40 Most valuable LEGO sets in the world

by Mark Gini

The Lego team has been known for creating nifty Sets designed to keep kids and adults engaged for hours. The Sets come in different sizes and sometimes could be expensive. And then again, there are some Sets that an average salary earner cant afford. This post will look at 50 sets that are the most costly. We would look at prices and some features that make them so expensive. 

But first, let's put all these Sets on a lovely clean table. In the first table, we will be looking at the top ten Sets, brand new vintage prices, and prices for the fairly used ones. 


lego lights



1. Lego Moulding machine 4,987 $ 2011

2. Lego Monorail Airport Shuttle set 3,989 $ 1990

3. Lego Millenium Flacon set 3,730 $ 2017

4. Lego Grand Carousel set 3,305$ 2009

5. Lego Black Sca Barracuda set 2,798$ 1989

6. Lego Death Star two Set 2,622$ 1989

7. Lego Maersk Line Container set 2,600$ 1974

8. Lego Taj Mahal set 2,430$ 2008

9. Lego Fantasy Erra Castle Giant Chess set 2,000$ 2008

10. Lego Statue of Liberty set 3,000$ 2000



Lego Monorail Airport Shuttle set


These sets right here are by far the most expensive. But what makes them so expensive? Well, there is a lot to consider. Let's look into some of these sets' features that make them so expensive now.



This Lego set is one of, if not the most expensive. This was launched in 2011 and was designed to replicate the molding machine Lego uses to shape its bricks. During its launch, more than 400 thousand of this Set were given away for free by the Lego group. After that, only about 60 were manufactured and sold by the Lego team. 

This means that this Lego set is no longer in the market, making it scarce and a vintage set. This also makes this Set the rarest Lego set you could own. Four thousand dollars has been the estimated price for a vintage of this Lego set. But the truth is it could even cost a whole lot more. It all depends on how much the seller values the Set. You could probably find a used one, anywhere from 3,900 to 3,000 dollars.




The Lego Monrial Airport Shuttle set is the second on the List. The Lego set features a railway station with a track and a train. You also have a small waiting room with access to the path where you will board the train by using the staircase. This Set is nice but nothing too fancy. 

What makes this Lego set so expensive? 

Well, it's not the features of the Set but the fact that it is an old set which will not be easy to find. Lego launched the Set initially in 1990. The only way you could get your hands on this sei is if there was someone who owns and want to sell.




This is a very popular Lego set with lots of cool features. It is designed to replicate the excellent Millenium Falcon ship in Star Wars perfectly. It has over 2000 prick pieces and is not a set for kids. The details are so overwhelming, which could only be achieved with the use of different building technics. 

These are the reasons why this Set was so expensive on launch day. But now, though, this Lego set is even more costly. This is because of how the Set has been retired. You could only see this fantastic Set among collectors and Star Wars fanatics. Because of this reason, this Lego set is so expensive. 




The Lego Grand Carousel was launched in 2009. It was designed to look like the famous Ground Carousel Merry go round. Its design is so iconic, and it comes with a lot of minifigures. The building experience of this Set is engaging and fun, which is why it is so expensive. The seller would sell a used one of this Set for 685 dollars. This makes it the fourth most costly on the List.




This, by popular opinion, is one of the most expensive sets in the world right now. By its name, you probably already have the idea that it is a replica of the Statue of Liberty with Lego bricks. The Set is expensive not only because of its authenticity but also because of its sentimental value. Also, the Set has been retired and can only be found among collectors willing to set it. If you meet the right people, you will most likely get this Lego set at a very reasonable price.




This is another popular Lego set, taken from the movie return to the Jedi. With the Lego set, you have the opportunity to build a replica of the death star. It was a huge success on release day and was warmly received among fans and other Lego builders. This is one reason why the Set is so expensive to date. Another reason why this Set is so costly is that it has already been retired. So owning one of these sets would be very difficult. If you can find any, it would be expensive.




