The Best LEGO Harry Potter Sets of all time

by Nikita P.

JK Rowling sure found a great way to make the world love him by creating the Harry Potter Series. Lego added this love and created a lot of Harry Potter Lego sets for fans of the HarryPotter series to have their own loved characters living amongst them in their homes. We all know Harry Potter is a huge deal. Harry Potter has a great place in our hearts, this goes to all that have enjoyed the movie series.


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The Lego Group has gone on bounds and leaps in the few years that have just passed to the present. This can be noticed from the availability of great Lego sets for fans of both Legosand Harry Potter. This article would talk about the best Lego Harry Potter Sets of all time. This article would talk about the Harry Potter Lego sets and inform you of the reasons why you should purchase each one. It wouldalso help you in making great decisions. You could desire to purchase this Lego set for yourself or a loved one, but you're not sure which to purchase. This article has all you need. Stay tuned.


List of The Best LEGO Harry Potter Sets of all time

1. Harry Potter Lego Castle

This takes number one on this list because it has six thousand and twenty pieces, it's the model number is 71043, it is for teenagers aged sixteen and above, it has 4 mini-figuresand twenty-seven plus micro figures.

This Lego set is detailed and complex, it has a lot of moments from the Harry Potter series, it is quite expensive but it is not the entire Hogwarts castle. 

This is for fans of Harry Potter that are passionate about this. Money and time are not objects. This tells you that when you see this Harry Potter Lego set, you are going to want toown it. This Lego set takes some time to build because it is a complex set. It is quite an expensive set. So if you want to invest your time and money into a Harry Potter Lego set, you should go for this. This Lego set measuresabout 60 x 75 centimeters after you're done constructing it. It has a lot of moments from Harry Potter. It has lots of passageways and a lot of rooms.

Apart from those little issues, this Lego Harry Potter Set would truly make you happy. You would get to enjoy lots of pleasure and comfort from using this Lego set. You enjoy constructingit and you can mod it in a lot of ways after you're done with the original initial construction. 

2. Harry Potter Lego Hogwarts Express

This is the Harry Potter Lego set that has the best value. It is meant for kids from eight years old and older, it has eight hundred and one-pieces and it weighs 1.32kg. It has fivemini-figures and a scabbard and dementor figure. Its model number is 75955.

It has just one passenger carriage, it doesn't have any tracks, it has a beautifully designed platform and the doors are removable, the sides too.

From the beginning to the end of each year academically, the Hogwarts chuntering express passes through the countryside. You must have noticed this from all Harry Potter movies. Thisis why the world was so happy with this Lego set. The presentation of all of this was quite great. 

3. Harry Potter Lego Quidditch

This is one of the best Harry Potter Lego set which you can play with. It is for people aged seven plus, it has five hundred pieces, it weighs six hundred and eighty grams. It has sixMinifigures and a model number of 75956.

This Lego set is highly affordable, you can use this to enjoy Quidditch, a second goal is to not available, it does not have a structure for the stadium.

There is a variety of Harry Potter Sets which have more display properties than play properties. This wonderful Quidditch set has scored on both play and display. This is because thedifferent players can set fired quaffle pieces and the one who keeps the flies can change his position to guard them against the three different goal mouths. 

4. Harry Potter Lego Hagrid's Hut. Buck beak's Rescue.

This is a Harry Potter Lego set that is designed cleverly.

It is for young kids aged eight years and above. It has four hundred and ninety-six pieces. It weighs 721 grams with six Minifigures. Having a model number of 75947.

This Lego set doesn't have included batteries, it is quite expensive, the fireplace glows, the choices for design are great.

The rougher, grittier sides to the Harry Potter world might not mix very well with the precise, polished Lego nature. This fantastic Lego set would go a serious way of making you preferit to others. It has thoughtful color choices and a design that warms the heart. Lego has used this to bring in a great sense of the rustic and earthy sense to this Hagrid's hut depiction. Like that part in Harry PotterPrisoner of Azkaban when they wanted to execute Buckbeak.

This Lego set makes great use of space. The hut has two sections. You can open this from behind. You can fill it using fascinating objects which are simple to remove and move. Thereare highlights available in the interior part with a fireplace that contains the egg of a dragon. It also has a light brick which is powered by batteries. This brings the fire back to life with haste. 

5. Rose of Voldemort Harry Potter Lego

This is one of the Harry Potter Sets which has a great price.

It is for young kids that are aged seven and above. It has a hundred and eighty-four pieces. It weighs two hundred and seventy-seven grams. It has four mini figures and a model numberof 75965.

This is a cheap Lego set that has a simple look and the number of pieces is not so much. There's an epic Voldemort action feature.

