10 Tips for an awesome LEGO room

10 Tips for an awesome LEGO Display Shelves

As a kid, I lived my life as a lover ofLEGO. At a point in my life, my elder brother had to join the military, givingme the chance to be in charge of his room. Not only did I have a room, but Ialso had a bathroom and an extra room just for me. I immediately began todecorate the room to my taste and also giving the bathroom a LEGO design.

lego lights

Since then, I have always desired toenhance my theme and turn my room into a complete Lego room. As soon as Ibought a house of my own, I immediately began to create a standard “Adult LEGOroom”. You may wonder why it is called an adult Lego room. Well, the reason isthat it is more organized and unique compared to the room of a kid. I did notachieve this alone as some of my relatives assisted me.

Do you also want to make an awesome roomjust like mine? Well, it is not so difficult if you do it the right way. Inthis article, I will share with you some important tips which I found to behelpful in making a fantastic LEGO room.

Storage& organization

·      This is the first step tomaking your room amazing. You should first make plans about how you want toorganize your sets and make storage for different sizes of sets and/or bricks.

·      You can make use of big storageitems like the IKEA TROFAST Frame & bins. They are good for arrangingbricks by size and color.

·      There are different kinds ofLEGO sets and bricks that can be used for holding ends and odds. An example isthe train track.

·      Create a place where you canstore small bricks. You can make use of hardware cabinet or Akro-Mils craft.With these two, it will be easy for you to organize small pieces of LEGObricks. When I have decided which would be in a particular drawer, I will printout a clear sticker of all the pieces and attach each of them where theybelong.

Storage & organization


This is the second step that helped me andmy relatives to come up with a wonderful LEGO room.

·      Here, we made use of variousshelves to display the sets that have been built.

·      We also made use of floatingshelves for the display of small sets. We made these shelves on our own usingscrap wood and angle iron.

·      We made use of wall shelves asthey provided more space for our display. These are standard shelves. You canmake use of them as well.

·      Making use of a large shelf isalso a good idea. I had to transform the 2 IKEA TROFAST FRAMES that we usedfrom the beginning into a complete shelf where I can display LEGO sets bysetting a wood board on the top of the frames and putting some trims on it.

·      I also made an artificialdisplay table by putting some trims on the top of a wooden board and placing itacross two IKEA KALLAX shelves. This gives me more surfaces where sets can bedisplayed.

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This is another thing that you can do inyour room to make it unique.

·      Having a bench might soundweird to some people, but it can serve as a great alternative to playing on thefloor.

·      Having a dry erase board thatyou can use to draw the designs of LEGO sets will also add to the beauty ofyour room.

·      Soft bricks can also enhanceyour LEGO room. When I visited Legoland in Florida with those of my relatives, Irealized that there were amazing soft bricks in the play area for kids. So, Iwent to an online store and purchased them for myself. Now, I store them in alight-weight basket and this has really made my room incredible.

·      My nephew came up with an ideato set up a pallet table as a surface for setting up my LEGO city, and guesswhat, it was perfect.

·      You can set a rug in your roomas a play space. Personally, I loved hard flooring to be in y room. You cancomfortably build on it, but may not enjoy sitting on it. Recently, we stumbledacross this rug and it perfectly fits my room, and I now gave a morecomfortable floor to play.

Decorateyour room

This is the fourth step that we took toaccomplish our goal of creating a marvelous room.

·      We first made use of wallcolor. We call this color zesty apple. It adds amazing color to the room inaddition to the numerous colors that the different bricks offer. I used thezesty apple because I wanted to add the color to the existing colors in theroom.

·      The kind of curtain you out inyour fun room also has a role to play in your mission. In my room, there is abig window. So, as I put the curtain, I had to paint it to look just like mywalls. After painting, I and my nephews put our foot/handprints on the curtain.I loved the beauty that it added to my room. I cherished it so much.

·      Displaying LEGO posters in yourroom can also enhance its beauty. There are some sets that you will purchaseand you will find a poster in some of them. Since I have the posters, I had todisplay some of them. You can also do the same thing. Do not throw the postersaway, you can save them and add them to your display collection.

·      I came up with an idea of LEGOArt. I believed that it was going to be nice for my room, and it was just so.It was cute.

lego Decorate your room

Whatdo you want to display?

·      Do you want to displayready-made sets or the ones that you personally created?

·      We really enjoyed the processof deciding the sets that are to be displayed. It marveled me when I succeededin putting back all the harry potter sets I had from 2000 together and displaythem in my room.

·      When I was still studying in ahigh school, I had some custom creations saved in my bathroom. I also broughtthem out for display.

·      But which sets was my favorite?I always love the sets that were created by my nephews and I can proudlydisplay them. One of my cousins brought the minifigures that he made at hisyounger age, and I created stands for his favorites among them.

·      Deciding on which set may betime-consuming, but it is fun. To make it easier for you. Start by displayingthe sets you love most.

What do you want to display?

AddingNon-LEGO toys for kids

I have some non-Lego toys that I added tosome of my LEGO storage boxes. You can still display these toys without otherpeople noticing it. Some toys that you can also add to the LEGO collection inyour room that will be loved by kids are Mickey gloves, “grow” ball, and Disneymonorail.


Having a wardrobe to store your sets is agreat idea that can give your room that LEGO theme you have ever wanted. Withthis storage method, you can quickly pack up your sets and easily store them.If there are up to two or more LEGO lovers in the house, having a wardrobe willhelp you to avoid unnecessary fights and arguments about who is the owner of aparticular set or brick. It is also an added beauty to your fun room.


You can just have a folder in your bedroomwhere you can always check for comics or building instructions. This will helpyou to save time as you will not be running around looking for these importantdocuments.

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Even if you do not have enough money topurchase bins or drawers, you can still show creativity by making use ofsomething available. You can just arrange some of your bricks in a shoe hanger.Each of the shoe pockets can be used to differentiate pieces by their size orcolor.


Storing your bricks or sets on a LEGOfurniture is another great storage idea that can also enhance the beauty ofyour room and make it unique.


If you follow these steps mentioned above,you will be ready to create your dream LEGO room. These are just a few tips butare very helpful.

Why not make your LEGO collection lookoutstanding by customizing your sets with our fascinating Lights and your roomwill be more than just amazing, most especially, at night. So, what are youwaiting for? Contact us today and we will be ready to answer you as soon aspossible.

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