The most popular LEGO sets for kids

by Nikita P.

A lego set is a group or collection of various lego blocks used for construction by kids which comes in various mini-figures, colors, sizes, themes, etc. In this study, however, we willbe considering specifically the most popular lego sets for kids.



The determining factor of what makes a lego set great and popular is not just about how much fun and exciting it is for the kids playing with it but is also about how they can stringthe lego bricks together to make the constructions and how much delight they take in it once the initial building is constructed. Some of the most popular lego sets for kids are listed below;

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1. Lego Junior Fire Patrol Suitcase

This lego set is most suitable for kids between the ages of four and seven. It is a very fun package for a child and can be used to build a fire helicopter, fire motorbike, and a firefighterbase station. It comes with two firefighter mini-figures, a water hose, barrier, fire, lights, and a map. It has about 113 pieces.

2. Lego Education Community Mini Figures set

Children of ages above four years can have a lot of fun and education with this lego set. It has about 256 pieces of o0f lego bricks. This set is equipped with items to construct maleand female mini-figures. It helps a kid to develop their community and fill it up with people of their choice.

3. Lego Friends Heart lake Shopping Mall

A child who enjoys shopping will find this lego set a whole deal of fun; it is most popular with girls. It has four mini-figures, a poodle, lots of shops and places to play in the mall,a photo boot, etc. and allow a person to construct a full-scale mall which is pretty cool.

4. Lego City Camper Van

This is quite popular and easy to use. A kid can construct a camper van with this set and it also features a canoe. It has about 195 pieces.

5. Lego Star Wars AT-AT Set

This lego set is most ideal for kids who like star wars movies. It comprises an interactive armored snow vehicle, snow troopers, and various weapons. It comprises 1137 pieces and isrecommended for kids ranging from age 9-14.

7. Lego Super Heroes Knowhere Escape Building Set

This set comes with lots of weaponry, a catapult, a trap door, and poseable figures. It is most suitable for children between the ages of 6-12 and has 433 pieces.

8. Lego Creator Power Mech

The beauty of this set lies in its transformational abilities as it comprises a three in one feature which allows a person to construct a giant robot, pickup truck, and a helicopter.It is suitable for kids between 7-12 and has 223 pieces.

9. Lego Mindstorms Robotics Invention System

This is an ideal lego set for a kid who is fascinated with robots and robotics. It is appropriate for children who are above 12 years and is quite pricey

10. Lego Juniors Pirate Treasure Hunt Set

Every child loves to play pirate and that is what makes this set such a popular one. This set is also quite affordable.

11 Lego Classic Creative Brick Box

This is a very popular lego set and has about 483 lego pieces in it which a kid can get creative with. It also features a storage container as well as creative and fun construction ideas

12. Lego Creator Treehouse

This fun set can be used to construct a farmyard ban, lakeside hut, or treehouse and the kid gets to decide which to construct. It has 260 pieces and 2 mini-figures.

13. Lego Superheroes Batman: Man Bat Attack

This lego set is superhero/batman themed and is quite popular among boys who are into Batman movies and comics. This set is quite popular with male children for obvious reasons and ithas about 184 pieces.

14. Lego Education Vehicles Set

Cars are fun and building them makes it more fun hence the reason for the popularity of these nine hundred and thirty four-piece lego set and allows a kid to build all sorts of vehicles.It is most popular among male kids and has 32 lego pieces.

15. Lego Magikus Board Game

This lego set is magic-themed and loads of fun for kids that are fascinated with magic. It comprises of 108 lego bricks and is quite popular among kids.

16. Lego Friends City Park cafe

It is recommended for kids above six years and above and this set comprises of scenes coined from life scenarios that a kid can easily relate with. It comes with 222 pieces and includesmini-figures.

17. Lego Friends Lighthouse Rescue Centre

This set has more than 600 lego pieces and mini-figures in it and is appropriate for kids of 6 years and above. The National Geographic was consulted in the development of this set andis the best gift for a kid fascinated with the ocean and animals that reside in it.

18. Lego City Diving Yacht

This set can be most enjoyed by kids of five years and above as it is quite easy to put together and lasts long. It has about 148 pieces and a child can have loads of fun by constructinga yacht and playing all sorts of diving and treasure hunt games.


Since the creation of the first lego set, its size, connectivity, and color has passed through a stunning amount of transformation and a typical lego set averages at about 300 piecesper set. It is worthy of note that lego sets can be used by both kids and adults and is quite popular everywhere around the world. It is also a collector's piece and some lego sets are in quite high demand and very rare.The Lego set comes along with detailed instructions that are easy to follow. 

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