The Ultimate LEGO Light List for 2022

by Eve Alessa Arevalo

It's been a very intense year for Lego and Lego lights production. There have been a lot of new and awesome Lego sets released with awesome features and even more fantastic building experiences. And not to forget how amazing our Lego lights look on these sets. These amazing sets have left fans like you, who religiously support our posts, in awe. But, amid all this noise and drama throughout the year, have you ever stopped to ask yourself what your favorite Lego set is? Looking at how awesome our amazing Lights looked on all released sets, it took a lot of work to pick out your favorite. 

lego lights

With that in mind, we have got you covered. We set out for our team to review and bring to us what their pick was for the best Lego light sets for 2022. After looking at what they picked, we have narrowed it down to the top 30. Note that the order in which these sets are arranged is only in some of their grade of awesomeness. All sets covered in this post have what were them apart and make them slightly much better, one from the other. But why is It important you read this post to the end? It will help generate a list easily of the sets compatible with our Lego lights. It will also help you know what sets give you the most opportunity to leverage our light kits. So let's break them into three stages: one to ten, eleven to twenty, and twenty-one to thirty. Let's get started. 


All sets mentioned here allow you to explore several lighting options. They also give you room to get amazing pictures. We have seen that sets that fall under this List are from the Lego Architecture collection. Let's list the ten sets, after which we will examine what makes them special.

1. The light kit for Lego Titanic 10294 set.

2. The light Kit for Lego Home Alone 21330 set.

3. The light kit for Lego Motorized Lighthouse 21335 set.

4. The Light kit for Lego Holiday Main street 10308 set.

5. The light kit for Lego Sanctum Santorum 76218 set.

6. The light kit for Lego Hunted House 10273 and 10228 sets.

7. The light kit for the Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts Express Collectors Edition 76405 set.

8. The light kit for Lego The Mighty Bowser 71411 set.

9. The light kit for Lego Christmas Tree 40573 set.

10. The light kit for the Elf Club House 10275 set.

Let's get a little more insight into some of these sets to see why they deserve their spot in the top ten.

1. The Lego Titanic 10294 set.

The Lego Titanic is an awesome Lego set with lots of cool parts. I hold the record for the second-biggest Lego set of all time. This set is so large that you must notice it. The set was well-designed to ensure it stayed true to the real-life ship because of its immense size. Many people want Lego lights that will not only fit perfectly but also be easily hidden. And though the Lego Titanic set is a large project, its brick pieces are quite small. We here at Game Of Bricks know this and have created a light kit with tiny enough wires to be hidden. The set wires have been designed to be flexible enough to meet the needs of the light kit user. And let's remember that our lights are made from Led bulbs, giving a more breathtaking display.

2. The Lego Home Alone 21330 set.

The Lego Home Alone set allows builders and Fans of the classic to recreate the famous booby-trapped house of the Home Alone movie. And the Lego team has done a good job of ensuring the set comes to life with well-thought-out internal and external details. The set also comes with Minifigures of Kelvin and the two Robbers. What makes our lights so awesome when displayed on this set is the fact that each of the rooms of the set has the recreation of scenes. These scenes are brought to life with the help of our amazing light kit. We have two different light kits for both the standard and Christmas seasons. These two light kits are very spectacular and can be switched on from the other as the season changes. With all these amazing features, it's no surprise this set reached the top ten. If you still need to install our lights to your Home Alone set, get yourself on this holiday season; you won't regret it.

3. The Lego Motorized Light House 21335 set.

The Lego Motorized Light House is a new and incredible set. It is designed to perfectly replicate a topical light tower you would find close to the sea deck. This Tower has a light at the top, which is used to warn the Sailors whether it is safe to sail on the sea. The Lego team did a great job of ensuring that they accurately replicated the look and feel of the Light House and the cliff and ocean detail. And let's wait to get started on how our amazing Lights help sum up the whole display. Our lights are well-engineered and hidden well enough to ensure no loopholes and loose wire, giving you a smart finish.

4. The Lego Holiday Main Street 10308 set.

Another very impressive set is the Lego Holiday Main Street set. This Lego set is a Christmas-themed set with various parts and many Minifigures. And since the Lego set is Christmas themed, you can expect to see lots of bright colors, which our Lego Lights will eliminate. Our Lego lights are designed in such a way that it shines in all the right places, making you ever-ready- for Christmas.

