The best LEGO lights to get for father's day

by Nikita P.

Though not as intensively celebrated as mother's day, the father's day festivity is becoming one of the most anticipated festivals in the world. Now more than ever, people are carving out time to prepare something tangible for their fathers in anticipation of the father's day celebration. But while the father's day celebration is often specified for people who have scaled the paternity test, it can be so much more. In recent times, we have seen people buy gifts for their grown-up son, uncles, grandpa, and male cousins in commemoration of the father's day celebration. Are they wrong? No!

The father's day celebration is not just a day dedicated to celebrating fatherhood. Rather, It is the day, dedicated to celebrating the father figures in our lives. This is the day when we express our love as sons, daughters, or mothers, to the fathers in your life. 

 Father's day is special, and you can make it even more special for your dad by giving him a gift. If you are looking for the ideal gift to buy for the father's day celebration, these LEGO lights make the best gifts. 

Make your father's day special with specially designed LEGO lights

1. LEGO lights for Landrover defender 42110 

The LEGO light kit for 2020 landrover defender 42110 is the ideal gift for the father's day festivities. Help your father relive his boyish dreams with this sinuously captivating machine, fully installed with LEGO lights. SUVs are every man's dream car and the Landrover defender is more than just a dream: it is a dream come true. LEGO has spared no effort in making this set the spectacular set that it is, and you can make it even more spectacular for your dad by installing the specially design LEGO lights on the set. The kit comes preinstalled with headlights, taillights, Cabin lights, and overhead lights. Thus, you can enjoy a more spectacular, audacious, and grandeur set. 


2. LEGO lights for fast and furious Dom's Dodge challenger 42111

Fancy the Dodger challenger that Dom inherited from his Dad in the fast and furious series? Of course, you do. Dom's dodge challenger is not just the most eye-catching vehicle of the fast and furious series, but it is also a family relic. It was passed on to Dom by his loving father, and as such, every trip behind the wheel reminds him of their time together. You too can share this deep connection with your dad through your father's day gift. All you have to do is to give him the fast and furious Dom's Dodge challenger 42111 fully installed with LEGO lights. 

Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall

3. LEGO lights for Ducati Panigale VR 42107

Ducati never ceases to amaze with the wealth of detail that goes into the creation of its models. Amongst other things, this automotive company is renowned for its beautiful motorcycles and powerful engines. The Ducati Panigale VR 42107 is an embodiment of the company's inventiveness when it comes to auto-creation, and it is a must-have for every man out there. Superbikes are every man's dream, and with the floodlit Ducati Panigale set, you can help your father relive his. Get the LEGO light kit for the Ducati Panigale VR 42107 set today, and enjoy the refreshing calm of the great outdoors as you cruise through the city on the Ducati's fastest superbike. Don't forget to put the lights on.

lego Super Heroes The Hulk Buster Smash

4. LEGO lights for 1998 Batmobile 76139

Fathers are heroes in their rights and should be treated as such. Even though they don't wear capes like superman or jump buildings like batman, they are always there to save us. What better way to say "I love you" to your hero than to give him a gift that is fit for a hero? 

lego batmobile

With years of devotion to the hero of Gotham City, the batmobile 76139 is the ideal gift for all heroes, including your dad. Buy the LEGO light kit for this set and give your daddy a fantastic experience. The kit includes headlights taillights and body lights, and with it, you can enjoy the true glory of the batmobile. 

5. LEGO lights for ford mustang 10265

For many of us, fathers are the emblem of strength and stability, and they see us through the roughest terrains, just like the ford mustang 10265. This powerful vehicle will take you places with its rugged tires and sturdy chassis. It is a beautiful addition for every car lover out there and a must-have for your father's LEGO collection. Give your father a pleasant surprise this forthcoming father's day as you wrap up the specially designed LEGO lights for this beautiful set. The kit allows you to enjoy the mesmerizing front, top, and side views of the ford mustang in a floodlit ambiance. Put the lights on and enter into your world of amazing, with your father behind the wheel. 

lego ford mustang

6. LEGO lights for old Trafford 10272

Catch a game of football with your father at the old Trafford stadium; home to the red devils. Over the years, this stadium has seen its fair share of glory and it is called the home of dreams by many United fans. 

If you are looking for the best place to catch an EPL Game, this is it. The old Trafford stadium is even more impressive with its lights on. So have fun installing the specially designed LEGO lights with your dad, as you bring the mesmerizing ambiance of the old Trafford stadium into your home. The kit offers installation, so you won't have to stress to set it up in your home. In the end, the installation process can give you and your dad a chance to have fun and bond.


7. LEGO lights for central perk 21319

Modeled in the likeness of one of the greatest sitcoms ever made, the central perk set is a great place to bond with friends and family. This grandeur set is more than just an entertaining depiction of friendship; it is the ideal father's day gift for your father. The central perk set is even more impressive with the lights on. Thus, if you desire a mesmerizing building experience with your pops, you should consider getting this LEGO light kit as a gift for the father's day celebration. Watch the central perk come alive with grace and glory, as you install the LEGO LED night light, and relish the magnificence of the LEGO company.

