Spooky Halloween-Themed LEGOS 2022

by Mark Gini

Make a spooky Halloween season scarier withamazing Halloween-themed legos that will put the scream to your house a scare.As the scary holiday is just amazing as we prepare with our (pumping) heartsand (shaking) legs. We love all that comes with the thrill of Halloween thecostumes, the candy, the scary movies, the fireworks, the characters, and theparties. But Halloween is more than the dressing up and running around, or thedrama that it brings to the holiday. A once-in-a-year event, Halloween is aperfect time to make your house scary to look at, let it be called the hauntedhouse of your street. But what can you use to make your house very scary andstill fashionable? You have the power to put decorations on your doors, frontgarden, and house and throw a scary Halloween-themed party. Make sure that yourdecorations touch the feels of horrors inside and outside your house, and ifyou think you need some upgrades in your Halloween decorations look no furtherLego Halloween-themed sets are here for you to make your Halloween scarier. 

lego lights

1. The spooky owl.

Nothing says Halloween more than a spookyowl, this amazing owl Lego building set. This pretty owl has large eyes thatrotate in a circular motion and also has a motion on its wings as it isstanding alongside a couple of little Halloween pumpkins and some adorableautumn flowers. This beautiful owl stands on a wonderful display base. Thispretty spooky LEGO model of the spooky owl toy is 11cm(4.5 in.) tall, and it isideal for the ages 8 and above to have an interest in owls and like to havefun.

 The spooky owl

2. The haunted Manor von Barron.

Enjoy the thrill of exploring this hauntedhouse, with mystery filled in every corner of this haunted house. This hauntedhouse gives you the allowance to move around, it even has a lift that leads tosurprising places with secret doors, the lift can be controlled with yoursmartphone. It also has a Von Barron portrait that lights up with themysterious ruby that was stolen from Pharaoh Hotep. Get your horror vibes on asyou control the lights of the haunted house with your smartphone, you can alsocontrol the motion of the lights with your smartphone. Thus haunted house hasmysterious artifacts from Von Barron's strange collections, like the idol ofEverest that was gotten from the temple that is high up from Mount Everest, andalso a mind control weapon that was stolen called the Orb of Ogle. Makemysterious memories and fun in this legendary set of legos that will give youthe thrills and chills for anyone who wants to enter. The haunted house ofManor von Barron was the home of the greatest evil villain who searched andtraveled the world stealing haunted treasures.

The haunted Manor von Barron

3. The haunted Disney miniature mansion.

This display of Disney's haunted mansion isfilled with all the scary thrilling details of this adorable miniature hauntedmansion. This build and display model will get the fans of Disney's hauntedmansion on their toes to get this model. The interior of the model can be seena little at the back, this includes a chandelier, the dining room, and agallery. This incredible set has a spooky butler Minifigure that makes anaddition to the display. Only fans of the Disney haunted mansion display canrecognize the paintings of Madame Leota, the grave keeper, and the hitchhikingghosts. If you have a friend or a loved one that is a huge Disney fan you canget them this spooky gift, it is acceptable for all ages. Enjoy a spooky timebuilding this wonderful model for Disney fans ages 8 and above. The displaypiece is 5 in.(14 cm) in height, and 4 in. (12 cm) in width, and has amazingfeatures for all to enjoy. 

The haunted Disney miniature mansion.

4. Halloween cat and mouse.

The Halloween season is getting more cuteand scary at the same time, this display model of a mouse and a cat Halloweenset is so adorable, the mouse is playing hide and seek with the cat to avoidgetting eaten by it, and the mouse has found the perfect hiding spot and thatis a large pumpkin. Also, this display has beautiful autumnal flowers, and lookat the adorable little pumpkin that is used to decorate the cat and the mouse.The display set gives a very joyful moment for Halloween, it can also be awonderful gift for children to build and play with, and it can also be used todecorate that house. It is for kids from 9 and older. 

Halloween cat and mouse

5. The Lego skeleton costume.

Why get a normal skeleton costume, when youcan have a Lego skeleton costume? This costume has the features of a Minifigurestructure tunic, a skeleton mask, and Lego hands, and it also comes with a pairof pants. This costume is made of polyester which is purely 100%, and the topand hands are made of polyurethane form that is combined with the polyesterwhich is also both purely 100%. It is very lightweight, very easy to move aboutin, and very comfortable to wear. It can be used for a costume party orHalloween. It can be seen in two sizes medium size for 7-8 years, and smallsize for 4-6 years. Ensure you clean with a piece of cloth and you can use acool iron. Do not try to wash, bleach, tumble dry, or even dry clean. This Legoskeleton costume is not suitable for kids under the age of 3 years.

