Lego gifts for adults

by Nikita P.

Who says Lego sets are created for kids alone? Whoever said that probably doesn't know that every adult was once a kid, and even though we're this grown, we still have some of the child like traits in us. Lego sets are proof that we always want to enjoy some of the things we enjoyed when we were kids as adults, and here's a long list of some gifts you can present to any adult in your life to make them happy.

lego lights

This list is going to contain Lego light kit versions of all the Lego sets that you know. There's no better way for an adult to use a good Lego set than to have it illuminate their homes at night and bring warmth and a lovely ambiance to the room. This is a smart way to imprint your name in their memory. Let's get to the list right away.

Why give an adult a Lego gift? 

First of all, adults love gifts just as much as kids do. We want to be surprised; we want to see that people still care about us. If this adult you're giving the gift to is your father, mother, or spouse, it's a very good way to let them know that you have them in your heart always.

Now, getting them Lego gifts doesn't mean that you think they're still kids. The adults of today were the kids of 15, 20, 30, 40, or more years ago. They loved Lego toys then, they'll love it now, and years after now, they'll still want to have some sets around to remind them of their childhood. Get them these sets to make them feel your presence around whenever they look at them and we also lunched eve sets like Lego Christmas gifts, you can enjoy them in coming Christmas.

Lego gifts to present to adults

The following are some of the Lego gifts you can present to your loved ones to make them feel loved and appreciated, whether on their birthdays or other celebrations.

1. Lego James Bond Aston Martin DB5 10262 Light Kit

Everyone loves James Bond, just as much as everyone loves Lego. Remember when I said that Lego had been there with us for years, and every adult of today was once a child that played with the toys? Well, James Bond has also been there for so many years and most of the adults of today watched the earlier versions of the movie.

The light kit on this Aston Martin will add a new level of beauty and fun to the toy. It's going to give it more uses than just building and playing. The piece would be perfect for your tabletop and office desk. Buy this one now that you have the chance; you'll be glad that you did.

2. LEGO Technic Bugatti Chiron 42083 Light Kit

This beautiful speed car is another of Lego  awesomeness on display. The set is gorgeous on its own but is even more beautiful with the light kit than you can ever imagine. If your father, mother, best friend, or lover is big on speed cars, then you shouldn't think twice about getting them this beautiful work of art.

The set isn't too big, making it fit for small rooms, office desks, shelves, cars, or even bedside tables. If the adult you're buying this beautiful craft for is one that loves to sleep with the lights on, then this is a great gift idea for them. You rest assured that they're going to love it.

3. Lego Ideas Dinosaur Fossils 21320 Light Kit

Imagine lights on dinosaurs when they run. Better still, imagine lights on dinosaur fossils kept strategically as a centerpiece in your living room. It would be awesome, wouldn't it? The Lego Dinosaur Fossils set has been brought to life with this beautiful light kit. Any adult that has an eye for artifacts and antiquity will definitely love this one.

Present this one to your parents, lovers, or colleagues, and they'll be proud to place it anywhere their visitors and friends will see it. The lights add a certain level of detail to the set and will work well as a decoration tool in any place.

4. LEGO Ideas Steamboat Willie 21317 Light Kit

Watch this 721-piece beauty light up in the dark and be sent into a euphoria of happiness. If it has that much effect on you, imagine how it would feel for a loved one to receive it as a gift from you. This is one of the most iconic Lego sets of all time. Don't worry; every adult would be able to relate with this craft because they saw the actual film as youths too. 

Present this beautiful steamboat with the resplendent Lego night mode , or lights sets to your loved ones, and your name would be imprinted in their hearts forever. This set will work well for both decoration and building. You can get it right now and make somebody's day.

5. Volkswagen T1 Camper Van 10220 Light Kit

Vintage is everyone's favorite, and even as the world keeps going into a constant renewing, we still somehow move towards the things that we loved as kids, and even before we were born. The Volkswagen T1 camper van is the perfect decoration too for older adults who want to enhance the scenery in their rooms or office. Now, add some beautiful lights to that, and you'll create an even better ambiance for your environment. 

Seniors and dads who have a strong taste for vintage artifacts will love this one. The lights even complement it to make it even more accepted. Buy this one now and present it to your dad, brothers, or boss. They'll never forget you.

