10 Unofficial Lego Minifigure Websites

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Minifigures otherwise known as a minifig in Lego are small plastic like commonly referred to as a minifig, is a small plastic like molded figure produced by the danish toy Lego group. They've been in existence since 1978 and it's been success after success since then. In 2003, it was recorded that, Over 3.7 billion Minifigures have been produced in all. These Minifigures are often found inside Lego boxes as part of the building materials. But Lego stores sell them differently as collector's items in blind bags.

Initially, when they were invented, the mini-figures weren't looking as realistic as they do now. Also, a lot of children and adults love and cherish building Lego minifigures.


The Lego mini-figures are often recognized as the men and women of Lego. The good thing is these Lego figures are produced in such a way that they fit perfectly into the Lego world. The way their feet tend to stand okay in the Lego brick studs is an example of what I'm saying. Also their hands are in the right size and shape just to fit well into the Lego bars not only that many Lego companies and websites have come up with different accessories and weapons designed specifically for and to promote the Lego Minifigures. Let's take a look at some of the websites that exist yet, they are so unpopular; 

This is one of the biggest Lego online stores. The majority of Lego Minifigure accessories are found here. A lot of people have ignored this website, simply because it's not really known. You should be thinking of making purchases now, aren't you? 

Bricklink logo

Arealight teams are specialized in selling mini figure parts that have the sci-fi theme. If you are looking to build a team of scientists, army and all, area light is equipped with the complete parts that you will be needing. 

arealight customs logo

Ever wanted to customize your mini-figures and you don't know where to go to? If the answer is yes, then this is the time to head to Brick Forge and make your order of customized mini figure sets and parts. Brick Forge sells exceptional mini-figures that are custom made. The shield that has the inscription of the beautiful stars and stripes are also included. 

brick forge logo

Do you need; clothing, headpieces, capes, ponchos, armor and every other kind of clothing accessories to complete building that Lego mini-figure and add some beautiful Japanese aura? Then Brick TW is your go-to place. some of the best Japanese themed parts and sets are locked up in their closet, you might want to explore!

lego lights

Talking about lego war arms and tools, Brick Arms is your plug. Their items range from Swords to guns, to weapons. In Fact, everything that concerns fighting. Everything is custom made and molded with a high level of expertise. Your duty is to order for your preferred item and be ready to hand it to your waiting Minifigures.

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Brick wars give advice and helpful guidance on how to customize your favourite Minifigure character for the game. 

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This site is specifically for Lego fans. It's for everything concerning lego. Fans gather to compete and show their Lego creations.

Adult builders and most loyal fans of Lego come to The Brothers Brick website to specifically showcase what very established builders if Lego had done. The StarWars, steampunks are not left out. There's also a range of Lego news, opinions, etc. The site is everything LEGO.

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The fun of playing with Lego figurines could be adding spice and flavor to the whole thing, trying out things different from what you are used to. At Minifigure.me, you are sure to get everything about Lego here. 

This is your plug for all kinds of mini-figures. Ever had the feeling of exploring the Lego mini-figures? This is your best bet. The mini-figures.me platform isn't playing as they are all out to help your Lego building ministry grow.

The brick owl has been in existence since 2008. They first emerged from selling childhood lego sets till recently, they decided to venture into selling mini-figures, Minifigure parts, and its sets. Brick owl is good at what it does and it's out to satisfy lovers and potential lovers of Lego. 

brick owl logo

This site makes unique Lego minifigs too, gives lego pieces of advice, news, reviews, and what-not. It is a blog that aims to connect Lego-like minds. They also show some beautiful lego creations from time to time.

minifigures logo


The number of people who have grown to love and live with Lego items is increasing daily and so, demand for certain Lego parts and sets are going high. 

We've mentioned some of the sites that are offering sales of Lego mini-figure. Very ideal for children and adults. You should patronize sometime and make your Lego life fun-filled.  

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