6. The haunted house and scary spider.

There is no Halloween without a spider, ablack spider that makes its pretty webs in a haunted house, this piece is amini spider and a haunted house that can be hung up for decorations, it bringsout the creepiness in your own haunted house. Add your webbed decorations toyour home. You can get your kids to build the pretty scary little haunted houseand cute little spider. 

lego  the haunted house and scary spider.

7. Stranger upside down.

This model set is just iconic and not onlyfor October, if you are a huge fan of the stranger things show will surely seethe separation between the Byers' home and the underworld upside down, withdetailed dark walls that are covered with vines. This display model isassociated with a Minifigure and the evil Demogorgon. You can enjoy a thrillingtime building this wonderful piece while watching the famous series.

 Stranger upside down

8. Onto the Ghostbusters car.

Have no fear for no ghosts are going to berunning away from you as you get your ghostbusting ride. This phantasmicCadillac combo comes with a tracking antenna, a ghost trap, and a gunner seatthat can rotate with another form of the necessary equipment that is in thismodel. Take yourself back to the time when you are busting up some ghosts. Itcan be shown that the year is not only the Halloween season, as it is a popculture collector's item that is up for collection. 

Onto the Ghostbusters car.

9. King Boo and haunted yard expansion.

Are you a fan of the super Mario Legouniverse, this set is just an addition to a spooky adventure. With amazing andcreepy cobwebs and spiders, will give that spooky thrill and awesome fun thatis filled with a lot of wonderful challenges and stomping against the king Boo,Goombas, and Swoops. Enjoy building and playing with this wonderful super Marioset.

10. The Halloween hayride.

An iconic building set that makes bonesshake, this fun Halloween hayride is known to be a building joy for kids.Children can create different scenarios and awesome scenes with includes anadorable tractor, a rebuildable entrance arch, a hay cart, and many moredecorative details. This horrific playful set features 2 Minifigures that aredressed with adorable Halloween costume decorations and it also features askeleton to bring a bony situation. You can get the wonderful scary gift foryour kids from the ages of 7 and above, it also serves as a beautiful littledisplay for a Halloween season or a Halloween party. 

The Halloween hayride.

11. The Lego ghosts and spooky packages.

Booo... get the spooks of your life as youhave this amazing piece of ghost Minifigure and other scary stuff that will spookyour house up. The package includes a host that glows in the dark, a smallspider, a rat, two large spiders, a bat, two candles, a lamp post, and twobones. These little artifacts are perfect for decorating your graveyard,haunted houses, and funfairs collection and it is also perfect for displayingin your front yard. The ghost body has 6 pieces which are just 2 white LEGOblocks, 2 white plates, a black piece that has a ghost face on it which alsoglows in the dark, and a white bottom piece. The method that the glow in thedark works is that the piece has to be exposed to a source of light before itcan flow in the dark.

12. The scary bat and pumpkin.

This cute scary LEGO set of the bat andpumpkin is so amazing because it has two of the most recognizable pieces of theHalloween season and that makes it so iconic. You can adjust the bat's feet,wings, talons, and ears to your liking for display, you can even place thepumpkin in the wings for the bat to hold it. This cute and pretty set has 156bricks and it measures 7×17×10 cm. This set is also great for collaborationwith other Halloween sets that will bring out the beauty of the Halloweenseason. 

13. Frankenstein brickheadz.

The Frankenstein set is just theFrankenstein's monster, and it is just a marvelous and awesome collectible tohave and should have its perfect spot in the spooky scary Halloween hall ofhorrors. It can also be the perfect gift for a loved one that is really intoiconic horror characters. This Frankenstein brickheadz model measures about9.1×12×8 cm and it is made up of about 108 horrifying pieces to make up thisamazing Frankenstein's monster look. It will make an amazing time to build thiswonderful Halloween brickheadz set, it can be added to the remaining Halloweenbrickheadz sets, and it is also perfect for a Halloween display, to makeHalloween more spooky and scary.

14. The vampire and the bat.

Even though this vampire piece is notDracula, this vampire and bat LEGO set is still very scary to look at. Thevampire includes (what is of course) huge fangs to suck the blood out and italso has a bow tie, a vest, a billowing dark Cape, and claws that are moveable.And this vampire has a little cute pet bat that serves him as a companion sothat he will not get lonely. This bat comes with moveable wings, the bat caneven be a little vampire in disguise, which will forever be a mystery that cantis solved. The vampire and the bat have a total of 150 pieces of bricks andmeasure 10×2×5 cm. This adorable vampire and bat LEGO set is a perfect gift fora Halloween celebration, it will be nice for a display to spook up the interiorof your home, and cool for kids to enjoy themselves building with it. This setis suitable for children from the ages of 7 and above.

