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We all know that some LEGO Sets can cost an arm and sometimes even a kidney, and yet, LEGO fans are still looking for the most expensive Lego set to collect and display. The truth is, brick sets will continue to increase in value as long as people want them! LEGO has done a pretty great job in winning the hearts of not only kids but adults as well by creating toys that allow you have fun but also challenge your mind to build something creative and complicated.  


If you ask a random person from the AFOL (Adult Fans of LEGO) community, why they love bricks so much, you'd be amazed at how much they have to say. In essence, we cannot decide what should be valuable to someone and what shouldn't. Many fans have been playing with them for as long as they can remember and have irreplaceable memories with some of these sets.


For the average fan, bricks are a great way to build something fun, whether it be replicas from their favorite Star Wars movies or some of the greatest events in history. That's just the thing, it appeals to different people with different interests. The toys are not strictly based on any particular niche. In fact, LEGO keeps getting creative and we can only wonder what kind of set they will create next.

I mean, there's even a belly dancer! That would, of course, have seemed unlikely seeing as LEGO bricks are...bricks, and hence are not so flexible. But well, what the public wants, the public will get. This is why LEGO keeps leading in the toy industry and in fact, even those who don't particularly like toys, still find a way to sneak a set into their collection under the pretense that it's for their kids.


expensive LEGO sets


While brand new LEGO sets can be expensive, the most expensive are actually those that are so rare that they can't be found on the shelves of toy stores. These are termed collector's items which are so unique that people buy them just to add to their collection and for display purposes. 

They are so valuable that owning one gives you elite status in the LEGO community. But really, why are these toys literally made of plastic (not gold) so expensive? Let's look at some of the reasons some sets have been ranked high enough to cost more than a car.


Why Are LEGOs So Expensive? 

In general, toys are considered expensive because hey, why should something you simply play with cost hundreds of dollars? In the case of some LEGO sets, that's thousands of dollars. On the contrary, these are not just toys but structures that hold great value. And not just sentimental value. One reason LEGOs fetch higher prices than some of their competitors and other toy companies is because of the acute detailing they are well known for.  


LEGO Money


With sets that sometimes consist of up to 2000 pieces, LEGO has produced some of the most intricately detailed pieces you can think of. Sets like the Lunar Lander are so detailed that the structure looks just like the real thing. This is one of LEGO's selling points, making toys that you can build all by yourself to become a perfect rendition of a real-life house, car, or skyscraper. 

It is not uncommon to see people spending hours and sometimes even days building a new set. The crazy thing about this is that people find this fun! The more complicated and detailed, the better. However, this is often the case with adults, not kids as few kids have the patience to spend so much time doing one thing, except they're little geniuses in the making.


LEGO took a brave and smart decision to start appealing to the adult community as it is the adults who can afford to spend so much money on brick pieces in the first place. Even if they would buy LEGOs for their kids, it is highly unlikely they would spend more than a few hundred dollars on a set for their kid to play with. When it's something they themselves can build and display at home and even in the office, it becomes worth the price. 


expensive LEGO sets


In addition, LEGO is big on quality and each brick they produce is perfectly constructed so that LEGO pieces from 60 years ago fit perfectly with pieces you can find today. They have maintained consistency for as long as they have been in the toy industry and this is another reason their sets are so valuable compared to their competitors. 

You can expect to keep a set for decades upon decades. Instead of it losing value due wear and tear and of course, the fact that it's pretty old, the set can turn out to be worth much more than you paid for it initially, especially if it is one of the unique sets that are hard to find today.

So if you were thinking of clearing out your attic including those old sets, you might want to hold on till the end of this article before deciding to throw them out. You never know, you might just be throwing out a fortune.


LEGO Production


Lastly, LEGO sets are so expensive because people are still willing to buy them at high rates. Demand is one of the greatest reasons pieces will continue to increase in price as people surprisingly still cough up ridiculously large amounts of money for a set of bricks. So in essence, sets are expensive because...they are expensive. And fans don't seem to mind (much).


