Lego Moving Tips For Your New House

by Nikita P.

Before moving, it's normal to be bothered with thoughts of how to pack your belongings out. 

Well, it can be quite difficult because some people tend to have a lot of luggage to carry and that means they'll likely lose a handful of important things. In worst-case scenarios, they will have to pack it all up in a rush. 

This clutter can also make it even more difficult for them to arrange it when they move to their new house. When you are moving out with your children, one thing that might be on your packing list would be your Lego set. 

Lego Moving Tips

This is true because Lego is great for everyone - both old and young. It is really interesting that you wouldn't want to leave your Lego behind while moving. Well below are some tips for packing your Lego to your new house.

Things You Need To Do Before Packing Your Lego

Before packing your lego sets to move out, there are things that you need to do in order to have a very organized activity from start to finish. 

Some people may not want to leave any set of legos behind. They wouldn’t want to hear of it let alone do it. So, here are some things you can do.

Step 1

Take Stock Of Your Lego Set

1. Examine each lego set you have in your house and confirm if it worth the effort and time you’ll spend in packing them, and get to transport them too. 

2. Suppose the lego is majorly for your kids, you need to take stock on your lego sets in order to avoid misunderstanding. Because if you hurt your children, you’ll be hurt as well. 

3. Most of the lego in your home is pretty much expensive, that is why you really need to take sticks of this lego. As there are some legos that are expensive, there are also Legos that are not worth carrying. 

4. Do well to analyze, calculate, and know the lego set you should carry. In order to avoid mistakes that would hurt your kids. All you need to do is speak with your children and know if they would love to keep the lego sets or not. 

5. When you speak with your children, you’ll be able to detect what they want. After that, you can carry out the necessary steps needed. 

6. Some of the lego set in your home might be damaged. It wouldn’t be appropriate if you pay to transport this Lego to your new home. 

7. All you need to do is separate the good set of lego from the damaged ones and pack the good ones instead. We all know that we do not want stuff that will occupy our home without been used. 

8. So we do well to make the necessary decision. Also, those damaged set of bricks can not bring fun to the kids. So all you have to do is put them away and take the good ones. 

9. You may likely be moving out to a bigger apartment. If so you may decide to pack all the sets of lego. But have you thought of if you are moving out to a small apartment? You have to consider your situation before making a decision. All these are really necessary. 

Packing Your Lego

Step 2

Organize The Lego You Left Behind

Definitely, after getting ready to move out with the good sets of lego, you may ask yourself, what would I do with the set of lego I left behind? 

Below are some details about that. Here you would be able to see the things you can do in order to be organized.

● Gift

Amongst the damaged lego sets, there are some that are appropriate to give out especially to kids in other areas. 

It can also be given to your neighbors around or any person of your choice.

● Donate

Check donation requirements. If lego is required, you can do well to donate lego sets to kindergarten, libraries, or any child care center you may think of. 

This would really benefit them a lot. Because most of them are looking for many lego sets and can not afford it.

donate your lego

Ways To Pack Unconstructed Lego

1. Look for plastic bags that are very strong and can zip very well. You wouldn’t want any of your lego to get lost. So all you need to do is, get plastic bags and pack your lego sets. 

2. Get the initial lego boxes. Note that before the lego came to your home, they transported it with those boxes. So definitely, those boxes might be somewhere around you. 

3. All you need to do is find those original boxes, use them to pack your lego sets. In case you don’t see the original boxes, you can get a strong box to use. 

4. You can likely sell all the lego sets that are in excellent condition. If you wish not to sell them, you can buy some bags that you can use to carry them to your new home. 

5. When packing your lego sets, do well to be sure of your lego bags. This is because sometimes the bags may open or tear accidentally. It may be on the road to your new home when you already arrive at your new home or even when you haven’t moved out yet. 

6. To avoid this, you need to get good bags, get them examined, and be sure that they can be used to pack lego sets. After all the verification, you can now use it to pack your legos out of the house. 

Ways To Prepare Constructed Legos For Packing

1. As you are preparing to pack your lego sets, you must meditate on how you can pack the constructed lego. Yes, your kids might have spent time, energy, and effort to construct this lego. 

2. Will you just put them away? Of course not! You would think deeply about what you can do to protect them. You wouldn’t want to hurt your kids, you may likely feel tired or stressed out to do it. 

3. But you know, your children worth the effort. You do not know the amount of effort they took in building those constructions. So do well to please them. But how can you move out with already constructed Lego? 

4. Arrange the lego sets. Get a bag for each one of them. You may do well to get a transparent bag in order for you to identify the sets of lego and the construction it Lego. 

5. Sometimes you might substitute the constructed Lego to the unconstructed ones. This may cause you more stress. So you just have to get a transparent bag for extra protection. 

6. Using different bags for different construction is very encouraging. If you compile them together, they might get damaged. So you have to get different transparent bags for different constructed Lego. 

7. You can also use colors to differentiate each one of them. You can add some colors to make it obvious. So that you can identify which is which. Sometimes, even when the bags are different, you tend to still be confused. If that happens to you, do well to get some colors and differentiate them. 

8. Amongst the constructed Lego sets, there are many that have a sharp edge and could hurt someone. All you need is take a softer paper wrapping and wrap the sharped edge lego sets. If already constructed, it could be wrapped in a transparent box as well. 

9. You should endeavor to seal the boxes properly. You have to make sure your box is sealed properly after taking the Lego sets. This is to avoid some inconvenience and stress. What about some ship constructions? 

10. As a lego fan and constructor, you may have known how difficult constructing a ship is. Sometimes, when you put them in those transparent boxes, they may fall off and get disassembled or some may get damaged. So you need to be extra careful and make sure your boxes are sealed properly. 

How To Pack Constructed Lego While Moving Out

How To Pack Constructed Lego While Moving Out

We have discussed ways to prepare constructed Lego while packing. But how can you move out with them? 

It is very stressful and tricky when packing already constructed Lego bricks. But below are some ways you can do it.

1. Wrap them in different boxes as mentioned earlier, photograph them and carefully seal them. Note, when packing the constructed Lego sets, you do not have to apply force on them. You have to take it slowly to avoid damages. 

2. Make sure that they are put in there various sizes. Some constructions are higher than the other, automatically there boxes would be higher than the other. Get the size of all the constructed Lego sets. Use tape or any measuring instrument. 

3. After that get boxes for them and get their exact measurements. Put those constructed Lego in their various measures boxes. 

4. Always move with your lego building instruction booklet. This is very important because the kids need this when constructing some creations with Lego bricks. So do well to go along with the instruction booklet. 

lego lights


It would be fun if your kids get to see their playset when they get to their new house. So do well to make your kids happy. 

Have fun with Lego and continue to use lego bricks to do many constructions. Your kids would love it.

lego lights
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