This trendy Lego set perfectly replicates the famous danish ship, the Maersk Line. The Set is a limited edition with only 200 brick pieces. The Set is estimated to be worth over 2000 dollars. If you are a collector that owns one of these sets, you would be pleased to know that, like other sets, this Set tends becoming even more expensive. So hold on to the Set as long as you can. And for those who would love to have one of these sets, make sure you create a budget for it.




The Lego Taj Mahal set is one of the most popular Lego architecture sets out there. The Set contains many excellent details and even offers a detailed manual to help beginners get the best building experience possible. The Set was launched in 2008 and was very successful. It was so successful that in 2017, Lego decided to update and relaunch it. 

The new Set relaunched by the Lego team was also very successful. The Lego Taj Mahal set comes with over 5000 pieces. It offers not only a technical but also an enjoyable build. The Set has been retired a long time ago, though, and can only be seen among Lego fans and collectors who purchased the Set.




The Lego Fantasy Erra Castle Giant Chess set is an excellent Lego set designed to replicate the fantasy Errra Castle Giant chess set. The Set was launched in 2008 by the Lego team and was very successful. You could get this Set only from retail stores like Amazon and Bricklink. But expect a very high price for the retired product. 

A complete Lego Fantasy Erra Castel Giant Chess set would cost anything from 1500 to 2000 dollars. But if you live in Canada, you should have at least 3000 to 5000 dollars to get one of these sets. This is why this Lego set is among the top ten Lego sets in the group.




This is a popular Lego set designed by the Lego team, which the Lego team launched in 2002. The Set features the pirate ship with excellent details. The Set also featured a mini boat with minifigures. This is by far one of the most famous Lego sets right now. The Set could be found on either eBay or Bricklink, with the Top quality one costing anywhere from 800 to 3000 dollars. If you own one of these sets, it might be one of the most expensive things you own. So make sure to keep it as safe as possible.

These are the top ten most expensive Lego sets in the world. But we promised you the complete 50 Lego sets for this year. So yes, the List continues. The following table would contain sets 11 to 30 most expensive.





 1. Lego Knight King Castle set 2,412$ 1984

2. Lego Eiffel Tower set 2,392$ 2007

3. Lego Skulls eye Schooner set 2,319$ 1994

4. Lego Cafe Corner set 2,194$ 2007

5. Lego Darth Maul Bust set 2,193$ 1989

6. Lego Milk Trunk set 2,000$ 2001

7. Lego Space Police Mission Commander set 2,000$ 2000

8. Lego Maersk Container Lorry set 1,994$ 1989

9. Lego Market Street set 1,943$ 2007

10. Lego Giant Trunk set 1,829$ 1996

11. Lego ultimate collectors Imperial Star Destroyer set 1,800$ 2002

12. Lego Pirates Perilous Pitfall set. 1,750$ 1997

13. Lego Rock Island Rescue set 1,684$ 2001

14. Lego Rebel Blockade Runner set 1,675$ 1991

15. Lego republic Dropship with AT-OT Set 1,534$ 2009

16. Lego Marina Bay Sand set 1,416$ 2014

17. Lego Super Star Destroyer set 1369$ 2006

18. Lego Darth Vaders Tide advanced set. 1,340$ 2011

19. Lego Imperial Flagship set 1,300 2010

20. Lego Kings Mountain Fortress set. 1,200$ 1990


I hope the table above clearly helps you understand the rankings so far. The table contains the most expensive sets from eleven to thirty. Now let's look at some intriguing features of these sets which make them so expensive. 



This Set was the most expensive when it was released. This is because the Lego set contained a lot of features. It even had minifigures and all. The Set has been retired, but you could still get it from other online stores like Amazon and eBay. But you must be financially prepared because the4 Set is very expensive. 

The only way you could get this Set at a lower price is if you know someone who owns and wants to sell this Set. The cheapest you could get this Lego set, which is the price for a used one, is about 175$. If you have this Set and would love to sell it, start your selling price at 3000$ to get a good deal.