The vampire and the bat

15. The Halloween brickheadz ghost.

This brickheadz ghost set is so spooky itgives chills down your spine. This brickheadz ghost is rebuildable and appearsin a transparent color of the block at the bottom of the piece to let it have asmart floating effect. This set also includes an in-built brick Halloween scenethat also has a Jack-o-lantern, a tombstone that can be rebuilt, spider, andbat figures and some little elements that will help to make a spooky situationmore spooking and helping to make a perfectly scary scene. It can be added withother Halloween sets, an awesome gift for display in this spooky season. ThisHalloween brickheadz ghost set measures about 8×3×10 cm and has a total of 136pieces. 

The Halloween brickheadz ghost.

16. The hidden side Newbury haunted highschool.

When Lego released the sets of the hiddenside in 2019, but it didn't get the hype it deserved the reason for that is notstill known now. Maybe it was not popular at the time? Whatever the reason forthis incredible set not making a name back then. But now as the Halloweenholiday is upon us this marvelous set has started to rise from the ground. TheLego Newbury haunted high school set is one of the largest of the Halloweensets that has 1474 pieces, and if you are asking of course it looks gorgeousafter being built(it gives an amazing time while being played or equally verystylish and stunning while on display), it also gives a glorious AR experiencethat is very interesting to see. The LEGO hidden side also comes with an appfeature that possesses the same name as the LEGO hidden side haunted highschool set that can be downloaded and used even as the LEGO set was alreadyretired. The app makes you make interact with the set right on your smartphone.It makes an impressive AR experience that will make your haunted scene scarieras spirits and ghosts of the dark. It will be very exciting for children to seethis amazing experience. But as an adult, you can enjoy your time with theflashing lights and the amazing structures of this set are just astonishing.This may not be your idea or typical set of the hidden side series but it issurely going to the top, and it can be the source of attraction to Halloweenparties and Halloween decorations, and the lighting kit makes it more beautifuland spooky at the same time, making it to stand out.

The hidden side Newbury haunted high school

17. The monster fighters' vampirecastle.

As earlier said vampires are one of themain characters of Halloween that can never be ignored. So what if you have aplace to put all your vampires and not forget to haunt them? What about a wholevampire community coming for a vampire wedding and some vampire catchers thatwill chase them? What of possessing a vampire, vampire minions, a vampirebride, and a couple of vampire catchers for starters? Even though Lego hasstopped this monster fighters vampire castle set but there is still some of theset available in some places that it can be gotten both online and in somestores. This incredible set is perfect for when you want to make avampire-themed party or a Halloween party, or just a battle between vampirehunters and vampires-themed party, this set piece can be used. This set givesdifferent forms of opportunities for stories and a lot of fun for playtime andthis vampire castle set is so breathtaking to look at. There are just a lot ofincredible features that can be seen in this vampire castle set, with is verydetailed and has this vintage style, which makes it interesting forinteractions at playtime and gives you different ways to start playing. It is aperfect piece to use as a form of display. It has over 900 bricks which willmake a lot of time to build this fun masterpiece. This vampire castle set haseverything, is it scary? Yes. Is it thrilling to play with? Of course. Is itone of the most amazing Halloween pieces that need to the seen? Sure thing.

The monster fighters' vampire castle

18. Hidden side graveyard mystery.

Another one of the hidden side pieces fromits series is super creepy to look at, and this one is extra special because itbrings out the fear of both children and adults. Its captures the horrificnature of an abandoned graveyard and the mystery behind it. This is what LEGOwanted when they created this piece. It also comes with an AR experience thatis meant for interactive actions which can be seen inside the build itself.Side note does not try and look inside the coffin). This hidden side graveyardhas been recognized as one of the best Halloween-themed sets of this year, itis available in stores and online. It harmonizes so well with the Halloweenholiday, perfect for both playtime and display. Also, the lighting kit thatflashes the creepiness of your eyes and makes it so beautiful to behold makes atotal difference to the piece. Even if lights are not used, it is stillgorgeous just the way it is, it brings out the spirit or should we say theghosts of Halloween.

