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by Nikita P.

Virtually every game lover in the world knows LEGO and so does toy lovers. Most people think LEGO toys are just plastic toys favored by children that adults like to collect, then transfer to their children and the children pass them down to the following generations. Over time LEGO has evolved more than being just toys, LEGO now has video games, television shows, films, books and lots more. LEGO has its presence in almost all aspects of the entertainment industry. 

lego games xbox one

Xbox is a popular game empire with different generations of consoles, from the Xbox 360 Lego games to the Xbox One video game console. Xbox is made by Microsoft, the Xbox One console was released in 2013, since its release the Xbox one has been updated several times to increase its features and adaptability. One of the most prominent features of the Xbox one like many consoles is the fact that it has great LEGO video games. From when it was released several LEGO video games were released with it, such games include LEGO Marvel Super Heroes which was released in November 2013.

It is rare to find a person who can fully enjoy their Xbox one without trying a LEGO video game. To aid you with this we have compiled a list of some of the Top Xbox One LEGO games. It is, however, worthy to note that not all the games we will mention below were originally made for Xbox one, however, they can be played on Xbox One. This is because of backward compatibility that enables the Xbox one console to play games that were made for the Xbox 360 console which is an earlier Xbox console version. All you have to do is buy the Xbox 360 video game you desire, put it in your Xbox one that has been updated with backward compatibility and enjoy playing it like any Xbox one video game. 

Top Xbox one Lego games

Below are the top LEGO games for your Xbox One:

1. LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham (Amazon link)

Are you a fan of DC, or are you a fan of LEGO? Whatever your answer this game is definitely for you, it packs a lot of satisfying features for DC and LEGO fans. Part of the features we love in this game are:

LEGO Batman 3- Beyond Gotham xbox one

• It is like a LEGO dedication to Batman, the Gotham hero. 

• This game contains a lot of witty, funny and cozy plots that you are sure to enjoy. 

• It is filled with magnificent puzzles that you will definitely enjoy solving. 

• It tells the story of Batman in a captivating way. 

This game is intriguing even to people who do not appreciate LEGO video games. From the storyline to the characters and even the voices of the characters are praiseworthy. LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham is really an improvement on the LEGO platform for Xbox One. It is evident from the game that tremendous effort and thought was put into improving the puzzles to surprise fans, unlike previous LEGO video games the puzzles are unique and fresh. The features of this game is sure to impress even the most strict of critics.

2. LEGO Ninjago Movie Video Game. (Amazon link)

LEGO Ninjago Movie Video Game xbox one for xbox one

Do you like combat games, do you like the Ninjago franchise? This game is definitely for you if any of your answers is “yes". We like this game for several reasons some of which are:

• The combat system is dynamic, it is sure to keep you interested throughout your gameplay experience. 

• You get rewards as you play and improve your combat skills. 

• The storyline in the game covers more than the movie did. 

• You get several maps of places you can roam and discover things. 

This game was created with the movie and they were released together. The creators of this game really represented the Ninjago universe with the features that are loaded in this game. The combat is spectacular and if you are a LEGO fan you know LEGO video games do not place so much emphasis on combat, however, LEGO Ninjago Movie Video Game does. This game is child friendly and still does not neglect the adult players, as you become better at the game you get more rewards for your combat proficiency. 

3. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes. (Amazon link)

This is another LEGO video game for Xbox One that is worth the time and the money. 

Part of the reasons with love this game are:

• You can create your superheroes. 

• It is loaded with Marvel characters, in fact over 120 of them. 

• It is set in New York. 

• It has several puzzles to solve and so many secrets to discover. 

• This game is loaded with so much content.  

lego marvel super heroes xbox one

This game is regarded as the greatest LEGO videogame created for Xbox One and definitely, it is on the list of the greatest LEGO video games ever made. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is masterfully designed to cater to the kids who love LEGO and the adult game lover, it will get you glued to your seats over and over again. It is a sweet blend of Marvel and LEGO, a beautiful combination. 

This game is quite relatable in its gameplay, it is worth every penny and you can regard it as a mixture of several games together. This game has an open world where you can do whatever you like and unlock new characters, you can discover several hidden things, run till you meet events that are intriguing, ride, drive and fly a variety of vehicles and contraptions. 

The story mode is not boring either, in this mode, you have 15 missions you have to complete to save the world and there are also 11 bonus missions. These missions are packed with adventure, battles and several other things. 