5. The Lego Sanctum Sanctorum 76218 set.

This Lego set is designed to replicate perfectly the special hideout of Doctor Strange and his Allies. The Lego set comes with multiple colors and holes in the building, representing warm holes. The set also comes with a transparent stand attached all around the building and helps display the Minifigure Super Heroes as they engage in combat all around the building. This set is already well-detailed and spectacular, but with the help of our Lights, the set's beauty shines through.

6. The Lego Hunted House 10273 and 10228 sets.

The Two Hunted houses designed by Lego are pretty similar and do their part in looking creepy. The set comes with an immense height and is truly a joy to look at. The set has details that can easily be lost in the whole thrill of the set. But that is where our amazing light kits come in – to ensure that does not happen. So if you own one of these and wonder what details you mist, be sure to purchase our amazing Lego lights to make finding those lost details work in the park.

7. The Harry Potter Hogwarts Express - Collectors Edition 76405 set.

The Lego Hogwarts Express is the recreation of the real Life and Movie versions of the famous Hogwarts Train. The set is designed with all the cool parts and details. Many builders who engage in the building of the training claim it is one of the most impressive builds you would ever see from Lego. And though that might be an exaggeration, there is no denying that building this Lego set is truly a joy. The only off thing about this set, which is not an issue, is that it is purely a display set. It would help if you made it work and move like other Lego trains. And though this set lacks that little feature, it makes up for how good our Lego lights look on it, making us appreciate that it is a purely display set.

8. The Lego Mighty Bowser 71411 set.

The Mighty Bowser is an iconic hero/ villain from the Super Mario game. The Lego team has depicted this iconic, better/ sweet Character well in all his glory. The is designed to have the same color scheme as the actual Mighty Bowser, which is Yellow and White. The Lego has gone a step further to allow a motion for some parts of his body, like the Legs and Hands and even his Jaws. The Lego team also added Super Mario himself for more thrill. Our Lego Lights were pivotal in giving this set the needed recognition, making it replicate how it looks and feels in the game. This makes the set more valuable and brings worth all the hype.

9. The Christmas Tree set.

The Lego Christmas Tree is more of a decorative set than anything. The set is designed to replicate an actual cut Christmas Tree. The set comes with the main tree and then a smaller one. The Our Light kits have been designed to shine perfectly all around, making it feel like a Christmas set. This set with our lights installed around it could be displayed alongside your real Christmas Tree in the house, making the build and light kit installation much more satisfying.

10. The Lego Elf Club House 10275 set.

The Lego Elf Club House is another well-detailed Christmas set inside and out. The set comes with lots of cool parts and fun Minifigures designed to help prepare the minds of its users for Christmas. Do you have this Lego set? Was building it successful in preparing your heart for Christmas? If not, the only reason must be that you should have included our amazing Lego Lights. Our Lego Lights were designed with Christmas in mind, so having them installed on your set early will help spark your mood to celebrate. This is why You should add our lights to the set. So, if you want to buy this Lego set and want to know what cool accessory you could add, our Lego lights are just what your set is missing.

Now that we have considered the top ten sets with amazing Lego lights, you might be wondering what the price ranges to buy our lights for each set are. The table below will cover a list of prices for our Lego lights.

All prices listed above are discounted due to the November Black Friday deals. So there will be no greater time to get your hands on this set than now because once the holiday season is over, the set returns to its original price. Now sets 11 to 20 will focus on Lego vehicles and some fantasy vehicles and buildings. It's insane to see how awesome our Lego Lights look on these sets. So what sets make eleven to twenty for an amazing Light kit display? 