The Lego Eiffel Tower set was designed to replicate the looks of the original Eiffel tower, down to the most minute detail. Because of the Set's look and design, it became very successful on launch day. Like every other Lego set, when a set is retired, you often see a significant increase in the Set's price and size. Do you want to acquire one of these Lego sets? 

Then you should be ready to spend a lot of money on it. You could get this Lego set from Amazon, eBay, or Bricklink. The Set's price would start anywhere from 3000 to 2500 dollars. You may be able to see this Set for something way cheaper.




The Skull's Eye Schooner is a part of the original Pirates series from Lego and was the holy grail of that Set. It's an excellent four-mast pirate ship with cannons, a crow's nest, lifeboats, a working hoist for a treasure chest, and an anchor. BrickLink estimates the average price for an unopened chest is around $2,200, but with $1,400, you can RIDE through the sea of Legoland in this ship. 

That's how much most of them have been sold for on eBay. Used can trade in the $600 range for high-quality sets with the box. If you are a collector and own this Lego set, keep it safe because it would be one of the most valuable sets you would hold in a couple of years. 

This is because as the years go by, the price of sets also increases. If you wish to sell your Set, go through a trusted sails platform to ensure your sale is protected.




This 2,044-part Lego set is supremely excellent. This Lego set is part of the Modular Buildings line, with a hotel on the floors above the cafe and ground floor. The feet lift off to reveal the interior. Green Grocer, Cafe Corner, is a highly sought-after model. BrickEconomy says an unopened Cafe Corner is over 2010 dollars. The Lego Cafe Corner Set is more common to see these sell for around $2,000 on eBay. 

If you own this Set, take good care of it. This Set is a retired set with a lot of people holding the Set in one part of the world and not much in another. If you own this Set and want to sell it for some extra cash, try looking for buyers in countries with little to non of these sets in their possession. Make sure you keep to keep your Set in good condition.



The Lego Mask Container Lorry was a very successful Lego set with Lots of cool features. These excellent features made the Set so successful. This is the Set for you if you are looking for a fantastic set to keep you engaged for long hours. The Set has already been retired for about ten years. 

Since its retirement, it has seen a significant increase in price over the years, making it the fifteenth most expensive Set in the world. Cafe CornerThe Maersk Container Lorry kit features a blue Maersk Line (the Danish shipping company) truck cab. the cab has one full-size and the second smaller, two trailers, and a gray storage container. 

E seated. As the car is rarer than the Maersk Line ship, its value is considerably higher if you can find one. BrinkLink has 2 sealed sets of these for sale via third-party sellers, one for $2,006 and another for $3,730.



The following Set on our List is the Lego Milk Truck set. This Set is famous for its design and the number of technics used to bring it to life. The Set was launched in 1989 and was one of the most successful of its time. This is because of the different tactics used to bring the Set to life. The Set has been retired and is no longer popular among the newer generation, but is still of great value to the older ones. 

We have seen some Lego fans willing to pay a large amount of money to acquire this Lego set. Lego released this Milk Truck set in Denmark alone to promote the Danish dairy company MD Foods. Although the tanker kit is quite simple, containing just 133 pieces, it is tough to find, and its rarity has made it very valuable. Already used sometimes go up on eBay for around $560.



This Lego set was also a fan favorite and was very popular in its time. The Set has been retired for a long time, which has increased the set value significantly. If you own one of these sets, keep it safe. Because, fingers crossed, this Lego set is bound to increase a great deal in a few years. While the "Star Wars" prequels didn't push a lot of toys in the toy industry, 

Darth Maul has remained a favorite among collectors. This incredible bust from "The Phantom Menace" villain is a 1,868-piece set of the three-horned alien. Pretty rad. And pretty expensive. So if you are a fan, and hope to buy one of these sets, be sure you are ready for what lies ahead.



Another excellent and Valuable set making our List today is the Lego Space Police Mission Commander set. The Set was launched in 1989 and had an entire release. This Set became very successful in its time. Right now, though, this Lego set has been retired and almost forgotten. But this has not affected the Set's value. 

