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by Nikita P.

Everyone loves Lego light kit, Lego gifts, Lego presents. Irrespective of one's age. You know that there are Lego Christmas gifts you can purchase that are priced less than a 100$. Growing up and organizing Lego bricks together, I always played with them. These Lego sets helped in increasing my creativity. Some other engineers have merged their creativity levels and the love they have for organizing these Lego bricks to create the Lego set.

This article is going to be talking about different Lego sets you should think about getting as Christmas presents which are not up to a hundred dollars. Some of these sets come from movies, some from games, and other pop culture references. Some of them are big while some small. Some are simple while some are detailed.

If you have just $100 and you are searching for a present to give a loved one, you are in the right place.

List of Lego Christmas Gifts Under $100

1. Ship in a Bottle Lego

This is lovely and awesome to the eyes. You would be surprised it costs less than a hundred dollars. If I was the vendor of this product it would be more expensive. It looks great. It would remind you of pirate movies where you would see ornaments of a ship stuck inside a bottle. 

This is what this Lego set aims to look like. This is a unique Lego set and this isn’t a set you can see every time and everywhere. If you have seen this Lego set in the house of a friend, there is a high chance you could have wanted this as a gift for yourself. This epic concept is fascinating.

The bottle has a stand that holds it. We don't have a choice, all we can do is be amazed by how this looks. It has its name plaque which is decorated. The bottle is created in away that it can make everywhere it is beautiful. It also makes the ship out inside it so beautiful too.

This is quite a fragile Lego set. This is not like all the other Lego sets that are fragile that when they fall you could easily put them back together. This is a structure that is so delicate that if it mistakenly hits the floor with force! It would break. 

This is the reason this Lego set shouldn't be given to a careless adult or a kid. You should have this Lego set in a place it would not fall. It would retain its new shape for a very long time as long as you let it be.

This Lego set has a complete weight of 2.2 pounds. It is three inches deep, twelve inches wide and three inches high. It has nine hundred and sixty-two pieces. The Lego ranks this set as one from the expert level of difficulty.

2. Harry Potter Great Hogwarts Hall

This is for all our  Harry Potterfans out there. People that are globally known as Potter heads. You can enjoy and make use of this set even though you are not a fan or a collector. You would like to have this in your collection. It is cheap and it has all the necessary details. It is wonderful for people of every age. You would always come across like 10 characters. It has some structures like a tower, the grand hall, a lantern, a boat and so much more.

You could notice that this Lego set has its characters not moving the typical way other characters are moving. It is quite cheap so there shouldn’t be stress with this issue. 

This is a great Lego set. You should think of getting it. You would enjoy organizing it together and it would improve the high amount of fun you would have with the loved ones you have got around. Are you thinking of the best present to get for your Harry Potter fans out there? One that is affordable too? Then this is the Lego set for you.

This Lego set is weighed 2.2 pounds. It is seven inches deep, eleven inches wide and fourteen inches high. It has eight hundred and seventy-eight pieces that could be organized together with ease. It has from Lego ranks an intermediate level of difficulty

3. The Hulk Buster Super Heroes Smash

Marcel fans, this is for you guys. We can't get enough of this lovely Lego set. All Marvel fans love and appreciate the hulk. This green monster is likable and he is everyone's favorite. We all appreciate the struggle which he goes through and this is one of the reasons it has this high amount of fans.

This Lego set is epic for everyone. Be you a kid or an adult. If you want to get a Lego set present for your kids or your friends or your family, this is it. 

When you purchase this, you would get to see different characters like the Scarlet Witch, Ultron, Iron Man, Hulk, and our very own Hulk Buster Suit

You could notice that some of these Lego pieces would have very different shades from the originals. And at times the quality of these characters could be annoying.

If you take a look at Iron Man's character, his red shade isn't fully correct. It wants to look like a pink shade. That's so not fresh, we are not used to Iron man wearing any shade of pink. But it is alright cause it is an affordable Lego set.

You would notice Hulk wearing some purple shorts which have very poor designs. If you don't think about these issues, then you would enjoy this Lego set. It is an awesome Lego set you would enjoy.

You would be sure the person you are buying this Lego set for Christmas would love it so much if they are Lego fans. This Lego set is weighed twelve points eight ounces. It is two inches deep, six inches wide, five inches high. This Lego set has two hundred and eight pieces that can be arranged together. From Lego ranks it has an intermediate level of difficulty.