Top 15 Most Expensive LEGO Sets

While some sets are considered fairly expensive, others are shocking (there's literally a LEGO slice of pizza that can be considered the most expensive pizza in the world). However, most of the expensive sets you will come across here are some of the best sets ever created, with so many pieces and such tiny details it makes sense to charge a fortune for them. 


Before we get to the most expensive set, we must consider other sets in the high-priced category. While the most expensive pieces may have your jaw-dropping, some others may still shock you because they just do not look like they should cost that much. But hey, we don't get to decide what they should cost. Let's look at 15 of the most expensive LEGO sets you can find (or not). 


15. LEGO Rebel Blockade Runner - $1,330

LEGO Rebel Blockade Runner

With larger sets come higher prices. This is the case with the Rebel Blockade Runner which fetches about $1330 per set. Being one of the largest sets from LEGO, it consists of over 1700 pieces meaning that you will definitely be spending a great deal of time building it. Well, for that amount, you can take all the time in the world! Based on Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, the set not only appeals to fans but to Star Wars fans as well. If you're looking to add something valuable to your collection, this set is one of your greatest picks.  


Main features:

 1. Set Number: 10019 

2. Pieces: 1746

3. Minifigures: 0 

4. Released: 2001

5. Buy online: Amazon

6. Get Special lights: Game of Bricks Store


14. LEGO Eiffel Tower - $1,450

LEGO Eiffel Tower


How about a little background history to the real Eiffel Tower? Well, this structure stood as the tallest in the world for 41 years after it was finished in 2007, but of course, technology and infrastructure have reached greater heights and now we see even higher skyscrapers. Nonetheless, this happens to be one of the greatest structures ever built and LEGO decided to cash in on that.  


The LEGO Eiffel Tower is an amazing depiction of the real tower. Standing at 42 inches, this is the tallest set to date. Both adults and kids found this fun to play with although very few did get a chance to build the iconic tower. With a price as high as $1450, it shouldn't come as a surprise that not every Tom, Dick and Harry could afford it. 

Being a replica of such a tall tower, the set comprises over 3,400 pieces! You will need a whole lot of patience to build this set and if you had plans to finish it within a few hours...well, good luck. You are sure to have a lot of fun building it in any case. 


Main features:

 1. Set Number: 10181 

2. Pieces: 3428

3. Minifigures: 0

4. Released: 2007

5. Buy online: eBay


13. LEGO Imperial Star Destroyer -$1,600

LEGO Imperial Star Destroyer


Star Wars fans were quick to get their hands on this set, despite being quite high on the money side, and those who couldn't afford it could only watch an accurate rendition of the Imperial Star Destroyer being built from afar. This set when finished is over 3 meters long so you will need a lot of space to accommodate it, especially as a display piece. 

For sets like this with so many pieces, the target market is generally adults. Since adults prefer more challenging and complex sets to build, a set with over 3000 pieces is often highly-priced. fans love this set for its size and all the little detailing you can spot in it.  


Main features:

 1. Set Number: 75252 

2. Pieces: 4776

3. Minifigures: 2

4. Released: 2019

5. Buy online: Amazon


12. LEGO Limited Edition Batman Announcement Set - $1,720

LEGO Limited Edition Batman Announcement Set


One of the reasons LEGO will continue to make great sales is because they have a way of appealing to different types of people, not just fans of bricks. Whether you're strictly a Star Wars fan or a Batman fan, there is a piece out there for you. There's just something awesome about getting to play with and build a replica of some of your favorite movie scenes, robots, droids or characters. 

LEGO leverages on this and gives us pretty cool opportunities to achieve that. This Batman set, in particular, was easy to come across when it was first released, and much more affordable too. However, most people acquired it and then later swapped or sold it. It is only those few who still held on to it that can benefit from its value now. 

At a price of $1,720, it would be painful to find that you let go of the Limited Edition Batman Announcement Set some time in 2005, which you could have sold now for so much more! That's the beauty of LEGOs, what you may consider trash may actually be a treasure. 