11. The Light kit for the Lego AT-AT 75313 set.

12. The Light kit for the Lego Razor Crest 75331 set.

13. The Light kit for the Millennium Falcon 75192 set..

14. The Light kit for the Ferrari Daytona SP3 42143 set.

15. The Light kit for the Santa's Sleigh 40499 set.

16. The Light kit for the Pickup Truck 10290 set.

17. The Light kit for the Disney Castle 71040 set.

18. The Light kit for the Hogwarts Castle 71043 set.

19. The Light kit for the DC Batmobile Tumbler 76240 set.

20. The Light kit for the Horizon Forbidden West: Tall Neck 76989 set.

Now that we have gotten the List of sets 15 to twenty, can you identify any you own? What about sets you want to add to your List? If you are still deciding whether or not to install our Lights on these sets, we hope looking at each of these sets much closer will convince you to do so promptly.

lego lights

11. The Lego AT-AT 75313 set.

The Lego AT-AT is a popular set made up of popular Star wars Characters. These machines are known to be very intelligent and useful during a war. The Lego did its best to make it look as close to its movie counterpart. But even with all the hard work carried out by a team of Leak experts, the set still had something missing – the robot feel. You can solve this with the Installation of our Light kits. This help the set look more like a robot with glowing eyes and lights in all the places that signified power. Another awesome thing was that You could easily hide the wires inside the set, giving the set an even cleaner finish. And with the fact that the instruction for installing this particular Light kit is straight to the point, you are sure to get all the more satisfaction.

12. The Lego Razor Crest 75331 set.

Like the AT-AT set, the Lego Razor Crest is also a Star Wars set with many awesome features. The only difference is that the Razor Crest is warcraft. The set's look and design perfectly replicate its movie counterpart. The only thing different is the size of both sets. Some of the detail of this set can be easily overlooked. Most especially some hidden compartments this set provides. This reason alone helps make installing our light kit truly reviling. Suddenly you see the set from a different perspective because no matter how little the detail is, the lights make them shine through. This feature alone could keep loyal fans of the Star Wars Franchise staring at this set for hours, trying to find details that could have been lost in all the noise.

13. The Lego Millennium Falcon 75192 set.

The Millennium Falcon is another Star Wars warship that was designed by Lego almost a year ago. This set is a replica of its movie counterpart. The Lego offers an amazing building experience with lots of cool details. The set also has internal details, making it stand out as a unique set. The Lego Millennium Falcons set offers an impressive display. But once you install our Lego Lights, the whole set comes to life and becomes all too real. The instruction Manual for installing our Light kits to this set is so detailed and not easy to mess up. The Wires for the Lights are also well-hidden to ensure the lights look like part of the set.

14. The Lego Ferrari Daytona 42143 set.

The Ferrari Daytona is a very impressive sports car known to reach impressive speeds. The set is also known for its detailed display features, which could keep those working on the street staring for hours. Lego has perfectly put together all these amazing details and features to ensure that it replicates the features of a real-life car. The set even goes further to replicate the engines and gears of the original car all in this Lego set. And though building the set brings great satisfaction, installing our Lights will leave you feeling way more satisfied, especially when you turn on your Lego lights and they walk perfectly. What makes the lights for this set very special is that it is only installed in places lights should appear, like the front, back, and brake lights. Our Lego lights also help light up inside the set so you can see the Minifigures displayed inside. This makes this Lego set to look all the more realistic and awesome.

15. The Lego Santa's Sleigh 40499 set.

The Lego Santa's Sleigh is a Christmas-themed set that replicates the look of the Sleigh redden by Santa as he goes from house to house, sharing love and gifts all over the city. The set comes in bright colors, making displaying it all the more satisfying. But with the inclusion of our amazing Lego Lights, the set Looks even more impressive that both kids and adults can be left fixated on its impressive design. And remember the fact that it is a Christmas-themed set. This makes the Lego set fit properly amid other Christmas-themed decorations. So if you own one of these sets and still need to install our Lego Lights, be sure to do so as soon as possible.

16. The Lego Pick Up Truck 10290 set.

The Lego Pick Up Truck has been designed to look like an old-school Pick Up Truck. The set offers builders an amazing building experience and lots of cool accessories. And not to forget the fact that the set is both durable and very sizable that kids could play around with the Lego set for hours picking up groceries from the store and crops from the farm. And like the Ferrari Daytona, our Light kits are only added to parts of the necessary settings. This again makes the set look all the more realistic and an amazing display set. This Lego set is still available for purchase in Lego stores in the US and Uk if you are interested in owning this set.