19. Scooby Doo mystery mansion.

There is nothing that screams Halloweenvibe more than the scooby-doo set, it was just a dream come true whenscooby-doo and LEGO did this collaboration, a perfect Halloween heaven. Butthis scooby-doo mystery mansion set is just a masterpiece that gives thespooky. First, it will just be nice to clear some smoke about some questionsthat are popping into some of your heads now, like why you couldn't spot Fredin this piece, but the rest of the gang is already there, well let's just saythat Fred's disappearance is just a mystery that you will just have to solve byyourself, making the set a perfect form of role-playing, makes the set filledwith stories to tell, it also makes it an amazing display for all scooby-doofans. This set portrays the very essence of the scooby-doo and the gang vibe,so as you play with this set like it remind you of the joyful time you use tohave while watching this incredible show, but this time the plot is in yourhand as you are the storyteller of your game. This set is not only incrediblenot only of the mystery that comes with it, but it gives chills to spines.

20. Hidden side boat.

The hidden side Lego set from the hiddenside series is ready to give a spooky ride in the scary waters, it has about310 bricks which makes a ship that is being wrapped up with a tentacle whichalso got the captain of the ship, they must be very frightening to see or evenfeel, and to add it up there is an albino alligator. It has augmented realityalso known as AR which can be downloaded on your smartphone and can make arealistic feeling of the ghosts and spirits into your piece. It makes abeautiful and spooky display and makes an awesome time playing and buildingthis piece. 

21. Hidden side trunk.

The hidden side trunk lego set includes theel Fuego type of trunk that looks like it has been decked out with what lookslike ghost hunting gear. This amazing piece has a total of 428 bricks that alsoincludes a couple of ghost rider gear on a bike. It also gives that AR experiencefor kids to enjoy, it is also very detailed and very durable. It featuresamazing bright lights that make it very cool to look at. A perfect form ofdisplay that is great for the Halloween holiday season or a Halloween-themedparty. Get your spooky thrill on.

22. Hidden side train.

The hidden side train Lego train, islooking so astonishing to look at, it is giving a very cool and creepy vibethat runs. It makes the set series have a lot of amazing stories and aninteresting display to showcase to others. It features a marvelous monstertrain and a creepy train station. This set will make amazing experiences andfill with fun for building. The train has some containment feature that holdsghosts when captured. This set piece has about 698 bricks. It has creativelighting that let it more creepy to see. Never a dull moment with a train. 

 Hidden side train.

23. The monster fighters haunted house.

The monster fighters haunted house LEGO setis just incredible and astonishing, it has a total of 2064 bricks. The LegoGroup has done an excellent job on this set, very scary and spooky. Thishaunted house set has a Victorian style that is very astonishing and also verydetailed with awesome features which include boarded windows, a potion room,and a staircase that folds up. This set also has Minifigures that are superscary like a butler, vampires, a chef that is a zombie, and many more. Thedetails of the haunted house set are so realistic. It will make an awesomedisplay to bring out the scare off someone, make your Halloween more creativeand creepy as you play, and build this beautiful set.

The monster fighters haunted house

24. The Halloween Minifigures.

There must be a lot of Minifigures that youhave that are cool and beautiful. But do you have the creepy and the scarykinds of Minifigures in your collection that can be used in any stories or anyform of play? If your answer is no, then try and get these scary Minifiguresand add them to your collection. There are a total of 7 monsters in LEGOMinifigures and they include a ghost, Frankenstein's monster, a witch, askeleton, a vampire, a devil, and a grim reaper. Make these additions to yourHalloween dream that can be used for many purposes like for display, for anamazing play time, for decorating your home in the Halloween season, and so on.

The Halloween Minifigures

25. Jack-o-lantern Halloween set.

Is there any Halloween without aJack-o-lantern? Not, Halloween will never be complete without it. Just asHalloween can't go on without a Jack-o-lantern, your Halloween collection cannot be complete without this LEGO Jack-o-lantern Halloween building set. Thisset has minimum details, it has a total of 52 bricks which will be very fun tobuild, instead of crafting your Jack-o-lantern on a pumpkin you can just buildone, and this can be a beautiful display of spooky vibes in your front yard orinside your home. 

Jack-o-lantern Halloween set.

26. Monster fighters ghost train.

Can you think of something scarier than aghost train? There is nothing more spooky than that. You can add a beautifulghost train to your Halloween collection and you can use it for decorating yourhome or put it up for display. This set has a total of 741 bricks, this setwill create a wonderful time to explore your building skills and open yourcreative mind. It can also be given as a gift to a loved one. This set alsofeatures a glow in the dark pieces which brings the realistic side of the set,a Minifigures and an airplane was added to the set for battle against ghosts.