6. Porsche 911 GT3 RS 42056 Light Kit

Any adult that loves speed cars will love the Porshe 911 GT3 and the light that we add to it. The set doesn't have too many flashy colors that could make it look childish; it's all about the design of the car, the lighting, and its usefulness for decoration. If you place this one on your table, office desk, or TV stand, you'll enjoy the ambiance it gives to your room.

Give this gift to your father on Father's Day to bring out the beautiful child in him. He'll appreciate you forever. However, you don't have to wait until Father's Day ideas. The set will work well on any day and for any celebration.

7. Light Kit for Sydney 21032

Sydney is one of the world's wonders and Lego brought it to life for kids and adults alike. What's a magnificent building without beautiful lights to make it shine at night? This light is perfect for setting a beautifully romantic scene for two lovers. Just have it on your table and let it do the work for you. 

This set is great for your parents or guardians. They can have it on their bedside table and not have to turn it off before going to bed because the light doesn't shine too brightly. It will give the room a warm ambiance that will keep you in their heart forever.

8. Light Kit for Paris 21044

Just like the Sydney building, the beautiful Eiffel tower and its surrounding is something worth having in your house. The lighting on the Eiffel tower creates an amazing romantic scene at night, and that's probably what leads tourists in and out every day. 

The Lego version of this creation is just a smaller version of the same awesomeness. One thing you need to make this look and feel exactly like the original one, then you'd have to include this beautiful light kit. The light kit makes the craft look beautiful both during the day and at night.

You can present this one to your lover, siblings, or parents. They'll love it with all their heart. You can also use it as a thank you gift for your boss, and you'll gain favor in his sight. This set is a strong relationship builder.

9. Light Kit for The SHIELD Helicarrier 76042

Anyone that loves Marvel Comics will love the SHIELD Helicarrier that gives off a beautiful blue light once turned on. This set is going to fit into any environment, table, or room. Place it on the table and watch it blend beautifully with your room's painting. If you give this to any adult, you have definitely won their heart over.

Present this light kit for the SHIELD Helicarrier or Lego Lamborghini to your siblings, boss, or parents and watch how they light up with bright smiles as the kit lights up. The set is excellent for both males and females. One thing you must bear in mind before you give this gift to anyone is that they must know about the SHIELD, The Avengers, or at least Marvel Comics because that's the only way they'll fully appreciate the craft.

10. Light Kit for Heartlake Hospital 41318

Give this Lego light kit to your loved ones who work in any unit at a hospital, and they'll proudly place it in their car. The set will be appreciated by anyone but would be more accepted and will show that you actually have them in mind. The lighting of this set is colorful, comforting, and warm. It will fit anywhere in a doctor's office, an ambulance driver's dashboard, a nurse's station, or anywhere else.

Get this beautiful gift for your loved ones for Christmas, birthday, or promotion, and it would mean the world to them. The set isn't too big, which means they can quickly move it whenever they want to.

11. Light Kit for Chicago 21033

If you know anyone that lives or works in the city of Chicago, this should be the best gift to offer to them. The black set is designed with beautifully colored blue and red lights to complement it further. Everyone would appreciate this set with the beautiful light kit if presented to them with some love and care.

The Lego led set will look pretty on an office desk, a conference table, a living room, but may not be as good in a compact size room. If you're giving this one to anybody, ensure that they live in the city of Chicago, work there, or just have some sweet memories of the city.

12. Light Kit for Ship in a Bottle 21313

You will agree with me that the ship in a bottle was built for the special purpose of decorating your house and office. At night, the light kit gives the illusion that the ship is sailing under the light of the blue moon. The lighting is just perfect for the design. Your father would fall in love with this one. It tells a lot of exciting stories and adds a beautiful ambiance to your room.

With the unique light kit on this set, it makes it very fit for your bedside table, your office desk (for those who often work at night), or your compact living room. If you present this to your loved ones that are in the Navy, they'll brag about it. The lighting gives a unique effect that makes it even more thrilling.

13. Light Kit for Old Trafford 10272

What better way to thrill your soccer-loving friend or lover than to present them a look-alike of one of the legendary stadiums in football history? But that's not all. You can take it up a notch by making it look as real as possible by adding the light kit to it. The light kit for the Lego Old Trafford gives that illusion of the real thing. What's more, you can take beautiful pictures of it with the light kit at night, and nobody would doubt that it's the original.

