LEGO Lion Dance 80104: Its Review

by Nikita P.

There is a great chance that before you want a LEGO Chinese New Year set, you would have the urge to learn more about the colorful traditions of the Chinese. This is something that can be seen in this playset. 

This Lion dance is one that symbolizes good luck, and this why it takes center stage in a lot of Chinese festivals. Getting your child this, could tutor them about this tradition. 

Apart from, the play time is unlimited, and one could bask in the beauty of five tiny lion figurines that you can place on the stage if you wish. 

LEGO Lion Dance 80104

You could have the prestigious lion dance tight in your apartment, and beat up the percussionists' stage. The drumming function would leave you wanting to dance. 

My eyes couldn't get enough of the tiles at the temple gates. They seemed traditional with the patterns I see when staring at a Chinese temple. 

I could not get my hands off the right Minifigures. When it comes to role-playing, I am a master of the art. Amongst the Minifigures is a man wearing a rat attire, which is designed to indicate the Year of the Rat. You could also see lion dancers, adorning their costumes. 

LEGO Lion Dance 80104 minifigures

As for the accessory elements, they were quite detailed. We could see the red orb, cabbage, red ‘best wishes’ scroll, rocket fireworks and calligraphy brush.

If you are looking for the best Chinese set, for now, this is the one for me. 

1. Size

Are you looking for a set that can leave your imagination and that of your kids improved? You should consider checking out the LEGO 80104 Lion Dance.

It comes with 882 pieces and offers incredible fun and educational experience to anyone that uses it. It depicts the cultural symbol that is seen in different Chinese festivals like the Chinese New Year. 

The temple gate has the following measurements: 5” (15cm) high, 7” (19cm) wide and 1” (3cm) deep.

lego lion dance size

You will also have access to Minifigures, Chinese dancing lion figurines, as well as dance and percussion stages. These and more make it a great centerpiece.

2. Exterior

The Lion dance, as an incredible part of the Chinese culture, comes with the Lion custom. This set has stilts that allow the Minifigure wearing the rat custom to tease the Lion with a ball. 

The musicians are nearby in a happy mood, playing their cymbals and drums, while the dancers dance away in their attires. 

There is a temple nearby that comes with an archway. In the archway, you will notice the traditional Chinese architectural designs. I loved its simplicity and the fact that it had cool details. 

The roof comes with vibrant yellow and orange as its slopes. 

It would be wrong if we ignored the five lions. These are the highlights of this set. You could mount them on one another. 

lego 80104 lion dance minifigures

3. Interior

When you open the Lion Dance box, you will notice that it comes with similar designs that the 2019’s Chinese New Year set came with. The combination of the gold and bright red seems to be the 'go-to' color scheme for the manufacturers when they are creating a Chinese themed set. 

In the right part of the box, your eyes will fall on a “Spring Festival” Chinese Special Edition badge and the depiction of the Rat. You may wonder what the Rat stands for. 2020 in the Chinese Zodiac is seen as the Year of the Rat. I could not get enough of the set's appearance. 

The fact that I couldn't see any sticker when I opened the box excited me. I am not a fan of stickers. I feel that they mess up a set to an extent, except in a few cases. 

When you look at this set, you will know that you got the worth of your money. There are three Lion dancers, a mayor, a Minifigure adorning a Rat custom, and a three-piece band.

If you look at the torsos of the musicians and lion dancers, you will realize that they were heavily painted. The Lion Dancer's attire cascaded down the legs of the dancers and this can be seen in the frills on their legs. 

lego 80104 lion dance box

One part of the set that a lot of fans, including me, love is the Rat Suit Guy Minifigure. 

He wears a rat headgear that allows us to see his facial expression. His robe is typically a Chinese one, while a black sash is on his waist. The fact that they incorporated the Year of the Rat into this set impressed me more. This Minifigure possesses an alternate face that makes him seem like he is about to vomit. I wonder what could be nauseating him. It could be the excess food he munched down in joy. 

The red ball is one intriguing part of the Lion dance, as dancers are expected to chase it. 

For someone that loves the Lion dance, my eyes appreciated the drums and cymbals, and my ears started imagining them playing. I could hear the cymbals clang, while the drums beating heavily. 

Traditionally, the loud music played by the musicians is meant to keep off the evil spirits. 

Building Experience

Coupling this together was a walk in the park. For someone that has coupled together a lot of Technic sets, this seasonal set was a lot easier. This doesn't mean that it would be the same for you. As always, read your instruction manuals to ensure that you don't make a mistake that may have you starting from the beginning. 

Building this will take few hours, depending on your skills. Enjoy this with your family. 


Many fans were patiently waiting for the LEGO Chinese New Year Temple Fair 80105 and the LEGO Lion Dance 80104. They were supposed to make up the 2020 LEGO Chinese New Year sets. Fans camped outside their computers, waiting patiently for the team to announce the release of these sets. When they came out in the first week of 2020, a lot of fans started ordering, hoping that they would be amongst the first people to use them. 

If we said that we didn't wait patiently for these sets to come out, we would have been lying. 

I have been intrigued by foreign cultures for as long as I could remember. As long as it was alien to me, I wanted to know more about it, and that was why I procured the Chinese Dinner set released a while back. 

I have fancied the Chinese ways of doing things, especially their New Year Celebration. For me, I feel that their New Year Celebration is one of the best in the world, if not the best. It is very colorful, and a lot of nationals do not play with it. 

You tend to have access to their delicious cuisines, their colorful attires and so much more. Who wouldn't want that?

If you are wondering what Chinese New Year gift toy playset to get for a friend, kid, loved one, or someone else, you should consider getting them this set. It is easy to build and comes with a manual that anyone can understand. 

Apart from that, you could also get it for yourself and liven up your home with this Lion Dance set. Have you heard of the Chinese Lion Dance? This is an incredible part of their traditions that one can't overlook. 

The building experience was fun. The role of play experience was intriguing. The color blend was tasteful to the eyes. Since I am not a Chinese, I can't say if they truly stuck to the script, but from what I read online, they did. 

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