1477

3. Minifigures: 2

4. Released: September 18, 2019

5. Buy online: Amazon

6. Get special lights: Game of Bricks Store

3. LEGO Winter Village Market 

LEGO Winter Village Market 10235

LEGO 10235 Winter Village Market  - This 3-in-1 Creator Expert set contains 1261 pieces. This means that there are three ways you can build and use this LEGO set. Either take advantage of the carousel or the carnival or the baker's stand or better yet, build all three and have the ultimate winter village market.

It comes with several accessories like food items, a bench, streetlamps, a Christmas tree and lest we forget, a functioning carousel! This set holds a lot of promise because of the sheer number of separate locations within set. It will be a wonderful present for creative minds.

Main features: 

1. Set Number: 10235

2. Pieces: 1261

3. Minifigures: 9

4. Released: October 13

5. Buy online: Amazon

6. Get special lights: Game of Bricks Store

4. LEGO Winter Village Fire Station

LEGO Winter Village Fire Station 10263

LEGO 10263 Winter Village Fire Station - No village is complete without a Fire station but today, the firemen aren't putting out any fires especially not the happy fires in the hearts of the villagers.

The fourth LEGO Winter set on our list comes with 1166 pieces and a whole lot of holiday cheer. This set features a fire station and firefighters reveling in the calm and joy that the holidays bring. It comes with very detailed interior decoration which includes an actual fold-down bed.

This set comes with firefighting equipment and of course the fire pole but it also have an ice rink perfecting for winding down and having fun this season. It is perfect for those who like firefighters because you will find Winter Village Fire Station entertaining and educating.

Main features: 

1. Set Number: 10263

2. Pieces: 1166

3. Minifigures: 8

4. Released: September 13, 2018

5. Buy online: Amazon

6. Get special lights: Game of Bricks Store

5. LEGO Winter Village Station 

LEGO Winter Village Station 10259

LEGO 10259 Winter Village Station  - The station is bound to be populated with the number of people coming home for the holidays. There's nothing like the power of Christmas to bring families together. With 902 pieces, LEGO Winter Village Station depicts a warm station complete with a coffee shop ready to welcome you home.

Outside, the bus is excitedly waiting to drive the passengers home for the holidays. This set features a bus with functional doors, a railroad with traces of snow, the station's platform, decorated lamp posts, mailbox, green and luscious pine trees, a detailed coffee shop and a clock tower.

Main features: 

1. Set Number: 10259

2. Pieces: 905 

3. Minifigures: 5

4. Released: September 14, 2017

5. Buy online: Amazon

6. LEGO Winter Toy Shop 

LEGO Winter Toy Shop 10249

LEGO 10249 Winter Toy Shop - The toymaker may be holed up in his shop busy making toys for Christmas but we can still have a lot of fun with this set. Children are playing outside, waiting not-so-patiently for the toymaker to finish their toys. It contains 898 pieces of pure Christmas magic.

This LEGO Winter set comes with a fully decorated toy shop, one fully decorated tree, and several other pine trees just waiting to be decorated. It also features a fresh snowman and children in the happiest of moods. The LEGO Winter Toy Shop even has a ladder, helicopter, rocket, truck, train, teddy bear, race car and also a robot!

Main features: 

1. Set Number: 10249

2. Pieces: 898

3. Minifigures: 8

4. Released: October 15, 2015

5. Buy online: Amazon

6. Get special lights: Game of Bricks Store

7. LEGO Santa's Workshop 

LEGO Santa's Workshop 10245

LEGO 10245 Santa's Workshop  - While other sets in this list have simply inspired thoughts of Santa Claus, this set brings it straight to life. With 883 pieces, you can meet Santa and part of his crew. 

Santa is getting ready to go on his trip around the world delivering presents to all the good kids. Traveling around the world in one night is no easy task therefore Santa needs an effective and capable team to bring smiles to children's faces when they look under the tree.

The famous reindeer are present including Rudolph and we also have the hardworking elves. This set features Santa's sled, Mrs. Claus, elves, some wrapped toys, and his microscale workshop. Bring Santa to life with this LEGO Winter set and spread Christmas cheer around.