17. The Lego Disney Castle 71040 set.

The Lego Disney Castle set is designed to replicate the fantasy castle designed by Disney perfectly. The set comes with an instruction blueprint showing all the Castle's compartments. The sets manual also shows how to build each section. This makes the Lego set easy to build and reduces the time you would have spent initially without instruction. But aside from an amazing building experience, the Lego set also supports Lego light installation. The Installation of our Light kit is simple and fun thanks to the easy-to-understand installation manual. And once you are done installing your lights, you will be left in awe of just how grand the set looks. And if you want a much better experience, you could turn off the Lights in the room to allow the Lego lights to illuminate the room. Doing this will help grow your appreciation for our Lego lights.

18. The Lego Hogwarts Castle 71043 set.

The Lego Hogwarts Castle replicates the famous Hogwarts Castle in the Harry Potter movie. And aside from the set having a magnificent look once fully built, the Lego set comes with Minifigures and other accessories, which make it a joy to watch. And what about the Light kit experience? Since this is a huge Lego project, one might fear that the Installation of the Lego lights might be difficult. And it should, but because of the help of our very detailed instructions, you can successfully build your set. Once you are done installing our lights, you will immediately notice how it makes your Lego set look so mystical. The light is very bright and can light up a dark room. The light kit also offers other cool features which give you more control over your Lego lights.

19. The DC Batmobile Tumbler 76240 set.

The Lego DC Batmobile Tumbler is the recitation of the famous Batmobile used by Batman in the Dark Night. This Lego set has all the features you would find on the actual Batmobile, from small front tires and huge back tires, and an array of weapons. And remember the intimidating look and design of the Lego set. Well, if this set was to be arrayed with lots of Lego Lights, it could lose its intimidating feel. Our team was well aware of this, so we tried our best to ensure we lit up the set well enough to bring to light all the hidden details but also not in such a way that You lost the intimidating look of the set in the noise. Thanks to all the consideration we put in place, fans all over the world have shown their appreciation for the subtle yet relevant use of Lego lights.

20. The Lego Horizon Forbidden West: Tall Neck 76989 set.

The Horizon Forbidden West is an amazing video game for PlayStation 4 and 5 gaming Consoles. The set focuses on just one machine monster from the game, the Tall Neck. This set is striking in the game and when built in Lego. The Lego set not only allows you to build the set but also allows you to create a whole scene around the set. The Lego set also features the game's main character Aloy, and two other small machine sets' designs and displays are just magnificent. But with the Installation of our Lego lights, the whole scene comes to life. Our lights help make displaying this Lego set worth it. Are you yet to get this Lego set? Or you own one but have not yet installed our Lego lights. Be sure to do so as soon as possible.

Now we have considered ten additional sets with exceptional light kit experience. You may wonder what it would cost you to purchase Lego lights for these sets if you still need to install them on your set. The table below will cover that information.

We have seen so many sets that will look lovely on display on your center table or shelved alongside other Lego sets. But we still need to finish and look at ten more sets. This time we will focus more on Lego Vehicles and some Superhero sets. These sets will be categorized into 21 to 30. Here is the list below. 

21. The light kit for the Optimus Prime 10302 set.

22. The light kit for Lego Cat D11 Bulldozer 42131 set.

23. The light kit for Lego Volkswagen Camper Van 10279 set.

24. The light kit for Lego Imperial Star Destroyer 75252 set.

25. The light kit for Lego Lamborghini Sián FKP 37 42115 set

26. The light kit for Lego Assembly Square 10255 set

27. The light kit for Lego Thor's Hammer 76209 set.

28. The light kit for the Lego Pyramid of Giza 21058 set.

29. The light kit for the Lego Jazz Quartet 21334 set.

30. The light kit for the Lego Real Madrid – Santiago Bernabéu Stadium 10299 set.

All these sets have special features which make them unique and equally included in the List of most amazing Lego sets of 2022. But this does not mean that no other sets offer amazing opportunities for our light kit installation. The Lego Old Trafford and Camp Nou set are two other sets worth mentioning. Those sets offer amazing possibilities with our Light kits and an impressive display. Tell us more about the set on the Review page if you have any sets that still need to enter the List. Now let's look at the sets one after the other and see what makes each one special.