Fantastic Beasts Newt’s Case of Magical Creatures Building Kit

8. LEGO lights for Volkswagen TI camper van 10220

With the hustling and bustling of the metropolitan areas, it is often difficult for people to get the rest they deserve. Even when they do, their sleep is cut short by the buzzing of the morning traffic. That's why weekend getaways are becoming a trend amongst office workers.


A weekend getaway may be farfetched your busy father, but you can help him relax in the floodlit cabin of the Volkswagen T1 camper van. The van comes installed with amenities, including a bedroom, kitchenette, and dining area. Retirement is knocking at the door, so help your dad pack his bags into the T1 camper van in preparation for his retirement vacation.

Minecraft The Nether Portal Building Kit

9. LEGO lights for fiat 500 10271

Enjoy the beauty and aesthetics of the classy fiat 500, as you light up its cabin with the specially designed LEGO lights. Even though the fiat 500 car is gossiped to be an old person's car, it is still as impressive as ever. While you may not know this, this classy car once topped the list of your father's dream cars as a child. Thus, by purchasing the specially designed LEGO lights for the set, you can make your father's childhood dreams come true. Buy the light kit for your dad to commemorate the father's day festivities, and watch him smile with delight. 


10. LEGO lights for Tea house 21318

Tea house construction is a fascinating adventure for kids. Just like LEGO building, tea house construction is fun and challenging.

 If growing up you had a tea house in your front yard, then there is a high chance that you and your father built it together. But if you didn't grow up with a tea house in your front yard, this might a good time to get that experience with your dad. So on your list of fun things to do on father's day, make sure you add " build LEGO tea house set with your dad". To make the experience even more amazing, buy the specially designed LEGO lights and install it with your dad when the building is complete.


11. LEGO lights for Porsche 911 RSR 42096

The Porsche automotive company speaks a clear language when it comes to beauty and power, and their creativity is evident in all their vehicles. Especially the Porsche 911 RSR 42096. This beautiful automobile was created for the asphalts and you can hear its powerful engine roar from a mile away. 

A beasty car delivering powerful punches, Porsche 911 RSR is too great a machine to describe with pen and paper. If you want to experience the true magnificence of this beast, take it to the asphalt and let it do the talking. 

But be careful not to approach the beast in the dark else you'll get hurt. If you must, do it with your lights on. 

Tame the Porsche 911 RSR beast in your home as you get the LEGO light kit for your dad in commemoration of the father's day celebration.


12. LEGO lights for Liebherr R 9800 excavator 42100

Want to dig up your yard and clear up the road? the Liebherr R 9800 excavator is the perfect truck for the job. This truck is fearless in the face of adversity and its jaw-dropping design will give you butterflies in your tummy. 

If you a family that loves to get your hands dirty, or you fancy an excavation trip through the great outdoors. Then, by all means, get the specially designed LEGO lights of this fun set for your dad to commemorate the father's day festivities. The Liebherr R 9800 excavator is rugged, sturdy, and impressive. As such, it is the ideal centerpiece for your home.


13. LEGO lights for Paris 21044

Paris is the premier vacation spot for people who fancy french cuisines and toasts. Though touted as the upmarket destination for romantic gateways, this beautiful city can be a bonding site for you and your dad. But if you don't want to go there just yet, you can bring Paris into your home with LEGO's impressive look-alike of the Eiffel Tower.

Over the years, the Eiffel tower has grown in popularity to become an emblem that people use to describe Paris and its culture. Thus, if you want to feel the refreshing atmosphere of Paris in your home, you should light up the Paris 21044 set and set it up on your table. This way, your father will see it every day and think of you. 

LEGO DUPLO Toy Story Train

14. LEGO lights for Chicago 21033

The beautiful city of Chicago has seen a lot of development over the past few years, and they have helped in transforming it into the dazzling city that it is today. Though many of us got to know Chicago after the city has taken shape, our parents were there to see the change unfold. Some of them even lifted the stones that helped build the city. But regardless of whether your father was part of the developmental process, a tourist in the city or someone that has a flair for architecture, the LEGO light kit for Chicago 21033 will bring a smile to his face. The LEGO Chicago set is a beautiful centerpiece, and with the specially designed LEGO lights, you can make it even more grandeur in your space.


15. LEGO lights for Statue of Liberty 21042

Freedom is a beautiful feeling that everyone in the world deserves to experience. But, nothing screams freedom like the statue of liberty. This beautiful structure is just as mesmerizing as it is strengthening, and if you look at it too long you'll feel the cool breeze of freedom grazing your skin. 

There is something magical about the Statue of Liberty that no one can comprehend. However, with the specially designed LEGO lights that you'll be getting for your dad this coming father's day, you can capture that magic in your home. 