The Goblet of fire and the rise of Voldemort has one of the most epic scenes from the entire Harry Potter series. It is so nice that this Lego set is affordable. It also has a greatprice. It has quite nice touches. Like the Grim Reaper which can get posed to hold Harry in its hands, there's a cool little version of the TriWizard Cup and an adult and baby version of the main villain of the movie. 

6. Harry Potter Lego Beauxbatons at Hogwarts for Carriage Arrival

This Lego set is so pretty. It is for young ones aged eight years and above. It has a hundred and eighty-four pieces. It weighs four hundred and thirty grams. It has four mini figures.It has a model number of 75958.

It has the whole fairy tale look, it also has the carriage seal placed on one of its sides. If you do not like how the graveyard of Voldemort looks like, then you should enjoy creatingone of the fairy tale sequences from the movie series. This set is designed so fine and it recalls the scene from the Goblet of Fire when you notice the part where there's a carriage which flies from the Academy of MagicBeauxbatons as it got to Hogwarts. It is beautiful, gorgeous and has fine little details on it. There are posable songs and enchanted equines. 

7. Harry Potter The knight Bus Lego Set

This is for Lego Harry Potter fans with a lot of money. This is also for kids aged seven and above. It has two hundred and fifty-seven pieces. It weighs four hundred and eighty-fivegrams. It has three Minifigures and Hedwig with a head of shrunken. Its model number is 75957.

This has elements that are greatly designed. You can get rid of the upper floor if you like, the elements are designed nicely, it is somewhat small and a little bit expensive.

The vehicles that are available from the Harry Potter franchise are not so much. But no one can forget tee crazy knight from the movie the Prisoner of Azkaban. This is a different andnice one. This Lego set does a wonderful job of bringing this contraption and all the characters around to life.

This Lego set has a 12x15 centimeter and it isn't as big as you would guess from its expensive price. It is designed so well to fit in a lot of things. From the chandelier to thehead of shrunken. These swings as you move the bus around. The bed, the swing chair too fit the Minifigures if you organize this properly. It is very cool too. The side of the bus is easily detachable. This aids access. Youcan remove the top layer of the bus completely if you desire. 

8. Harry Potter Lego Expecto Patronum

This is the Harry Potter Lego set for your budget. It is for kids aged eight years and above, it has four hundred and thirty pieces and it weighs two hundred grams. It has four minifigures and its model number is 75945. This is an affordable Lego set and this would perfectly fit into your budget. The shoreline is quite small and it doesn't have a lot of pieces. 

9. Harry Potter Lego Advent Calendar

This is one of the best gifts you can give your Harry Potter fans for Christmas.

It is created for people from age seven and above. It has three hundred and five pieces. It weighs 399 grams and it has seven Minifigures. It had a model number of 75964

This Lego set has pieces that are rate, it has exclusive pieces, some of its items have a random feel and some of its Lego pieces are difficult to construct.

This advent calendar has twenty-four mini bags you can get for free. You can use these or organize your scenes for Christmas. To begin with, there are so many accessories. These accessoriesinclude areas for sitting, presents, fireplace, snowman, food, cutlery, a Christmas tree too. There's a Micro Hogwarts express train, a Hedwig figure, a pedestal statue too.

This Harry Potter Lego set has twenty-two Minifigures. You would enjoy playing with this Lego set cause of that reason. 

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10. Fantastic Beasts and Harry Potter Lego Minifigures Part 1 Series

If you are a Minifigure Harry Potter collector, this is the Lego set for you. This is meant for kids aged six and above. It has eight pieces. It has twenty-two Minifigures and a 71022model number.

You get to enjoy a lot of chatters, it is packaged, there's an invisible clock. This Lego sets gives everyone exactly what it said it would give. There are sixteen Minifigures fromHarry Potter and Six from Fantastic Beasts. Each one of these comes in a mystery bag and they come with an accessory element. You get a display base plate which is unique and a leaflet for collectors. Sadly this doesn'tadd up to all the packaging which isn't necessary. This does not meat with the general focus of Lego and their responsibility to the surrounding environment.

These Harry Potter Lego Minifigures are all so nice. Our best inclusion has to be Harry Potter's Cloak for invisibility. This has an iridescent treatment and it shines very well.Both metaphorically and literally. Be warned that this set is really expensive. You need to be a real true fan of JK Rowling and his books like Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts. It is going to be sad if you purchase thisLego set and at the end of the day you do not enjoy it.

There we have it. These are the lists of the Best LEGO Harry Potter Sets of all time. A list of the best 10 Lego Harry Potter Sets. No matter your budget, no matter what you prefer,your spec is here. 

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