Monster Jam LEGO Trucks Review

by Nikita P.

Continuing the yearly pair of LEGO-related models that are technical, they are trying to add in a little pullback motor—this year, being the first time that they have primary models that would serve as representations of vehicles from reality.


Monster Jam Licensed

Both of these LEGO sets have been licensed from Monster Jam. All these would see from live events of monster trucks, which could get found all across the United States. This is a great year for these LEGO set to get released.

Given that this has a majority of events which are typically gone ahead with. However, this is not a sport which is available in several other places in the world. These giant trucks are extremely impressive.


Monster Jam Trucks

There are two sets which these pieces would be discussing. These sets include the 42119 Monster Jam Max D and the 42118 Monster Jam Grave Digger. Both of them have single monster trucks, and they are both highly ranked in Monster Jams' competitions.


What are the Models About?

These have more than two hundred LEGO bricks each. These sets could be compared in size from the one who got released last year from the race trucks and dragster.

In this case, all the vehicle parts contribute. It doesn't just have builds made using auxiliary means included like the LEGO set from the previous year.


These LEGO Trucks are made all around the pullback motor. This is attached to the rear wheels. There are sturdy frames with little pieces from the system, which are not so much but not so bad.


When you look at this the first time, you get both completed trucks, and they look quite similar. They are made and built using different ways. These building ways are a result of the shapes from each LEGO set, which are different.

We have large flags that are attached to each rear. These both seem to be available and present in some Monster Jam events.

lego 42118

Monster Jam Grave Digger 42118

There are lime green highlights, which are available all through the Grave Digger chassis. These make for nice changes from all the black parts of the trucks.

They look lovely when they get paired using the large wheel hubs that have the same color. Some of these colors are not part of the set. Make sure you don’t set your mind to look for anything unique. Cause none is available.


The color scheme of the Max D is not as cohesive as that of Grave Digger. Grave Digger has a Grey and Black frame. It has yellow highlights and orange wheels, which are available on the bodywork.


You can notice that the models here benefit from the extensive somewhat looking sheets for stickers looking at the photos. They are bland, and they look great, especially when they are all where they should be.


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Monster Jam Max D 42119

This name is short for Maximum Destruction (What do you think?). This has a color scheme that is different from that of Grave Digger. It looks like the original vehicle.

There are about twelve horns that look like the truck sides. These represent the spikes that are available to cover the original part.

These have described points that are slotted into the half pins end. This helps the truck spin freely without any stress. This makes all of it line up correctly.

These stickers show the logo of the truck in so many ways. When there's the fire running all through and down the bonnet, you enjoy this cause it serves as a monster truck theme

lego max d trucker

The flag on this LEGO set Monster Jam Truck is attached to each truck's rear part in more than one way. Both of these can move as the car bounces in different ways.

It has a green amount with which the Grave Digger's flag is put and attached to the Black Technic Beams on several sides using an axle through an elongated hole. This means that it can easily slide up and change its angle as it spins with freedom.


Looking at both of these Monster Jam vehicles side by side, the differences are quite obvious. The Grave Digger can be seen sitting higher, and it is taller than the Max D. This information is accurately gotten from the source material.


grave digger monster truck

Max D is slightly shorter than Grave Digger. But you wouldn't notice this, though. These are two sets that are honestly created for each other.


One of the main complaints people have with these models is the absence of a suspension, which works. Several Technic Builds before and more get these suspensions. At least having arudimentary break is okay and manageable.

These are sadly too rigid. We all know monster trucks are wholly known for how well they can suspend. This helps them drive freely over other smaller vehicles and bounce around their arenas. It is not as satisfying as it would have been in the presence of suspension.


Other Interesting Models

These LEGO sets could get licensed this year. They have also kept the theme from last year going, and it has been helping you provide a standalone build for all LEGO Monster JAM sets

Sadly, the instructions on how to build these LEGO sets are only available on the internet. One would have to wait for these LEGO sets to get released from the LEGO Group officially. The date should be on the 1st of January. However, there are rumors that some LEGO retailers already have them.


lego lights

It has an off road look, which is buggy, and that's great. It'll be nice to build these. Those who render these have provided all you need apart from stickers.

So for people that are sticker fans, it’ll be best you go out and get the stickers you’ll like to put on your Monster Truck.


It'll be nice to see what these Monster Trucks would look like after using the Monster Truck Jam branding on them. As you enjoy yourselves with these LEGO sets, make sure to have fun.


lego lights
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