Main features: 

1. Set Number: 10245

2. Pieces: 883

3. Minifigures: 6

4. Released: October 14, 2014

5. Buy online: Amazon

6. Get special lights: Game of Bricks Store

8. LEGO Winter Village Post Office 

LEGO Winter Village Post Office 10222

LEGO 10222 Winter Village Post Office  The post office is especially busy this time of the year trying to send all the letters to the North Pole. This LEGO Winter set features an adorable snow-covered post office and a vintage red post office truck. It also comes with a microscale dog (that you can name!) and enough Minifigures to stage the most complicated plays and plots.

This is a great set to build with friends and family during the holidays. It is sure to bring back fond memories for the adults because there is just something nostalgic about this set. The LEGO Winter Post Office has 822 pieces and it has unfortunately been retired.

Main features: 

1. Set Number: 10222

2. Pieces: 822

3. Minifigures: 7

4. Released: October 1, 2011

5. Buy online: Amazon

9. LEGO Winter Village Toy Shop 

LEGO Winter Village Toy Shop 10199

LEGO 10199 Winter Village Toy Shop This awesome LEGO Winter set comes with 815 pieces and it is such a Christmas inspired set. LEGO Winter Toy Shop features a fully decorated Christmas tree, a very adorable snowman, a cat, a bear, even a robot and finally a beautiful Toy Shop.

The idea of Santa Claus simply comes to life with this set. Toys are very important to most children which is why lots of them love Santa. This little quaint Toy Shop is no doubt the hub of many wide-eyed kids. This set is great for adults but it is especially perfect for children because what child doesn't want to build a toy that contains a toy shop. 

Main features: 

1. Set Number: 10199

2. Pieces: 815

3. Minifigures: 7

4. Released: October 9, 2009

5. Buy online: Amazon

10. LEGO Winter Holiday Train 

LEGO Winter Holiday Train 10254

LEGO 10254 Winter Holiday Train Trains are a huge part of the general LEGO design so it comes as no surprise that there is a train included in this list. This LEGO Winter set multitasks as a toy which can bring several family members together and as Christmas decoration as well.

LEGO Winter Holiday Train comes with a mini Christmas tree that spins on its axis as the train goes around the rails. The detailing on this set is nothing short of spectacular. The train set is complete to build your very own train station with a platform for boarding, railroads, a bench, a lamp post.

It also comes with a Power Functions engine that can be upgraded, several minifigures and lots of other cool features. If you know someone who's a fan of trains, then this gift would be very thoughtful. This set comes with 734 pieces.

Main features: 

1. Set Number: 10254

2. Pieces: 734

3. Minifigures: 5 

4. Released: October 1 2016

5. Buy online: Amazon

11. LEGO Winter Village Bakery 

LEGO Winter Village Bakery 10216

LEGO 10216 Winter Village Bakery Food is a huge part of Christmas. The coming together of a family to wine and dine is a tradition as old as time. A staple at the Christmas table is pastries. This LEGO Christmas set honors this. It is the final set on this list but that doesn't make it the least. It comes with 687 pieces. 

LEGO Winter Village Bakery features several accessories including a horse, owls, some trees and food. It depicts an image of a quaint small town where everyone knows each other. This set was designed to be used alongside LEGO Winter Toy Shop, LEGO Winter Village Cottage, LEGO Winter Village Post Office and LEGO Winter Village Market. The hilarious addition of a pair of legs sticking out of a pile of snow only compliments to the charm of this set. Although this set is retired, it can be found on eBay and Amazon.

Main features: 

1. Set Number: 10216

2. Pieces: 687

3. Minifigures: 7 

4. Released: October 1, 2010

5. Buy online: Amazon


These eleven sets are all great LEGO Christmas themed presents. While some of them are retired, it is possible to find almost all of them on eBay or Amazon. Christmas is about sharing and giving back, with these LEGO sets you're giving more than just a toy, you're sharing the gift of Christmas, cheer, and joy.

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