Main features:

 1. Set Number: DC1-1 

2. Pieces: 13

3. Minifigures: 2

4. Released: 2005


11. LEGO Death Star II - $1,972

LEGO Death Star II


It seems LEGO and Star Wars movies are like 5 and 6. With several renditions of Star Wars scenes and droids, many Star Wars fans have become fans by default. The LEGO Death Star II is not only intricately detailed but also...very expensive. But truly, the awe and beauty of the Death Star II in the movie is well captured in this unique piece. With 3,442 pieces, you can expect to see every tiny detail and definitely need to gather a huge amount of patience and drive to build the entire set right up to the super laser on top of it. 


The set is not only highly-priced now but was also expensive when it was first released. Yes, it did appreciate in value, but it has always been a valuable piece, one that most collectors did not waste time getting their hands on. 


Main features:

 1. Set Number: 10143 

2. Pieces: 3442

3. Minifigures: 0

4. Released: 2005

5. Buy online: eBay

6. Get Special lights: Game of Bricks Store


10. LEGO Milk Truck - $2,000

LEGO Milk Truck


So you're probably wondering what a milk truck is doing on a list of the most expensive LEGO sets, but yes, it actually is one of the most expensive pieces, even more, costly than iconic sets like the LEGO Eiffel Tower and the LEGO Death Star II. How did this humble milk truck make it here? Simple. You can barely find if anywhere. It is so old and unique that collectors are willing to pay up to $2000 just to have one. 


The Milk Truck was actually created as part of a promotion for a Danish dairy company formerly known as MD Foods. So, it is not one of the largest, the most beautiful or the most detailed sets. In fact, it should be the smallest set on this list with just 133 pieces. Because it is so difficult to come across one, the set is highly valued. 


Main features:

1. Set Number: 1952-1 

2. Pieces: 125

3. Minifigures: 1

4. Released: 1989


9. LEGO Statue of Liberty - $2,130

LEGO Statue of Liberty

When we talk about sets that cost as much as a car, the LEGO Statue of Liberty has to be mentioned. It would not be wise to spend over $2000 on a toy set when you actually need a car, but if you have $2130 you are not using, go right ahead. I mean, you could invest in real estate or something but hey, brick sets nowadays are investments of their own. Who would have thought sets that were worth just a few hundred dollars in the past would be valued at thousands of dollars now? Definitely not the guy who threw out his old Batman Announcement set


The LEGO Statue of Liberty is another wonderful rendition of a real-life structure, making it a favorite amongst history lovers. For a set this costly, you can expect up to 3000 pieces that will surely keep you occupied for more than a while. 


Main features:

1. Set Number: 3450

2. Pieces: 2882

3. Minifigures: 0

4. Released: 2000

5. Buy online: eBay


8. LEGO Yoda Wearing "I Love NY" shirt - $2,275

LEGO Yoda Wearing "I Love NY" shirt


Okay, if you're big on large, complicated sets, then this set might not be for you. Basically, the set features Yoda Wearing a t-shirt. That's right, you're paying $2,275 to have a set for Yoda wearing an "I heart NY" shirt. While the average person might see this as ridiculous, getting one of these is one of the coolest things you can do in the LEGO community. It all depends on you and where your loyalty lies (haha, it's probably not that deep). The set was released in 2013 at the New York Toy Fair and quickly grasped the hearts of both LEGO and New York fans.  


Main features:

1. Set Number: -

2. Pieces: 1

3. Minifigures: 1

4. Released: 2013


7. The LEGOLAND Train - $2,750



If LEGO could create starships and pirate ships, then it sure could make a train. Released in 2014, the train is one of the simplest toys created. Not everyone is going to enjoy building complicated structures like a market or pirate ship, often, kids just want something simply cool to build. It is weird that it has to cost so much but as you should know by now, some pieces may seem ordinary at first but later on, they can be the most sought after. In fact, when this set was released in 2014, it did not cost this much. So, it definitely appreciated in value.  


Main features:

1. Set Number: 4000014-1

2. Pieces: 548

3. Minifigures: 7

4. Released: 2014

5. Buy online: eBay


6. LEGO Taj Mahal - $2860

LEGO Taj Mahal


Even though this is not number one on the list, it is by far one of the greatest and most expensive Lego sets ever created! The real-life Taj Mahal has such a beautiful background story and equally beautiful external structure that LEGO had big shoes to fill in creating a replica. 