Monster fighters ghost train

27. Skeleton with wings Minifigures.

Another spooky set that is justmind-blowing is this winged skeleton Minifigures, a skeleton that flies, likeearlier mentioned mind-blowing. This set is just a must-have to anyone'sHalloween collection. Another great thing about this piece is that you canbuild the skeleton with or without the wings, that if the winged skeletonscares you that much. It also depends on what you are using the Minifigure for.This Minifigure can be put up for decorations or it can be used as a gift for aloved one for the thrill of it. 

lego lights

28. The Halloween Minifigures 3 in 1pack.

This set is made to boost the Halloweenvibes, improving the normal characters of Halloween. This set includes 3amazing Halloween seasons Minifigures a witch with a witch broom, a vampirethat is with a bat, and a female vampire with a Jack-o-lantern in her hand. Andmake wonderful memories when playing this Minifigure. 

29. The vampire set.

The vampire Lego set is a simple and sweetcollection of Halloween culture that amounts to a total of 11 Lego pieces. ThisHalloween model set is needed to make an addition to your amazing Halloweencollection. It also makes a highlight to the Halloween decorations. It can beplaced as a beautiful display. This set adds a spooky and creepy Halloweenmodel to your scary collection. This set has very realistic details that leavegoosebumps on your skin. This set also includes a chained casket that is lockedwith a key. This is a must-have for a LEGO lover that is into the Halloweenholiday. 

30. The Halloween witch.

Spice up your Halloween holiday season withthe most delightful and creepy set in the Halloween collection. There is morethrill in building this set, making the experience a very creative and funtime, you can create time with your kids and enjoy the moment of building thisscary piece. This set has a total of 71 pieces. It's the perfect thing to useto spice up your Halloween decorations. Do not give to children below the ageof 7. This set is a scary green witch with a big nose. We will never know withpotion is cooking up.

 The Halloween witch.

31. The monster fighters swamp creatureset.

Do you want to make your Halloween scenemore creative and creepy and are you looking for an extra spooky set to add toyour collection? If that answer is yes, then the monster fighters swampcreature LEGO set is the perfect addition to that your collection, it has atotal of 70 pieces that is very easy to build. This perfect gift for your kidsor a LEGO lover also serves as an excellent display for your apartment or youroffice. Have a thrilling Halloween celebration with this amazing set.

32. Lego vampire costume.

One of the best Lego costumes that aremade. Why go trick or treating with a normal vampire costume when you are justextraordinary to become a LEGO vampire and suck the blood out of legos? Thisscary blood-sucking costume has a very stylish design to give you that scaryappearance. The costume includes white gloves, pants, capes, and a vampiremask. Dress in style this Halloween season. a comes in medium and small sizes.not for children under the age of 3. 

33. LEGO construction worker.

You can be a construction worker thisHalloween. Building creative moments, made of 100% polyester, it is incrediblysafe for children to wear. Being a LEGO construction worker may be verythrilling to try. This costume includes LEGO figure pants, a Minifigure mask,and LEGO gloves. It is a very iconic look.

34. Lego police officer costume.

Install peace and order in Legoland as apolice officer costume, it will be a thrilling and exciting experience to have.This stylish costume is so perfect in resemblance to the LEGO police officer.Comes in small and medium sizes for the ages 4 to 6 and 7 to 9. This LEGOpolice officer costume includes a police hat and yellow LEGO gloves of a policeofficer with a mask. 

35. The amazing batman LEGO costume.

How will it feel to dress up as one of themost loved DC superheroes of all time, like batman? Wouldn't it be very nice tobe a superhero for the night? The answer is always yes. In this superherocostume prepare to save the night, look like your LEGO superhero from the LEGOmovie "hero of the city of Gotham". The superhero costume is fully equippedwith a LEGO figure glove, a Cape that is attached, dark pants, and a batmanmask.

36. Batgirl superhero costume.

Who said that only guys can be the batmanand hero of the night? No one. Girls can also have their very own batgirlsuperhero costume. Come out to save the night as batgirl but not only asbatgirl but as a LEGO figure batgirl. This costume includes a batgirl mask, aCape that is attached to the costume, and LEGO figure hand gloves.

37. Nexo knights lance LEGO costume.

If you are a fan of the Nexo knight's lancefrom the LEGO series called Nexo knights. You can dress like him for Halloweennight or Halloween party. This costume includes a Minifigure mask, matchingpants, a tunic, and LEGO figure hand gloves. Look exactly like lance thisHalloween season. 

38. Firefighters LEGO costumes.

One of the most amazing costumes you haveever seen will be the firefighter's LEGO costumes, it will make you look like aLEGO-like figure getting ready to off the fire that burns. Cool your Halloweenwith this cool costume. The costume will make you look like both a firefighterand a LEGO figure at the same time. This costume includes a firefighter mask,matching pants, and LEGO figure gloves.

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