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    70 products
    LEGO Mandrake 76433 Light Kit
    LEGO Mandrake 76433 Light Kit
    Light Kit for Mandrake 76433
    from $29.99
    LEGO Invisible Hand 75377 Light Kit
    LEGO Invisible Hand 75377 Light Kit
    Light Kit for Invisible Hand 75377
    LEGO Tantive IV 75376 Light Kit
    LEGO Tantive IV 75376 Light Kit
    Light Kit for Tantive IV 75376
    LEGO Sorting Hat 76429 light kit
    Sorting Hat LEGO lights
    Light Kit for Talking Sorting Hat 76429


    Light Up LEGO Spaceships and Planes

    Transform Your LEGO Creations

    Add a new dimension to your LEGO spaceships with our specially designed light kits. Whether you have a collection of iconic starships or futuristic planes, our lighting solutions will make your models come to life.

    Why Choose Game Of Bricks Light Kits?

    Our LEGO spaceship light kits are crafted to fit perfectly with your builds, enhancing every detail with stunning illumination. Imagine your LEGO plane with lights that mimic the glow of real aircraft, making your display a centerpiece in any room.

    Features and Benefits

    Easy Installation

    Our light kits are easy to install, even for beginners. Each kit comes with detailed instructions to guide you through the process, ensuring a seamless integration with your LEGO sets.

    High-Quality Components

    We use only the highest quality LEDs to ensure bright, long-lasting illumination. Each light kit is thoroughly tested to guarantee optimal performance and durability.

    Customization Options

    Choose from a variety of lighting effects to suit your preferences. Whether you want a steady glow, flashing lights, or color-changing LEDs, we have options to match your vision.

    Popular LEGO Spaceships and Planes Light Kits

    NASA Artemis Space Launch System

    Bring the excitement of space exploration to your LEGO collection with our light kit for the NASA Artemis Space Launch System. This kit highlights the intricate details of the spacecraft, making it a standout piece in your collection.

    Millennium Falcon

    One of the most iconic LEGO spaceships, the Millennium Falcon, becomes even more impressive with our light kit. Illuminate the cockpit, engine, and gun turrets to capture the essence of this legendary starship.

    Enhance your LEGO spaceships and planes with our high-quality light kits. Whether you're a seasoned builder or a newcomer, our kits provide an easy way to add a spectacular touch to your models. Explore our collection and find the perfect lighting solution for your LEGO creations today.

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