Lego to Launch Braille Bricks for Children with Impairments to their Eyes

by Nikita P.

Have you seen these wonderfully made bricks which help children learn braille wonderfully also helping them to engage with their classmates in an interactive fun way.

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Lego is usually used to launching braille bricks after following a pilot project which has been successful. Using products that have been made available to different institutions and schools which are available to help young kids that have been seriously struggling and fighting with various issues with their eyes. 

Launch Braille Bricks

Last year, in April, Lego made it public that they're working with a wonderful project that would make braille bricks available for kids that are either impaired from their eyes or can't even see at all. How wonderful would it be for these kids? I mean, imagine how great they would feel, knowing they can play with Lego bricks happily with their peers. 

After successfully having a pilot project, this has had this product tested in a lot of different languages. From the LEGO Group to the Lego foundation which has been releasing these bricks in about seven different countries. These countries include the US, Norway, Germany, Denmark, Brazil, France, and the UK. 

The name Braille comes from the Louis Braille. This is known as the French educator that devised the writing and reading system for people that can’t see or have impairment to their eyes.

These bricks as explained by Lego lets children that have Impairments to their eyes to develop tactile skills which would help them fully understand the braille system. 

For these braille system to work properly, the bricks are organized in a way that the studs that are available on top would show all individual numbers and letters from the braille alphabet as they fully remain compatible with the Lego system in play. The Lego group states that these bricks would also have letters that would be printed and they would be used simultaneously by classmates, sighted peers, and teachers inclusively and collaboratively. The essence of this is to make sure people with problems related to their eyes would feel along and included in the learning process. These braille brick toolkits are usually sent freely to different institutions, services, and schools that cater to the education of kids that have visual Impairments as explained by Lego. 

Launch Braille Bricks

Not everyone can get these braille bricks presently. But when it is fully available for everyone, all kits would have more than three hundred braille bricks. They would all feature the letters A-Z in all languages selected. All numbers from nine to zero, all symbols used for mathematics, and different punctuation marks. 

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Origin of the Braille Bricks

The Foundation created by Lego would collaborate with its partners in all countries selected to manage these toolkits distribution. It would also support the localization and the training of these concepts used for teaching.

The Lego group has created a website that is dedicated to these braille bricks. The website is and it is available to aid the braille bricks release. These would feature all activities which people can enjoy as they play with these bricks.

When the first release of the braille bricks was publicly known, it was followed by seven different countries. Lego has planned to make these braille bricks available to different institutions in about twenty countries by the beginning of the year 2021.

Different tool kits have been launched in six different languages. These languages include English, Danish, French, Portuguese, German, and Norwegian. The company plans on making this product available in about eleven more languages next year. 

The director of Royal National Institute Services Clarke David who works at a place for blind people has stated that the Lego foundation has created an engaging and new way for kids with vision impairment issues to write and read. Using these braille bricks.

Braille is an extremely important tool. It is necessary for people with an impairment in their eyes. These wonderful bricks help kids learn very well in great ways too. 

Maynard Paige who is a teacher for people that are impaired visually and also an interventionist for development at an Impaired Visually Preschool Services in Kentucky, Louisville, US has explained that she understands what being an educator to such kids entails. These bricks would help in bringing together different assorted types of learners into the same common ground. Different students that have had issues with their eyes would be able to learn and play with their mates that can see and learn properly.

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The bricks also bring in the fun and joy of tactics and instruction into this braille. They help tell us that the most long-lasting ways to learn happen when kids are engaged in activities that they like doing. 

Storm Stine. She’s a health and senior play specialist at the Lego Foundation. She stated that the firm is the first to launch its first Lego wave Braille Bricks Programme and the one to first get these into the hands of kids.

Throughout the pilot and testing Programme, we've got lots of feedback from parents, children, partner organizations, teachers, and a lot of people that have experienced and enjoyed all benefits that this Lego set and its bricks have had to offer. This has helped encouraged learning in great ways. 

The possibilities for learning using play as a tool are endless, we simply want to know how far we can go. This was stated by the Lego group.

The Lego Braille Bricks idea was first put forward by the Association of Danish of the Blind in the year 2011. Lego kicked off as ng then it was proposed later by Nowill Dorina Foundation for Blind people in Brazil. So there we have it.

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