The Taj Mahal was very expensive to build and as such took decades to complete. It is no wonder the LEGO version costs so much and is so large that you cannot finish building it without spending some days and a lot of coffee breaks on it.  


With 5700 pieces, this is by far the largest set on this list, having almost twice the amount of pieces as most of the other expensive LEGO sets. They did a great job as the set is so well detailed that it looks just like the real building, except for the size of course. What's more, this set actually cost $300 in 2008, and now, you cannot get one in mint condition for anything less than $2800.


Main features:

 1. Set Number: 10189

2. Pieces: 5922

3. Minifigures: 0

4. Released: 2008

5. Buy online: eBay

6. Get special lights: Game of Bricks Store


5. LEGO Han Solo On Tauntaun - $3,150

LEGO Han Solo On Tauntaun

This is one LEGO set that deserves the title "Small but mighty." Although it is not one of the biggest nor fanciest, it is one of the most sought-after sets and this alone makes it so valuable. Since demand is a huge determinant of the prices attached to LEGOs, the Han Solo on Tauntaun set is worth over $3000 dollars and is unapologetic about it.  


Main features:

 1. Set Number: LLCA53-1

2. Pieces: 336

3. Minifigures: 0

4. Released: 2011

4. LEGO Piper Airplane - $4,000

LEGO Piper Airplane

If you thought a LEGO set could not cost as high as $4000, well, you are so mistaken. Funny enough, it is not so expensive because there is anything particularly special about it. Yes, bricks are awesome, but there isn't exactly anything more awesome about this set that you would think would make it worth twice more than other expensive sets. Simply put, it's a pretty cool set! Perhaps the world's perception of "cool" is getting more and more expensive.  


Main features:

1. Set Number: 4000012-1

2. Pieces: 795

3. Minifigures: 5

4. Released: 2012

5. Buy online: eBay

3. LEGO TMNT Antonio’s Pizza-Rama - $4,270

LEGO TMNT Antonio’s Pizza-Rama

Now here's a real shocker. This is a slice of pizza. Made of LEGO bricks. One slice of pepperoni pizza. It costs $4,270. Yes, you read all that right. It's safe to say that this is not only one of the most expensive ones in 2019 but also the most expensive slice of pizza ever.  


Main features:

1. Set Number: comcon041-1

2. Pieces: 54

3. Minifigures: 0

4. Released: 2012

2. LEGO Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon - $4,500

LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collector's Millennium Falcon

Here lies the biggest Star Wars LEGO set and the second-largest set ever after the Taj Mahal. With 5,179 pieces, you can spend hours and hours having fun with this set, although these hours of fun don't come all. 


Main features:

1. Set Number: 10179-1

2. Pieces: 5179

3. Minifigures: 5

4. Released: 2007

5. Buy online: Amazon

6. Get Special Lights: Game of Bricks Store

1. (Drumroll...) The Most Expensive LEGO Set 2019 - Cost: $7,375

H.C. Andersen’s Clumsy Hans (2015 Edition)

Finally, we have reached the top of the top. The most expensive of the most expensive. And the award for the priciest 2019 goes to the H.C. Andersen’s Clumsy Hans (2015 Edition). This set is almost impossible to come by because it was actually given out to LEGO ambassadors and of course, they kept the sets to themselves. 

Now, one of these is worth $7,375. There were a total of 80 ambassadors who got these sets, meaning that there are only 80 in the world. Collectors absolutely love this kind of set, so rare that having one will make them the envy of fans all over the world.  


Fortunately, the most expensive LEGO set is not a slice of pizza because then, we would probably have to question our sanity, although really, it is already questionable as it stands.

Main features:

1. Set Number: 4000020-1

2. Pieces: 714

3. Minifigures: 0

4. Released: 2015


Who could have thought a bunch of brick toys would cost several thousand dollars? Well, that’s the beautiful thing about LEGOs. They are beyond pieces of brick toys, they are a culture and a movement with millions of ardent followers. Having unique sets that will stand yours apart from the rest is now even more possible. Check out our store for some of the coolest LEGO light Kits you can find anywhere. Now you get to not just have one of the most expensive sets, you also get the coolest ones in the entire universe 




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