Tips on how to transport Lego sets & pack Legos for moving

by Nikita P.

When you are packing to move to a different location, you might also be required to pack and transport LEGO sets as well. While packing your LEGO sets, a lot of care has to be taken, most especially, when you also have children at home.

Sometimes, most people view the task of packing LEGO sets for a move to be straightforward. This is because all they just have to do is to look for plastic bags that are sealable where they can just put each piece, arrange the bags in boxes (cardboard), and seal up the whole containers. The truth is that this method of packing might be effective for LEGO sets which are not expensive, including those that have already been disassembled during packing, and the ones that are sentimentally not valuable in any way to your children and yourself.

But, when you are about to pack LEGO sets that have sentimental value and expensive Lego sets ones that have been assembled or constructed already, you do not want to follow the packing method that was stated earlier, and never should you even try to follow it.

In this article, we will give you a guide on how you can go about packing LEGO sets and how to pack Legos for moving that have been assembled when planning on moving. So, you have to keep reading so as to learn more.

Things you should put into consideration about how to transport Lego sets

There is one very essential thing that you need to put into consideration before you begin to pack your LEGO sets to make a move. It might be what you have been afraid to ask yourself just because the answer might not sound appealing to your ears. But, the truth is that you must do it before you start packing the sets.

Must in move with all my LEGO sets?

One thing for sure is that you and your family love LEGO, including everyone on the planet. Therefore, as a true lover of LEGO, you may have a very impressive, jaw-dropping, and classy collection in your home. The question to be considered is not if you will pack all of your LEGO sets and move with them or not, but, whether you should pack all of them or not.

The best place for you to weigh, check, and know which LEGO set to move and which not to move, is in your home. Enter inside and crosscheck all your LEGO collection and then, you will know the LEGO sets that are worth your effort of packing. For some reason, a LEGO set might no longer be valuable to you. The main reasons are as follows:

• Your children and even you yourself might no longer be interested in some particular sets, 

• Some pieces of the LEGO sets are missing or some parts might be broken, 

• The new place you are moving to might not be spacious enough for you to bring in all the LEGO sets you have. 

So, you need to be quick to make an inventory or a detailed list of all the LEGO sets which you have at hand, and then see if it is possible for you to sort out the best sets from your collection before it is time to start packing. If after your whole optimization and you conclude that some sets will not be moving with you, you may wish to:

• GIFT IT, most especially, when you know of a person who is desperately in need of it. For example, it might be the son/daughter of your neighbor. Even if you have assembled the set twice, it will still be appreciated as a wonderful casual gift.

• SELL IT, most especially if the LEGO set is still okay. With the profit you made from selling it, you can buy another set that you love.

• GIVE IT AS A DONATION, most especially if the set is not expensive or if you cannot find some of its pieces anymore. You may decide to donate it to charity organizations, a child care center, or local kindergartens where they have an interest in LEGO sets, whether it is complete or not.

Packing and moving with LEGO sets that have been disassembled

Packing built LEGO sets to move is mostly a difficult aspect. We will still talk about how you can go about packing already-built LEGO sets in this article, but let us first discuss briefly how to transport Lego sets that have been disassembled or that are not yet built.

• Prepare: The first thing you have to do is to prepare all the supplies that will be needed for packing. Get plastic bags that are sealable, good cardboard containers or packing paper (the soft one). It is most preferable to make use of the real LEGO cartons/boxes, but if they are nowhere to be found, then you can seek for other alternatives, such as paper boxes, plastic containers for storage, etc.

• Placement: After making the necessary packing things ready, begin to place the pieces of the LEGO sets that have been disassembled inside the plastic bags that are sealable. If it happens that you have sorted each of the pieces by purpose, color, or type, then make use of different bags for each of them. Ensure that the bags are well sealed to prevent anything from falling off while moving, and always remember to place the instructions booklets as well.

• Labeling: Always label every single plastic bag you used for packing and write the necessary things that will help you know which is which. For example, you can write the LEGO model of each of the LEGO sets.

• Arrangement: Arrange the whole plastic bags carefully inside the containers that suit each bag. 

• Cushioning: Use the packing paper to cushion the plastic bags that have been filled with LEGO bricks to avoid them from shaking too much in the containers as too much shaking can cause damages to the bricks.

• Sealing: Use high-quality tape to seal every single cardboard box. For plastic containers, still, you still have to use a small piece of tape to make the cover secure even after shutting the lids.

Packing and moving with LEGO sets that have been built or assembled

Packing LEGO sets that are already built safely is the toughest part. What makes this part of packing risky is because of the fragility of assembled LEGO sets. So, if they are not packed and moved properly, some of the parts might end up breaking.

For some people, they may want to follow the packing steps that we mentioned above in order to move all their sets safely to their new home.

Some other people may not want to disassemble their sets probably because they do not have that time to rebuild them all over again or for some other reasons. If you fall in this category, here is a step-by-step guide t help you pack and move your assembled sets safely:

1. The first thing you need to do before packing is to use a paintbrush that has soft bristles to dust your constructed LEGO sets, most especially, when they have stayed long on your shelf.

2. Before you pack, take a very good photograph of the built set so that you will find it very easy to rebuild even if it breaks down.

3. Remove the protruding fragile parts from the set, such as masts, robot antennas, etc. the reason is that these parts easily get damaged while transporting them. So remove and put them in plastic bags before transporting it together with the main set.

4. Tightly and carefully wrap the built LEGO set in Saran wrap or stretch wrap. This will make the main build to remain intact and no piece will fall off.

5. After bundling the set in a stretch wrap, cover it with a bubble wrap. This will serve as a shock absorber and it will provide enough cushioning for the build. Do not forget to make the bubble wrap secure with tape (Small pieces).

6. Place the LEGO sets that have been wrapped with plastic wraps inside containers that suit each size. Be sure to tightly arrange them to reduce the way they move while transporting them. Always remember to carry along the building instruction booklets.

7. Use a soft material like a packing paper, shipping peanuts, or bubble wraps to surround all sides of the built LEGO sets so as to properly cushion them and prevent them from hits while moving.

8. The lids of the containers must be well-closed and sealed shut.

9. Always label every single plastic bag you used for packing and write the necessary things that will help you know which is which. For example, you can write the LEGO model of each of the LEGO sets. You should also write “Handle with Care” and “Fragile” on every single cardboard box.

10. Lastly, look for the best alternative to move your boxes filled with LEGO sets. You can hire a company in your city or town that deals with moving. You may be fortunate to see a LEGO lover like you.

With these helpful tips, you can now pack your LEGO sets, both assembled and disassembled, safely to your new home.

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