Add this to your soccer-loving brother's collection, give it to your dad, your colleagues, your boss, or your lover, and they'll love and appreciate you more than they have ever done before. One sweet thing about this Lego product is that anyone would appreciate it, whether they're a fan of Manchester United or not.

14. Light Kit for Passenger Train 60197

Turn on the lights of this Lego set at night and watch it spring to life like an original. This set is super superb anytime any day. The color of the lights complement the color of the train, and we put in a lot of work trying to make it look as natural as possible. The result is indeed impeccable, and anyone will definitely fall in love with it.

You can give this one to anybody, but it works better on an office desk. So, give it to your boss or colleague or your lover. If they work at night, they will be motivated to work more. The lighting that we added to thepassenger train makes it look like a real train because we had to do some outstanding research to pull this one off.

15. Light kit for Disney train and station 71044

Disney has always been there for us over the years. They have proven not to be just a channel for kids but a world of awesomeness for adults as well. Introducing Disneyland is one of the biggest things they have added to the great list. There are so many fascinating things to see and a lot of fun things to do. The LEGO 71044 Disney Train and StationLight Kit brings life to the set. If you're looking for a beautiful set upgrade, this is the one you should go for.

The light set comes with LEGO Lights, AAA Battery Box, and a step-by-step Installation Video Instruction. Don't be told about the awesomeness of this piece of art. Due to the size of this set, you can have it placed beside your TV set, on your living room table, or office desk. Every adult who has followed Disney right from the 80s would be fascinated by this one.

16. Light Kit for Harley-Davidson Fat Boy 10269

The legendary biker cannot go unmentioned in this list. This one doesn't have to go to any kind of person in particular. You can get it for your father, mother, brother, lover, or friend. The set is also not selective; it will fit anywhere you put it. The headlight and the backlight from this bike give it a very mature look.

If you're trying to get a small Lego set for anyone, this should be the one. The person doesn't have to be a biker; the set, with the light, is beautiful nonetheless.

17. Light Kit for 4X4 X-treme Off-Roader 42099

For the rough rider in your life, get them this beautiful piece. Don't just stop at the Lego set; help them light it up with our light kit. This light kit adds beauty to the front and backlights of this powerful 4x4 car, making it every car-lover's favorite.

Don't wait till it's their birthday, this kind of beauty would be appreciated any day, anytime, and in any month of the year.

18. Light Kit for Speed Champions Porsche 75895

This one is for the speed lovers. Get them fantasizing about one of the fastest cars in the world with our perfect light kit to go with it. The lights look exactly like the original, and that's because we did proper research about the actual car before we put out the perfect light to make it real.

This Porsche, with our light kit to go, will change the ambiance in your room or office, giving you that striking look both during the day and at night. You can never go wrong with this.

19. Light Kit for Star Wars X-Wing Starfighter 75218

Another of Lego's awesomeness in the Star Wars theme is the X-wing Starfighter. Even if the receiver of this gift isn't a Star Wars fan, they'll definitely love to have this spectacle sitting comfortably on their desk or their center table. The light kit makes it look even more beautiful with all the detailing in every corner of the spaceship.

If you want to make your friend or lover in the air Force love you forever, give them something that will make them think about you whenever they fly. The set is also beautiful for anyone, whether they're in the force or not.

20. Light Kit for 70670 Monastery of Spinjitzu

The lighting in this set is just too good to be true. This light kit brings the set to life with enchanting resplendence. You don't have to be a Japanese monk to love this one. Watching it light up as it sits on your table alone would give you the goosebumps of your life. The set will thrill anyone that loves a lot of light because it's basically in bright white and red colors. Add this to your room light and give it the ambiance of joy and happiness.

You can present this beauty to your spouse, your parents, or your colleagues. You can make it even more memorable for them if they're actually religious. They'll love it with all their heart.


A jolly good friend, lover, spouse, parent deserves a perfect gift. Send love and light to your loved ones with a beautiful combination of any of the above Lego sets and our light. Remember that you don't have to wait till it's their birthday before you present them any of these gifts. Set the tone for Christmas from today with one of these and keep yourself in their memory forever.

All our lights will shine brightly for very long, and if you turn them on only when you need them, you may not need to change the batteries for a very long time. We hope your loved ones love all of these; we're sure they will.

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