The LEGO Ideas Home Alone 21330 Set review.

by Mark Gini

Are you a fan of the Home alone movie? Then you most definitely love the Lego home alone 21330 sets. The set is designed to replicate the McCallister home, which Kevin McCallister had to protect from a pack of wet bandits. Since this Lego set is all part of a Lego idea set for adults, it is designed to feature unique and authentic details that will help any Lego ideas fan remember those fantastic scenes from the movie. The set also comes with Minifigures, which should make it easier to engage in role-playing if you decide to after creating this great set. 

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Do you seek to embark on this fantastic building journey? Well, what are you waiting for? Go to or a Lego store in your current location and grab yourself one of these fantastic sets. You can grab this set from for only 249.99 dollars. And if you wish to engage in a bit of fun, is issuing a treasure hunt to find pictures of Lego Kevin McCallister. If you can spot him, you get this incredible Lego set free of charge. Well, just what do you stand to benefit from this set? Let's find out in the next section.


As far as realism goes, this Lego set does not fall short in this regard. It is by far the closes replica yet of the Home alone movie. And since the entire home alone movie revolved around the McCallister building, it is only proper that this Lego set features majorly around the house. So with this Lego set, builders will get the opportunity to recreate this fantastic building. Enter the mind of Kevin McCallister by placing booby traps around the house as your last stand against bandits who seek to infiltrate your Home and still your most priced possession.

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This set was designed to look as close as possible to the McCallister home featured in the movie. So it features the basement where Kevin was locked and forgot on their trip to Paris, France. This basement is built separately, then attached to the set. You also get to build the attic, which Kevin could use as a hiding place from the bandits, and also after you are done with the main building, you also get to create Kevin's treehouse, where he takes his final stand against the bandits. As soon as you start to put together this set, you will slowly see the similarities between the set and its movie counterpart. So if you desire to travel back in time to visit Kevin in his fight against the bandits, then this set is the way to go. Overall, building this set would not only be challenging but fun as well. And since the Home alone movie is something that everyone must have watched at a time in their life, it could be a fun way to connect with your friends and family as you build this set together. Now though, let's look at what makes this set so similar to its movie counterpart.


There are a lot of things that make this set similar to that of the movie. But the most outspoken similarity between the Home Alone movie and the set is its Minifigures. This set contains five Minifigures, which represent each main character of the movie. Let's look at these features closely to get a clearer insight into the similarities.

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The first Minifigure that is recognizable is that of Kevin McCallister. The Lego ideas set designs, Kevin, with the blond hair and signature look throughout the movie, in his red jumpers and khaki pants since Kevin is depicted as being brave and scared. Brave enough to put up a fight against the bandits by booby-trapping his entire Home, but very scared when all seems to be failing him as the bandits successfully overcome each obstacle Kevin throws their way. To depict this perfectly, the Lego ideas team gives Kevin Minifigure two different faces. One shows his brave side, and another shows his scared side. This helps builders connect with his character as they did with that of the movie.


Harry Lime is one out of the two bandits who attempt to rob the McCallister home. His Minifigure is made to wear a thick ash jacket with a head warmer, which the McCallister boy eventually ruins. Among the bandits who visit the McCallister home, he appears to be the smart and cunning one. This is depicted in the set by giving him a stern and severe look.


This is the second member of the bandit squad which invades Kevin's Home. Well, among the two bandits, he appears to be the dumb one who is there only for moral support. He quickly gets stuck in most of the traps set by Kevin and is the primary reason most people watch the movie to the end. Just like Kevin, he too comes with two faces. One set to replicate red brunt face after being cut by one of Kevin's traps. The face clearly shows the pain Murchins experiences as his face turns red.


The Minifigure of Kate McCallister is also featured in this set. Well, she is represented in the appearance she had when you came home to find Kevin after the whole ordeal. She was in her brown suit and white dress. Her hair featured a bum, just as it was in the movie. Feel empathy as you dive into a more emotional scene with this set, Minifigure.


Mr. Marley, also known as old man Marley, is the fine neighbor Kevin runs to for help dealing with the bandits. His Minifigure appears in a thick beard and shovel for recognition. Recreate the scene of Kevin running over to the old man's house in search of inspiration to deal with the bandits. Yes, these Minifigures help this set feel more realistic.


Well, Minifigures are what give life to the set. This is not said to underestimate anyway the number of details put into the McCallister building itself. The Minifigures help make the whole detailed scene the set provides worth it. The Minifigures help make the building fun. And thank the Lego ideas team for making each section of the McCallister building accessible. You can recreate scenes in each room using each of the Minifigures and facial expressions the set provides. What other feature makes this set a replica of the movie? Let's find out.


Well, this set also includes two other features which make it stand to replicate its movie counterpart. These features include the getaway van and treehouse. Let's look at these two features closely.


This Lego set also features the getaway van used by the bandits to reach the McCallister home. The van is designed to be just like its movie counterpart. The van appears in its light blue color and small tires. This van is also buildable. This gives builders a lot to look forward to with this set. So if you are looking for a more challenging build, this is definitely the way to go.

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This set also features Kevin’s Treehouse, a place where at some point, Kevin had stayed in to hide from the bandits. Though this is a more insignificant detail, the Lego ideas team still put in the effort to make it as realistic as possible. So ensure to give this set the same focus as you gave the main building. And just for fun, after you have finished the main set, you could assign one of your kids the responsibility of bringing the small but very significant piece to life. Once they have completed the task, you could then reward them as you dim fit.

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Overall, the Lego ideas home alone set is a set inspired by the movie Home alone. The set's main build is the Home of the Main character Kevin. Famously known as the McCallister Mansion. The set also contains Minifigures which help bring this set to life. Minifigures include Kevin McCallister, the two bandits, Kate McCallister, and old man Marley. The set comes with over 3000 brick pieces and is about 11 inches high, 14 inches wide, and 15 inches in dimension. This set is available on and Lego stores worldwide. And could be easily ordered directly from the website with a one-week shipping period. Once you are done with the building of this set, you can proudly put it on display for all to see.

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