A Brighter Sorting Ceremony: Dramatic Lighting Effects for Your Talking Sorting Hat

by Eve Alessa Arevalo

If you’re a Harry Potter fan, you’ll be familiar with the Sorting Hat. While there are many notable items from the Harry Potter franchise, the Sorting Hat stands out for hardcore enthusiasts. Whether you like the Sorting Hat or you’re building a collection of LEGO Harry Potter structures, it is a must-add to your collection. Learn more about how to make this Harry Potter icon stand out with dramatic lighting effects.

What Is the Talking Sorting Hat?

The Sorting Hat is a magical hat from Hogwarts used to determine which of the four school houses a new student would best fit into. There are four school houses in Hogwarts: Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, and Hufflepuff. Each school house represents something unique, such as Gryffindor being the house of bravery, and Ravenclaw being the house of intelligence. Slytherin is the house of ambition, and Hufflepuff is the house of hard work.

It is believed that Godric Gryffindor, one of the founders of Hogwarts, owned the Sorting Hat. The Sorting Hat is used during the sorting ceremony at the Start-of-Term feast. Otherwise, it is kept hidden in the headmaster’s office.

The Sorting Hat is an iconic part of the Harry Potter universe, especially since it proved critical in sending the new students to one of the four school houses. While there are doubts about the legitimacy and accuracy of the Sorting Hat in appointing new students, its authority is never in question, especially as most students are happy with the hat's choice of which school house they were assigned to.

LEGO Talking Sorting Hat set with LEGO lights.

The LEGO Talking Sorting Hat

Due to the global popularity of the Harry Potter franchise, it was only a matter of time before the Sorting Hat would have its own version of the miniature brick structure. The LEGO Talking Sorting Hat allows fans to experience the spellbinding powers of the Hogwarts Sorting Hat with this model kit built for adults. 

This LEGO set is the first-ever Harry Potter-themed set that comes with a sound brick, bringing the brick model to life and making it as realistic as possible. This buildable LEGO structure will activate its talking voice once you tip the top of the hat or place it over the head. It’s an immersive experience for Harry Potter fans! 

Aside from talking, the Sorting Hat will play songs every now and then, too.

The LEGO Talking Sorting Hat set is a unique set for adults. It also includes a Harry Potter minifigure to make your special display stand out, especially when placed on a stand with other decorations inspired by one of the four school houses from Hogwarts.

If you’re looking for a magical treat to your Harry Potter LEGO collection, this buildable set has you covered. Therefore, it is an excellent gift idea for adults who are into the Harry Potter series.

Light Kit for LEGO Talking Sorting Hat

The mini LEGO bricks and the sounds produced by the Talking Sorting Hat make it an immersive build experience for Harry Potter fans. However, the magical experience does not end there—you can also invest in a specialized light kit for this magical hat!

The light kit for LEGO Talking Sorting Hat lets you immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Hogwarts. While the highly detailed LEGO model is quite a spectacle, the lighting kit takes it to another level. Each kit includes the LEGO lighting kit, battery pack, and detailed instructions on how to install the lights.

This light kit does more than add light to the Talking Sorting Hat model. It casts a mysterious glow to the hat that brings the essence of the Wizarding World to your display collection. Each brick is cleverly considered so they can create an inviting and magical experience for the builder, especially when you’ve completed the build. The entire process of assembling the bricks feels like slowly bringing the magic of Hogwarts to life.

Harry Potter-themed light kits.

This LEGO buildable model features the crests of the various school houses as part of its decoration. In addition, there are 31 randomized sounds built into the Talking Sorting Hat, which adds to the thrill when you recreate the Sorting Ceremony at home with this LEGO model. Aside from the sounds, adding the lights can enhance the suspense and delight of each sorting ceremony. It is like watching the magic spell cast on the students as they discover their designated school houses. Nothing compares to the excitement that this iconic moment in the Harry Potter film brings to enthusiasts of the film.

The set includes a display stand wherein you can place the Talking Sorting Hat and showcase its magical goodness. The light casts a dramatic shadow around the hat to emphasize its uniqueness and the level of detail of the iconic hat. Therefore, it is not only an immersive experience to interact with the magical hat, but it can also be a focal centerpiece of your Harry Potter LEGO collection.

Why Is it the Perfect Gift for Harry Potter Fans?

Any Harry Potter fans, especially enthusiasts, will be thrilled to receive this LEGO b uildable model as a gift. This set is made for adult Harry Potter fans, and it features detailed construction and interactive features to make the magic of the Sorting Hat come to life. This 561-piece set creates an immersive building experience, allowing the creator to dive into the magical journey of Harry Potter. Aside from the step by step instructions online, you can also create this set with the help of the LEGO Builder app. 

You can also gift the LEGO lighting kit to enhance the building magic of the magical hat from Hogwarts. The added LEGO lights make the bewitching atmosphere a fantastic addition to your magical display. 

From the detailed brick structure to the magical lights, your Harry Potter collection needs this LEGO Talking Sorting Hat set with LEGO lights. It is a collector’s must-have and will excite any Harry Potter film fan! 

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