21. The Lego Optimus Prime 10302 set.

The Lego Optimus Prime set is taken from the Transformers movie. The set, though, focuses on the main Character from the Mov, designed to feature two sets in one. The set could either be a war robot Optimus or a regular vehicle. The set perfectly replicates the movie counterpart but comes completely alive with the Installation of our light kits. If you own these Lego sets and still need to install our lights on them, be sure to do so immediately.

22. The Lego Cat D11 Bulldozer 42131 set.

This Lego set comes with a flashy yellow color, like a traditional Bulldozer construction. The sat comes with an impressive and realistic design. The cool thing about this set is that our Lego lights appear only where it is reasonable it appears. This makes the set look more realistic and awesome for display. And this is what makes it appear in our List today.

23. The Lego Volkswagen Camp Van 10279 set.

Another amazing set is the Lego Volkswagen Camper Van. This awesome set is designed with an actual Campers Van for reference. The set on its own is truly exceptional and comes with lots of cool features which make the set stand out. Some of the impressive details and features of this details of this set will only be seen with the help of our amazing Lego lights. It makes the set truly stand out as amazing. The Lego Volkswagen Campers Van is not only a good display set but also a set that You can put to the test by manually pushing it.

24. The Lego Imperial Star Destroyer 75252 set.

The Lego Star Destroyer is an amazing set taken from the Star Wars movie. The set is designed to replicate perfectly the set from the movie. The set comes with lots of cool parts and hidden gems. The set also offers space for the Installation of our Lego lights, which, when added, makes the set look and feel all the more impressive. If you own this Lego set but still need to include our Light kit feature, you could go to our light kit page to get more information.

25. The Lego Lamborghini Sian FKP 37 42115 set.

The Lego Lamborghini Sain is an amazing Lego set designed to replicate how the actual Lamborghini set looks. The set has many amazing features that could impress fans of Lego cars. This Lego set also makes perfect use of our Lego lights which makes adds to the overall beauty of the Lego set.

26. The Lego Assembly Square 10255 set.

The Lego Assembly Square set comes with amazing details and Minifigures. The set has lots of hidden gems both inside and outside of the set. All these features are well revealed with the help of our amazing Lego lights. Our lights come in different colors, which you could have access by visiting our light kit page.

27. The Lego Thor's Hammer 76209 set.

The Lego Thors Hammer set is the recreation of the iconic weapon used by the Marvel Superhero. The Lego set is quite large and looks almost like the real set. Another thing that makes the set amazing to look at is our amazing Light kit. Our lights perfectly illuminate the set so that it is impossible to miss. So if you are looking for a way to spice up Thor's Hammer set, install our amazing Lego lights to make it stand out.

28. The Lego Pyramid of Giza SDR 21058 set.

The Pyramid of Giza is an ancient Pyramid or Tomb where an important man from history has been laid to rest. The Lego Set replicates perfectly how that set looks, including adding some constructive internal details. This set's look is enormous and could keep any Lego fan glued. The beauty of this Lego set is greatly enhanced with the help of our awesome Lego lights, which help bring out all the other hidden details and cool Easter eggs. And remember that the pyramid is half and can only be completed if you buy two of the same set. Aside from that, the Lego set is pretty amazing.

29. The Lego Jazz Quartet 21334 set.

The Lego Jazz Quartet is a jazz band's recreation as they perform on stage. The set has some really fun details which You could greatly enhance with the help of our Lego lights. If you own this Lego set, be sure to install our Lights to your set to help reveal all the cool details this Lego set has to offer.

30. The Lego Real Madrid Santiago Bernabeu 10299 set.

The Real Madrid Santiago Bernabeu set is the recreation of the famous stadium using Lego bricks. This set comes with lots of cool features which make it stand out. And this Lego set looks amazing with the help of our amazing Lego Lights. So if you still need to install are Lego Lights on this page, be sure to do so as soon as possible.

There are so many other Lego Sets whose light kits were highlights of 2022. This post has only selected a few which are worth mentioning. So do not be discouraged if your favorite set fails to appear. Also, note that you could use this List as a guide to finding sets you own and are yet to attach our amazing Lego lights to them.

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