4. The Mystery Machine Scooby-Doo Building Kit

This is a wonderful Lego set which kids would love. The theme is gotten from the Scooby-Doo series. It is wonderful for all Scooby-Doo fans. It has everything linked to that cartoon character. It also has a lot of bricks you would like. Things like accessories and haunted tree are available too.

The mystery machine is necessary. Without this, it would not be complete. You can organize this machine too and move it all around using its wheels.

This is a highly affordable Lego set. It is also an item that could be collectible for collectors in the house. If you are like one of the collectors around, you could increase your collection by adding this Lego set. It would stand out.

The truth always remains that this Lego set is quite difficult to come along. If you get the chance to purchase this Lego set you could use it to surprise someone and make them very very happy. You need to also keep it on a protected case to prevent it from being damaged.

This Lego set weighs 1.7 pounds. It is measured five inches long, two inches wide, three inches high. It has an either intermediate level of difficulty or a beginner level of difficulty. Let's not forget that it has three hundred and one-pieces.

5. TIE Advanced Star Wars Prototype Toy

If you love and enjoy Star Wars, then this is the Lego set for you, your friends, and your family. You would for sure know the TIE fighter. This is one of the items that are quite common in the Star Wars Universe. Like from Rebels, that animated series.

If you purchase this Lego set, you would gain access to a lot of features like a cockpit door, some foldable wings, and 2 shooters that are loaded with spring. Additional ammunition a waits you too. If you take a beautiful look at this Lego set, trust me, you would want more of it. You would also really come across some characters that you would like. Characters like an inquisitor, a fighter pilot, an imperial officer too. These characters have weapons you would enjoy properly over time.

Whenever you make use of the middle launching system, you could notice some snags on it. This isn’t easy for the pieces of laser to fit easily.

You would notice that each time they keep falling out. As you try your best to put them in their place.

Trying to fold the TIE fighter isn’t a simple task you know. Whenever you try to do this you would notice that it is a little stiff. The design of this Lego set is epic. It has accurate details. That is quite cool you know. This Lego set has 1.2 pounds weight, KY has five-inch height, three inches wide and seven inches long. It also has about three hundred and fifty-five pieces and it has a really hard difficulty level from Lego ranks. 

6. Piggy Angry Birds Pirate Ship Building Kit

Whenever you think your young one is ready to leave beginners set to having Lego sets that have intermediate difficulty, try gifting them this Lego set for this Christmas.

All the angry bird's fans, where are you guys? This is for you. It is for angry bird fans, both kids and adults. Also for lovely angry birds game fans. Kids and adults love angry birds from both the games and the movies. Everyone would enjoy having a Lego set that truly depicts them properly.

You would enjoy characters like Leonard Present, Pirate Pig, Bomb, and Red too. There would also be a ship which has features like food, tools and a lot more

This is an affordable Lego set and it is quite handy. Make sure if you gift your kid this Lego set, they don't put it in their mouths or try to swallow it. That would be a bad idea. Also whoever you would gift this Lego set to for Christmas, you need to make sure that they are quite mature enough to be able to handle this Lego set properly. Make sure you don't leave these Lego set pieces around and on the floor, especially in cases where you might have a beautiful child or toddler around. They would want to chew and eat these pieces.

This Lego set has the following weights. Eleven inches long, three inches wide, fourteen inches high. It also has six hundred and twenty pieces with a difficulty level of advanced to intermediate.

7. Newt's Case of Magical Creatures Fantastic Beasts Building Kit

Second to the first Harry Potter on this Christmas presents under $100 list. For all the Potter heads out there, you need to consider getting your loved ones these as presents. These are done to look like that from the movie, fantastic beasts and where to find them. You would get to see lots of characters there. Like some accessories, some beasts, and some foldable suitcase.

This is an epic Lego set that could be used by Lego builders that are changing their difficulty level from beginners to intermediate builders. This is quite an affordable Lego set even though it could feel like a small Lego set. It is quite smaller than lots of other sets on this Lego list. This Lego set does not have a lot of details on it is it is available for the best beast characters.