The Set is costly and can only be found on Online stores like eBay and Amazon. If you have this Set in your collection, keep it safe. It could grow to be one of the most expensive things you own. Be sure to sell it at the right time before it starts to devalue.



The Lego street market set is another costly Lego set. The Set was also very successful on the day of launch. The Space Police Mission Commander is a transforming police spaceship/base released in 1989 as part of Lego's Space line (transforming figures were all the rage back then, after all ). This Lego set has been retired and has become very rare. If you desire to own one of these sets, save up for it. 

This is because this Set is valued in the thousands. The amount you would use to acquire this Set, like every other Lego set on the List, would be able to get you two to three other Lego sets. Those already have this Set should take good care and ensure it is not damaged. It could be a good life, a good lifesaver in the future.


The Mission Commander is rare, with BrickLink having no recorded sales in 2020. However, we found an unopened set on eBay that sold from Budapest for $1,137 after 49 bids in late June 2020. There's another one for sale at $2,540 from Germany, and BrickEconomy values this set at $2,005. 



The Lego Giant Truck is another very successful set. It offers an excellent building experience, making it unique compared to other Lego truck sets. This Set was launched in 1996 and has been a fan's favorite ever since. This Lego set has been retired and, as a result, has increased in value significantly. Buying this Set now can be an excellent investment. 

But ultimately, the actual investment is for those who own this Set. So if you own this Lego set right now, hang in there because this Set is undoubtedly going to increase in value in the coming years. 

This big truck is part of the Model Team series. It included 1 757 pieces and was released in 1996 and retired that same year. It must not have sold well then, but it's a rare Lego collector's item now. Expect to pay at least $1,000 for one still in the box.



The Lego Imperial Star Destroyer set was well received among fans on its release. Fans loved the Set for its unique features and fun building experience. A limited number of this Set was made, making its value double. This Lego set is now retired, with its worth more than doubling. Getting this Lego set right now would require you have what it takes. 

The Imperial Star Destroyer was sold until 2008 and was, at that time, the most extensive set ever made by Lego. The kit contains the massive Destroyer and a stand to hold it, along with a mini Rebel Blockade Runner ship and its philosophy to show the scale of the two together. 

The Imperial Star Destroyer set was a first in two ways: the first Lego model to contain more than 3,000 pieces and the first recommended for fans over 16.


Another very valuable Lego set right now is the Pirates Perilous pitfall. This Lego set has many excellent details, making it stand out among many other Lego sets of its time. The Set's production was minimal. The Set has been retired and has become very valuable. If you own this Lego set, then be sure to keep it safe because this may probably be one of the most expensive sets you own. This 368-part Set has a falling boulder, a working drawbridge, and six minifigures. Since it's nearly 25 years old, it's challenging to find new. If you want one, it'll cost you.



 The Lego Rebel Blockade Runner set was a very successful Lego set. The Set contained many unique features and an excellent building experience. The Set was launched in 2001 and has retired for about 5 to 10 years, if not more. If you wish to own one of these sets, be sure to have enough money saved up. 

To own one of these retired Lego sets for 2022, you must have at least 1000$ and a person willing to sell this Set to you. And if you own this Set and want to sell, starting your bid from about 2000$ would be wise and help ensure you sell the Set for what it's worth.



The Lego rock Island Refuge is a trendy Lego set. It is designed to look very realistic as possible. Lego launched this fantastic Lego set in 1999. Since then, the Set has kept on increasing in value. This tremendous Lego set is now retired, and even then, the Set's value keeps rising. Owning one of these Lego sets right now would almost cost you a fortune. 

Well, not to be exaggerating or anything, you could only acquire this Set with a little over 1000$. The Lego Rock Island Refuge comes with a lookout tower, broken-down castle, cannon, pirate raft, crane, a pet monkey, shark, and another little boat with two imperial pirate hunters. These are all fun features, making this Lego set evergreen.


lego lights


The Lego republic Dropship was a Lego set that sat well with the nurds. The Set had a very technical build and could keep builders engaged. Because of this, it did not take long for this Lego set to become famous. The Set was launched in 2009 but is retired now. 

