TOP 15 fun facts every LEGO fan should know

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LEGO is one of the oldest and most popular toys of all time. It's popular all over the world, with almost every household having a box or more. One would think toys are mainly for kids, but that's wrong for LEGO because both kids and adults enjoy them alike. It's a fun game of kids across all ages, and adults have a fondness for it as well. 

LEGO isn't restricted to the home environment as schools also use them as classroom toys for games and competitions. LEGO is more than just toys, it also makes a learning scheme for kids. It has remained the favourite of many for a long time, and this fondness continues with every generation. It doesn't seem like the love for LEGO is going away anytime soon.

These plastic building toys have been a source of inspiration for many fun things around. LEGO was developed into movies, games, and themed amusement parks. They aren't ordinary building block toys, but they are an iconic building block of many people's childhood. The best words to describe LEGO are incredible, interesting, awesome, and fun.

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LEGO isn't restricted to toys; there are LEGO games developed for kids across all ages. LEGO games are fun and exciting and everyone loves to stay behind the screen to control their favourite characters. Some of the LEGO games kids love to play are;

• Lego Pirates of the Caribbean 

• Lego Star Wars, Lego Harry Potter 

• Lego City Undercover 

• It even gets more interesting with Lego Marvel Super Heroes 

• Lego Marvel's Avengers 

• Lego the Lord of the Rings 

• Lego the Hobbit 

• Lego Jurassic world 

• Lego Batman 1, 2 & 3 

• and the latest Lego The Incredibles

Top 15 Lego fun facts

For every LEGO fan, there are Lego fun facts you need to know about the awesome LEGO brand. There are lots of interesting and fun things to know about LEGO, but the following are the top 15 fun facts about Lego every LEGO fan should know; 

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1. LEGO is 88 years old

Oh, yea! LEGO is vintage. The group was founded as far back as 1932, which makes LEGO 88 years already. This is a bragging right for every LEGO fan; it feels good to know you are in love with a legendary game. It all began in a small carpenter's shop and has now become the third-largest toy manufacturer in the world.  

2. LEGO remains the world's largest wheel manufacturer

LEGO produces an unbeatable quantity of wheels every year; no other company but LEGO produced 306 million wheels a year. Sure, these are mini wheels, but a whopping 306 million remains unbeatable whether by Goodyear, Bridgestone, everyone. 


Being the world's 3rd largest manufacturer remains a fact. Putting the 340 million Lego Minifigures from 2015's production in a straight line would stretch up to 7,900 km. That's not a small distance; it's almost the distance from London to Beijing. 

lego wheels

3. A LEGO brick from 1958 can interlock with a current LEGO brick

LEGO bricks are produced with the same bumps and holes, which makes them universal and stable enough to be used with sets created today. LEGO bricks are universal- the sets made as far back as 1958 would still interlock with those made today. Regardless of the year any LEGO piece is made, it can fit well with every existing piece.

4. LEGO can get to the moon and beyond

There are over four hundred billion LEGO bricks in the world. If all these bricks are stacked together, they would be up to 2,386,065 miles tall, a number which is ten times higher than the moon.  

5. You can combine in 915,103,765 ways six of the eight studded LEGO bricks

This is one of the cool and amazing discoveries in LEGO. 6 of the 8 studded LEGO bricks can make 915,103,765 combinations. That's quite overwhelming. For easy comprehension: Two bricks can make 24 different combinations, and three bricks can make 1,060 combinations. This is a Lego fun fact and should be a fun assignment at the same time for LEGO fans. 


6. The tallest LEGO tower in the world is over 114' tall

The world's tallest LEGO tower is a Guinness World Record title. The tower was built in Milan by Lego Italy in 2015. It was built with 550,000 LEGO bricks and measured 114 ft 11inches. Thousands of children contributed to building this tower. 

lego tower from bricks

7. Number of LEGO pieces sold in one year can round the world and go over

If LEGO bricks sold in a year are laid end to end, they would round the world five times over. LEGO produces and sells several million every year; it is a favorite and sells out every second all over the world. 


8. LEGO Minifigures have the world's largest population

If LEGO was a nation, it would have the highest population in the world. There are over 4 billion of LEGO Minifigures around the world; no country is close to that figure. We would have them in every region of the world if they were humans. 

lego minifigs popualations

9. 7 LEGO sets are sold per second

If 7 LEGO sets are sold out every second, see how many would sell out in a day. Amazing right? What's more amazing is that this rate increases by 4 at every Holiday period. At Christmas time, 28 LEGO sets are sold out per second. Now, that is very amazing! Imagine how many dozens of LEGO sets have been sold out while you were reading this fact. 

10. The founder of LEGO was a Carpenter

Ole Kirk Christiansen founded one of the most beloved toys of all time. He was a man who lost his business and diverted his energy to making toys out of leftover wood. His ambition didn't die, even when he had to work in a tiny shop. From the tiny shop, came forth the beloved LEGO toys both kids and adults enjoy so much. 


Ole Kirk Christiansen formed the name LEGO from the first two letters of the Danish words "LEG GODT", that translates to "play well".

11. A man built a real house from LEGO

How cool to have a house built from LEGO bricks. In 2009, James May in Surrey constructed a full-size house, using 3.3 million LEGO bricks. The house had a working toilet, a shower, and a bed, all made with LEGO. The house was the world's first full-size LEGO house and one of a kind. Legoland was to buy the house until they decided moving it would be too expensive. 


real lego house

12. LEGO Duplo bricks can connect with regular LEGO bricks

Duplo bricks are made for little kids and they are quite larger than regular LEGO bricks. It is however surprising to see that the rather large Duplo brick can connect perfectly with Lego bricks. Duplo means double; the Duplo bricks are twice the height, length, and width of the regular LEGO bricks, but they are still compatible with the regular LEGO bricks. 

Duplo bricks are designed while putting kids into consideration. The bigger size makes it less likely for the bricks to be swallowed by kids.

lego duplo with regular lego

13. Ogel, the evil LEGO figurine is LEGO spelled backward

The LEGO Alpha Team has an evil figurine named "ogel". Ogel is LEGO spelled backward, and he represents the opposite of what the LEGO brand is about. LEGO is a brand of play and fun, but ogel, the evil figurine represents the opposite. 

14. There are sculptures exclusively made from LEGO

LEGOs aren't simply toys or games, they are art. There are artists whose works are exclusively LEGO sculpt. A popular New York artist, Nathan Sawaya who is known for creating art from unlikely materials took LEGO into the world of art. Nathan Sawaya was the first artist to sculpt from LEGO; he named his touring exhibition "The Art Of The Brick". 

sculptures form lego

Sean Kenney ( "the professional kid" as he often calls himself) also led a career in creating contemporary sculpture from LEGO for clients all around the world. He says he likes to work with LEGO because kids prefer it to traditional art. LEGO gets the kids creative and excited.

15. The accuracy of the molds used to produce LEGO bricks is puzzling

The molds used for LEGO bricks are super accurate. They are within 0.002 mm (less than breath/ width of a single hair)- a puzzling degree of accuracy! As a result of this accuracy, only 18 bricks in every million set is short of the company's standard. This is the power of accuracy or better still "clutch power" according to LEGO.  

LEGO Competitions

If you are excited about building bricks or you enjoy the sound of bricks snapping together, you could give LEGO competitions a try. They are organized everywhere in the world. Some popular LEGO competitions include 

• LEGO Masters- this the greatest LEGO competition ever. You get to compete alongside other LEGO enthusiasts. 

• LEGO Bricks Contest 

• LEGO Brick Architecture Competition 

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