This Lego set weights of 1.8 pounds. It is three inches deep, eleven inches wide and two inches high. It has six hundred and ninety-four pieces. You would spend quite a while organizing and arranging this Lego set together. You could need a Lego set that would keep your kids busy for a while, then this is the Lego set you should gift them with. Especially for extremely busy parents. You might be off on-call or on duty so you need to gift them this Lego set for them to be busy till you return.

lego lights

8. The Nether Minecraft Portal Building Kit

This is a Lego set that has a lot of details which for sure you and your loved ones would fancy owning. It is an affordable and small Lego set. You would enjoy a lot of Nether mobs in this Lego set. There are Blaze, Zombie Pig man, and Ghast in this Lego set. If you like Ghast you know for sure that it can make shots from very long distances. In this Lego set, it was mimicked a bit.

This Lego set comes with things like diamond armor, a helmet, a shield, and a diamond sword.

This is an epic piece that can be used to decorate the environment you are staying in. If you are a wonderful Minecraft fan, then you should enjoy this Lego set. It doesn't matter so much if you prefer playing this game using the Lego pieces themselves.

9. The Bat Space Shuttle Batman Movie DC Building Kit

Batman fans where are you guys? This Lego set came from the Batman movie. It came from the Lego Batman movie, Bat Shuttle, and Kayak. Inside this shuffle, you would notice a lot of properties like a wonderful back compartment, a triple booster pack, four stud shooters too. These are nice for times when Moon Buggy would like to gain an entrance. 

We all love the fact that this Lego set made sure that it has kit functions that simply with ease moves things without any form of stress. The only issue could be that there are pieces that could loose easily and that are tiny. This means that they could be swallowed by kids very quickly. So it is your job to protect your kids around to make sure that they don't swallow the pieces of this Lego set. It is quite dangerous so you need to be careful.

Apart from this, it is a wonderful set. This Lego set weighs 2.87 pounds. It is eleven inches long, seven inches wide, and four inches high. The Batcave is six inches deep, thirteen inches wide and five inches high. It has about six hundred and fifty-three pieces with an intermediate level of difficulty.


10. Medium Classic Lego Brick Box for Creativity

Another grand present less than $100 to gift your loved ones for the coming Christmas. If you have a loved one that is just starting out using Lego, this is one of the best Lego sets to get for them. It is simple, helps them to build using their imagination, and aids in their creativity levels. If you want your kids to explore some more, this is a great gift to get them this Christmas.


This comes with a high number of Lego pieces which lets them create whatever they would like. They can rebuild and build as much as they desire. If you would prefer something that you can take up simply and easily, then you could shop for more portable sets. 

11. LEGO Baseplates

Lego fans would enjoy this base plate that's green in color. This is a foundation where anything and everything we crave for is available. We could also make use of the typical blue baseplate which can handle all you would like. This is truly wonderful for Lego City Kits. For fans that love all these types of things. Even if you aren’t a true fan of Lego city kits, this Lego set has something for everyone. All you need to do is patiently see which of your potentials it would help lift up and enjoy. It doesn’t cost much. Quite an affordable Lego set too. 

12. All in One Fun Box from Lego Duplo

You’ve got toddlers and young ones in the house? Then this is what you should get for them. These bricks are quite large, so you are sure your little ones would not swallow it and start choking. These sets are perfect for kids that just started walking around or those that just started talking. Creative and imaginative kids would enjoy using this Lego set too. You could also improve the motor skills your little ones have when they start understanding the essentials of STEM. If you like to have the creativity of your kids to become better then it'll be a great idea to get them this. It is easy, simple, and straightforward. Your kids get to learn things like simple mathematics, spatial awareness, and a lot more. 

13. Toy Story Train from Lego Duplo

We all enjoy and love Toy Story. This is a wonderful chance to create a bonding experience that you and your kids would enjoy. You can arrange the train together and then have a great time. They would enjoy characters like Buzz and Woodytoo. As they have fun with the surrounding environment. This is quite an affordable Lego set you would like and Lego night mode too.  Can be purchased for less than a hundred dollars. 

So there we have it. We have thirteen LEGO CHRISTMAS GIFTS UNDER $100. Everyone around is already shopping for Christmas presents. All around the countries, all around the world, stocks are being produced at the same rate they are being diminished. So hurry up, go to the market, select one out of these thirteen Lego sets listed above, and surprise your loved one. They would be glad and excited you had them in your thoughts as you went shopping for Christmas. It would be so nice of you to get your loved one a Lego set that matches with a theme that they love or like. For me, I would enjoy the Toy Story Train. I trust your loved ones would too.


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