And once a set becomes retired, the price drastically improves. If you desire to own this Set, you must be ready to spend a lot of money on it. This Republic Dropship with AT-OT retailed for $250 and has 1,758 pieces. 

Even then, it was a bit of a high price considering the number of bricks, but now it's even more expensive. Expect to pay around $1,500 for a new set. Reviewers chat about the Set's size, saying the Set is extensive, even much more significant than you can imagine.



This is another popular Lego set that was a legend of its time. The Set came with lots of cool features. It was designed to look as close as possible to its real-life counterpart. The Set has been retired for a long time and has more than doubled in value. This Set has increased in value since its launch day. To buy one of these sets, you must have a minimum of 1000 to 1500$; even then, you are not guaranteed a set. 

This Set was expensive because it had a limited run of 10,000 and was only sold online in Korea or at the Marina Bay Sands hotel in Singapore. So if you were among the fortunate 10,000 who acquired this Set, you might have just hit the jackpot.



Any set related to the star wars franchise will indeed have great success. This is why it was no surprise when the Lego Darth Vader Tide Advance set received so much support from Lego fans all over. The Set has been retired for a while, yet its value continues to rise. 

Owning you could consider one of these sets in 2022 a hassle financially and physically. Not everyone who owns this Set is willing to sell, which makes the Set a lot more expensive.



The Lego Super Star Destroyer is another unique Starwars set that gained much recognition on its release day. The Set offered users a satisfying build, with minifigures of their favorite characters. The Set has been retired for a while and has more than doubled in price. The Super Star Destroyer is a massive 3,152-piece set with five minifigures, three of which can only be found with this Set. This Set was released three years after the very popular (and rare) Imperial Star Destroyer. It's similar but different. Getting your hands on this Set now would prove to be a challenging task.



This is another Lego set that has proven valuable over the years. The Set contains many excellent details, making it look as close as possible to the Imperial Flagship from the movie. The Lego set also includes lots of minifigures. This Set is unique because it came with many character minifigures, making it suitable for imaginative roleplaying and scene recreation. 

The Imperial Flagship is by far the most impressive Set from the Pirates II line released in 2009. This pirate-hunting ship is made up of 1,619 pieces and comes with nine minifigures. The thing is enormous and weighs nearly six pounds. Owning this Set is fun, but building it is where the real fun lies.



The Lego King Mountain fortress Lies at number thirty on the List of most expensive Lego sets in the world. The Set has a lot of cool features, which makes the Set look very nice and realistic. The Set has been retired for more than ten years now, which makes the Set's value increase. The only downside is that this Lego set has been retired for a long time. 

This has made the Set's value begin to decrease. If you own one of these and desire to sell it, now would be a good time before the Set becomes valueless.

Now that we have considered in detail the top thirty sets, let's look at 11 more Sets that are expensive but still within the friendly budget,



1. The Lego imperial shuttle set 1,600$

2. The Lego Minifigure sculpture set. 1,157$

3. The Lego Y- Wings Attack Starfighter set. 1,112$

4. The Lego Rebel Snow Speeder 1,129$

5. The Lego Cloud City set 1,040

6. The Lego Volkswagen Beetle set. 950$

7. The Lego Ninjago City set 800$

8. The Lego Motorized Bulldozer set 790$

9. The Jokers Ice Cream Surprise 1,116$

10. The Lego Com Moulding set. 1,538$



All sets listed in this final table are not only valuable now but tend to become even more valuable than all the other sets listed in this post. This is because some are recent and may not have retired yet. Adding some of these sets to your Lego collection would be advisable if you are a collector. Some collectors have built up a portfolio of more than 12, 000$. If you desire a valuable set portfolio, these are some of the sets you should consider getting.


This post lists the 40 most valuable sets in the world. If you want to get any of the sets listed for a reasonable price, Amazon is an excellent place to start. But if you dislike Amazon, you could also try Bricklink or brickEconimy. On these websites, you should be able to find some of these sets for sale, both the Vintage and used versions.


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