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Team Building Activities With Lego Bricks

The truth remains that employees hate team-building exercises. They feel that it is a pile of baloney, and many feel that being buried in a pile of work is better than team-building exercises. We do not blame them because many team building activities are boring. You can sleep from the beginning to the end. A great way to get employees interested in team-building exercises is to make them a lot more fun. 

When you think about team-building exercises, we know that it comes with a lot of benefits. It heightens the strength of the team, communication between team members, heighten productivity and so much more. The main aim of team building is to heighten productivity, which can be done by improving togetherness. If teammates are in discord, there is no way that their productivity will increase. The time that should be spent improving productivity will be spent in argument. This will lead to the failure of a company. 

lego team buiilding

This is one reason employers love team-building exercises, but when they are creating these exercises, many of them do not put how their employees will react to the activities in mind. 

Many employers consider the cost and go for the cheapest alternatives, which are normally boring activities that will leave the employees bored. 

Do you know that you can spice up your team-building exercise without having to spend a lot? You can use LEGO bricks in your team building activities, thereby reducing the chance that they will be bored to death. Instead of organizing talks throughout the day, and having your employees sleeping as a result of boredom, you can try out our suggestions. 

Making use of LEGO team building activities makes the entire process fun. There is a great chance that many of the employees loved building LEGO bricks as kids, and some are still LEGO fans. We have put together some LEGO team-building activities that you should try out. 

LEGO Tower Team-Building Activity

The aim of this tower team-building activity is to group people into different teams and get them to craft up the tallest tower. You will give them LEGO bricks that they have to use together in creating the tower. For the tower to be built, they have to work together, if not, there is a great chance that they will be amongst the winning team. 

To carry out this activity, all they need to do is to talk to each other and work together. For this to work, you will have to share your workers into groups of equal sizes. You can offer every team around a dozen LEGO bricks, then give them a time period to couple them together. The time period can be ten minutes. Once it is done, the session ends. Doing this activity allows the team to easily choose their leader and know what position everyone has in the team. The activity is designed to test the solidarity of the group, and see if the leader can make awesome choices that his or her members will fancy. 

lego tower team building

If you want, you can add some flair to it by telling them that every tower must meet some requirements. It won't be a bad idea to add some monetary value to the activity. You can say that you will give the winners an amount of money, bonus or some incentive. This way, working together becomes easier. You could also add some penalties for the losers. 

You could add some worth to every kind of brick there. The gold ones could have a value of $100, while the green ones have a value of $50, and so on. The longer a team spends in coupling the pieces together, the lower the amount of money they get.

Once time elapses, you should analyze every tower to see if every requirement was met. You can add then add up the amount that they earned for keeping to the requirements, then subtract the amount they lost for not staying within the deadline.

Any team that has the highest amount of money is the winner.

Game of Bricks LEGO Lights

Nonverbal LEGO Team Building

In this team building activity, the different groups should not be permitted to talk when carrying out this activity. In this game, the teams won't utter a word while they build a specific shape from the pieces or bricks given to them. This building activity is expected to improve nonverbal communication amongst the group members. 


You should have the groups filled with equal number of employees, while you give them equal number of bricks, as well as instructions on what to build. It won't be a bad idea to give them a picture. 

The members then have to work together without communicating verbally. One person has to become a leader while the others fall in line. The other teammates will listen to the leader's body language, and craft up the desire structure. 

non verbal lego building

Under no condition are they allowed to discuss with one another. 

Immediately they are done with creating the first shape that you ask for, tell them that they should transform that structure into a tower or a bridge with the extra bricks that you will give to them. 

Find out who the group leader is and tell the person that he or she is not allowed to be a leader again. Someone else should be made so take over, and direct the transformation. Immediately the new structure has been coupled together, test its strength. This way you are testing the strength of the team and how it has improved by this activity. Getting your team involved in this team building activity allows them to work effortlessly with one another. Apart from that, it teaches them that anyone in the team can lead and the others follow. No one should be the sole leader. It tutors them on how to communicate without opening their lips to utter any word. Nonverbal communication is important in the field, especially when they have to make decisions without uttering any word. It is something that every employer should do on their workers. 

LEGO Replication Game

You should begin by coupling your structure together and keeping it hidden someone till the activity starts. 

After that, you should break the group into team of equal sizes. Every team should have the same number of bricks. Permit only a person in the team to see the original structure that you created. That team member should tell the rest in the team what the structure looks like. It tutors the team members how to understand things and commit things to memory. It tutors them on how to communicate their thoughts to the rest of their teammates. 

lego replication game

The team that copies the structure exactly wins. If in the end, no one can couple the pieces together accurately, the team that finished first, wins. 

Builder, Looker, Runner

This is a variant of the replication game. Here, every team is filled with only three members and every person has a role to carry out. 

One person is the builder and only he or she is allowed to build. There will be a looker who is one that can only see the original structure. There is the runner that will be the middle man. He or she goes to the looker for the instructions of how the structure is, then takes the information to the builder. This improves communication skills amongst the team members. 

lego Builder, Looker, Runner

If there is a break in communication, doing the job won't be easy. The same can be seen in a real-life team. If team members can't easily communicate with each other, there will be a big issue and this is what this game intends to solve. 

LEGO Bridge Building

When we talk about bridge building, we mean both the metaphorical and literal aspects. In this game, your group should be divided into two teams. Every team is given bricks and they are told to craft up half a bridge. The picture that they will be given should show two halves of a bridge, thereby allowing them to know what the other team will be building. 

They are allowed to make use of verbal communication to let themselves know what they are coupling together and how the structure should look like. The diagram should be taken away from them. 


LEGO Bridge Building

Both teams should be allowed to build the structures in different places. Once they are done, each work should be revealed to the other team and they should look for a wag to link both structures together to form a bridge.


Management Communication Efficiency

It is similar to the builder, looker, runner game above. In this variant, you will have to divide people into teams based on their level in the office. The middlemen shouldn't be permitted to see whatever structure that is being created. It begins by breaking the workers into three teams, which are senior management, middle management, and other workers. Every team should be in a different room that comes with a telephone.

The worker team is given only LEGO building blocks. They wait for instructions that will be given to them on the phone by the middle management. The latter are to act as the middlemen. They link the senior management which gives the instruction to the workers who build the structure. The senior management doles out instructors to the middle management, which then interprets them and breaks them down to guidelines that they can understand. 


The middle management ensures that the work is done on time. This game is designed to improve communication in the workplace. In reality, this is how the workplace is designed. The middle management receives the instructions and passes them down to the other workers. If the middlemen can't do a good work of interpreting the information, it becomes an issue.



LEGO understands the fact that its products have worth when it comes to improving team building. This is why it created some official kits known as LEGO SERIOUS PLAY that can be used to heighten team building effortlessly. You do not have to use the SERIOUS PLAY kits before you can carry out team-building projects.


If you are using the LEGO team-building ideas, the suffers teams can couple the bricks together and form problem scenarios. Another team can then be made to solve the issue that was created by the other team. This is a great way to improve problem-solving skills of workers without stress. 


Do you want to improve the team-building experience and skills of your workers? Do you want to heighten their communication, problem-solving skills, and ideas? It won't be a bad idea to use the aforementioned ideas. It would make team building a lot easier. It would allow your workers enjoy the process instead of being bored to death. 

You can turn your team building sessions into a win-win, as you don't have to spend a lot, neither do your employees have to be bored. You can achieve every object that you started out to achieve.

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