This game is so unique even after you have finished all the missions and saved the world, you would not have still finished the game because every mission has dimensions that you cannot access when you finish the mission the first time. You can still play those missions and those parts that you could not access the first time you played the game will open up and adjust the mission to make it fresh and intriguing as if you had not played that mission before. All these unique features are perhaps what makes most gamers rate the game as the best out of all LEGO Xbox one video games.

4. LEGO Dimensions. (Amazon link)

Even from the name, you can be intrigued by this game. Parts of the reasons we love this game includes:

• This game feels more than just a video game, it is a dimensional experience. 

• You would build toys that you will bring to life. 

• Several gaming licenses were acquired to create this game. 

• Original type LEGO building is incorporated in this game. 

• Rewards you for using creativity.  

lego dimensions xbox one

This game is a joint project by LEGO and Warner Bros. They masterfully make the concept of bringing toys to life intriguing, unlike some games and attempts to make this concept appealing this game makes it effortlessly entertaining and captivating. The bringing toys to life concept was properly integrated with the building concept with is inextricable from LEGO.

This game rewards creativity and encourages you to think, you build several things with bricks, including a portal. The portal is where many characters you will engage as you play the game to enter the universe of the game. You can mix and team up several characters as your heart delights, you also build and collect things. This gives this game that whole different and unique dimensional vibe that takes it beyond the plane of just playing a game.

5. LEGO City Undercover. (Amazon link)

Have you ever desired a LEGO version of Grand Theft Auto? Then this game is for you. Parts of the reasons we like this game are:

• It is a friendly version of Grand Theft Auto that your kids can play as well as you. 

• You get to do so much after the missions. 

• The game is set in an open world. 

• You have several vehicles to play with, at least one hundred of them. 

As we continue to explore LEGO games for Xbox one this is a worthy mention. This game was initially available to Nintendo exclusively, many game lovers; specifically, LEGO game lovers were disheartened by this reality primarily because it was regarded as one of the greatest LEGO video games ever created. Thankfully as time went on the game was made available to other types of gaming platforms. 

This was particularly exciting for Xbox One owners as it was also adapted for Xbox One. Several things make this game one of the best LEGO Video games, the fact that you have an open world that you can do so many things. You can spend hours playing in this game's open-world as many consider it the biggest out of all the LEGO video games. Intriguing right? 

This game has the LEGO license which enabled the creators to include classic LEGO features in this game. There are cities that you play in with several original LEGO characters and such an amazing storyline. These give the game it's own uniqueness without the need to rely on characters like Batman and co. Check out this game and see, it is sure to make your list of top LEGO video games in your Xbox One game collection. 

6. LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens. (Amazon link)

Arguably you cannot talk about Xbox One without talking about this game. We love this game for several reasons, the top of which is the fact that it draws from several games that were released prior. This game was released in 2016, this is three years after the initial release of the Xbox One line of consoles. Owing to these years LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens incorporates several refined features. 

If you have played other LEGO games you will not find the play style of this game difficult as it employs the age-long LEGO gameplay style while experimenting with new character movement features and driving of vehicles. This makes it appealing to fans of LEGO video games even though it has a fresh feel owing to its new sequences. 

The game visuals are considered one of clearest and strongest out of all LEGO Video games. However, the game is critiqued for selling characters as downloadable content after you have initially purchased some. The game contains new storylines but fans are not happy about the fact that old characters from Star Wars games that were released before still have to be purchased in this game. With everything said this is still an Xbox One game that you should try and have in your Xbox One LEGO games collection. 

7. LEGO Jurassic World. (Amazon link)

This is a quick mention in the series of best LEGO video games for Xbox One. The Jurassic World franchise has millions of fans all over the world, this game is a sweet blend of the Jurassic world stories and the LEGO universe. This game contains so much from the Jurassic world, you will find several characters from all the movies of Jurassic Park, also you will find the storyline wonderfully represented. 

This is sure to engage any fan of LEGO or Jurassic World for hours at a time. The visuals of this game are unique and incorporate present-day technology. Also notable is the sound of this game which you are sure to enjoy. The combination of these features gives you a remarkable and up to date gaming experience whenever you play LEGO Jurassic World.


No matter the reasons for your love for LEGO or even if you are not a fan of LEGO video games, try out these games and you are sure to become a fan. And if you are already a fan these games we have mentioned is sure to deepen your love for LEGO video games. Surely there is not going to be a dull moment with your Xbox One if you have one or more of these games. Try them and see.

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