LEGO Creator 3-in-1 Shuttle Transporter

16. LEGO lights for Santa's workshop 10245

Growing up, many kids saw Santa as the generous old man that blesses them with gifts on the eve of Christmas. But little did they know that those gifts were put there by their hard-working parents. Now that we are older and wiser, it is time to recognize the right Santa in our lives; our fathers. 

What better way to appreciate your dad for waking up every eve of Christmas to grant your wish than to get him the specially designed LEGO for Santa's workshop as a gift for father's day? With is a gift, you won't only be honoring him for the father's celebration, but every other day that he has spent looking out for you. 

santas workshop

17. LEGO lights for taj Mahal 10256

Fancy a trip to the United Arab Emirates? Then, by all means, visit the Taj Mahal to experience its glorious magnificence. The Taj Mahal is one of the most iconic architectures of the UAE and a great attraction site for tourists in Dubai. LEGO has dedicated time to recreate this beautiful piece of architecture, and with the specially designed LEGO lights, you can capture its essence in your home. Get the Taj Mahal Light kit today to celebrate your dad during Father's Day. 


18. LEGO lights for detective office 10246

Drive criminals away from your city, through effective coordination with the best minds in the police task force. The LEGO detective office is where the action happens, and if you are a cop in the city, this is where you want to be. 

When light shines, darkness fades away, and to the dangerous criminals roaming the streets, the floodlit detective office is the sun. Get the LED light kit for the detective office and make the bad guys panic in its splendor. 


19. LEGO lights for shuttle expedition 10231

Growing up, every child wanted to become a pilot or an astronaut. While some have left the dream behind like the calming dust trailing the rugged tires of a fast-moving car, others still fancy the experience. But as far-fetched as space travel may seem to our aging parents, the LEGO shuttle expedition set can make it their daily reality. So don't waste time pondering the best gift to get your dad for the father's day celebration. Get the specially designed LEGO lights for shuttle expedition 10231 and relax.


20. LEGO lights for steamboat willie 21317

Strengthen your bond with your dad this father's day, by giving him a gift he can't forget. Modeled in the image of the classic Mickey Mouse's boat, the Steamboat Willie is the ideal father's day gift for boat lovers. The sea can get lonely at night and without your lights to guide you, you can easily get lost at sea. So before you embark on your adventurous voyage with the steamboat willie, remember to put your lights on. The kit provides light for the cabin, deck, and other important areas on the boat.

LEGO Star Wars A-Wing

21. LEGO lights for high-speed passenger train 60051

 Train commutation is one of the oldest ways to get around, and the high-speed passenger trains are the newest addition to that field. These innovative trains are even more appealing than the old ones, and with the specially design LEGO lights, you can capture that beauty in your home. 

If you are looking for something nice and refreshing to get your dad for the father's day celebration, get the LEGO LED light kit for high-speed passenger train 60051. With this, you can recreate the LEGO high-speed passenger train in its dazzling glory. 

LEGO Batmobile

22. LEGO lights for Harry Potter Hogwarts express 4841

The Harry Potter Hogwarts express is a magical train for the wizard realm commutation. But you can get the specially designed LEGO light kit for this set to feel the enchanting aura of the Hogwarts express in your home. 

The train shuttles Hogwarts castle, so get ready for a fascinating adventure into the mysterious world of the Harry Potter series. Keep in mind that the wizard realm is dark and scary, so ensure your lights are on before embarking on your journey. 

LEGO Advent Calendars

23. LEGO lights for millennium Falcon 75257  

The millennium falcon space ship is one of the most eye-catching space ships in the star wars series, and a true emblem to the movie. Even though the depiction of the ship has gotten many upgrades over the years, the millennium falcon is still an impressive space ship. Even more amazing, is how the ship dazzles with beauty and glamour when you put the lights on. 

If your dad was born in the sixties, odds are he fancied this ship as a child. So don't waste time looking for the perfect gift, buy the millennium falcon LEGO light and give your dad a lifetime experience. 

LEGO LED Keyring Light R2D2

24. LEGO lights for Nissan GT- R NISMO 76896

At some point in every boy's life, he will imagine himself behind the steering wheel of a race car. Depending on your old man's age, he would have imagined the same thing more than once in his lifetime. So why not use this opportunity to help your father get the experience he never had?

Now, with the specially designed LEGO lights for Nissan GT-R, you can give your father an invigorating trip in a floodlit high-powered race car. 


25. LEGO lights for 4X4 Xtreme off-roader 42099

With its rugged tires and raised chassis, the 4x4 Xtreme off-roader is your best friend in rough terrains. It doesn't matter whether you are traveling by day or by night, having the 4x4 Xtreme off-roader can provide the much-needed solace.

This vehicle is a beast on the road and with the lights, no one can stop it from reaching its destination. So if you are looking for the best gift to present to your father during the forthcoming father's day celebration, this is it.

LEGO Ideas Dinosaur Fossils


The beauty of father's day is not in the gift given, but in the time shared with your favorite person in the world; your dad. So take your time to pick a gift that will help you bond with your dad during father's day. 

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