LEGO Architecture: Everything You Need To Know

by Nikita P.

Having known LEGO for its habit of continuously inventing more brick games in a bid to add more spice to the game, we can't feign surprise when we get to know or hear of a new LEGO game because that's what LEGO does --- wow us!

Today, we will be looking at another LEGO creation, and that's the LEGO architecture set. Stay glued, and learn everything you need to know about the LEGO architecture.

lego architecture series

How Did LEGO Architecture Come About?

Hearing of the term 'architecture' sends only one picture or thought to your mind. Yeah, you guessed right, houses, buildings, structures, etc. Lego Architecture is simply one of the LEGO line creations that were produced in order to keep representing the world of architectural designs using Lego bricks. This LEGO line was crafted to ensure that architectural memories are kept alive through the LEGO bricks. It's been existing since 2008 and ever since its establishment, there's been 32 different models of some very top famous landmarks. Examples of the landmarks include; Big Ben, the leaning tower of Pisa, Villa Savoie, etc, all created as a means of turning real block buildings into Lego brick buildings. Each LEGO set in this range always comes with the right pieces for building and also instructions to help you build some of the best and top architectural structures. 

Most of the LEGO sets included in this line of LEGO are designed by Adam Reed Tucker, who is an experienced architectural artist and earned an architecture degree in the year, 1996 from Kansas State University. Adam Reed Tucker is one whose love and passion for art and it's components surpasses all things, the reason why he ventured into architecture. Schooling and studying architecture at the University wasn't enough of a feat for Tucker so he started sourcing for new ways to put his passion and craft into practice, and finally, he resorted to building using Lego bricks. This led to him coming up with the idea of establishing Brickstructures, inc. Because Adam Trucker was a person driven with passion, he kept on building and creating beautiful Lego structures which included; some famous landmarks on his own, because it was something he enjoyed doing. It wasn't long, Adam Trucker was noticed by the Danish Toy group company. An agreement was reached and that's it, he got into a partnership with the company and had his structures released into the world.

lego architecture series sets

LEGO Architecture Series

LEGO, as we all know, doesn't sleep on the idea of developing and improving its inventions. This does not exempt the LEGO architecture as LEGO has built a wide range of series around it as well as continuous additions to enlarge and spice up the series. This has been the norm since it was created in 2008. The LEGO architectural series features a lot of the world's top landmarks and structures. Now, to make things more understandable and easily accessible, Lego went further to divide the architectural series into three (3) subgroups -- the Landmark Series, the Architect Series, and the Skyline Series which was created in 2016.

1. The Landmark Series:

The Landmark Series came into play in 2009. It was the first series to be established. Amongst the building models of the landmark series include: The Space Needle located in Seattle, The John Hancock Center located in Chicago and The Sears tower, all replicated after Skyscrapers located in the United States.

The Space Needle located in Seattle

2. The Architecture Series

The Architecture series was released in 2011. It scaled through the shores of the United States to other countries and states around the world. The Architecture series is also a part of the landmark series. Some of the models under the Architecture series include the Berlin's Brandenburg Gate Set, the Burj Khalifa set, the Falling Water, and the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum. However, after the creation of the Sydney Opera House, the Architecture Series had the opportunity to be recognized globally.

The Architecture Series

3. The Skyline Series

The Skyline Series came into existence in 2016. It is the last series in the LEGO Architecture subdivision group. It's aimed to represent architectural models of some skyline cities in a mini LEGO brick form. The skyline series features LEGO structure models such as New York, Berlin, and Venice which were made available in 2016. Then in 2017, Chicago, Sydney, and London Models became established.

Note: Since the series was divided into subgroups, 18 sets have been recorded in the landmarks series, the Architect has 7 and the skyline has 3 sets. Upon creating the LEGO series, several other features have been included to ensure that you enjoy your LEGO Architecture set time. Features which include: a visual guide, so many limited edition sets, and the studio set.

The Lego Architecture sets tend to make use of the smaller plate pieces when building instead of the usual larger brick pieces that it's other LEGO counterparts use and yet, the designs that are being produced at the end of the day, come out as exactly as the structure muse. 

The Architecture Series

Like I mentioned earlier, the LEGO Architecture series is simply a means having so much fun and pleasure while trying to replicate some of the top landmarks that exist. Also, people who haven't been to or seen these structures get a chance of experiencing what it feels and looks like through the LEGO Architecture sets.

Some of these LEGO Architecture models no longer exist, nor are they being sold in stores not remanufactured. Some of them which seem to still be in existence are usually sold at stores for second-hand items. For some other Architecture models that are still sold, there's still a possibility that it will be going extinct with time. So you need to bear this in mind. Again, when you come across a list of LEGO Architecture sets and you go on a lookout for a particular product, then you find out that it's no longer on sale, you might want to stop looking because of the times when the situation is that way, rest assured that you won't find the product and even if you find it, it's going to be really expensive.

Some Of The LEGO Architecture Sets, And Their Year Of Creation.

The LEGO Architecture sets happen to be one of the top LEGO creations, so this means that more and more collections will always be added so do not panic! Moving on, you will get to know them; different sets in the LEGO line, the real-life building that was replicated, the history behind them, their order of invention, and the specifications of the LEGO brick structures standing in for these buildings.

First, we will take a look at some of the Architecture sets that are no longer manufactured or sold. See them below:

1. The Sears Tower was created in 2008 

2. The John Hancock Center was created in2008 

3. The Empire State Building was created in 2009 

4. The Seattle Space Needle was created in 2009 

5. The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum was created in 2009 

6. The falling water was created in 2009 

7. The white house was 2010 

8. The Rockefeller Center was created in 2011 

9. The Burj Khalifa was created in 2011 

10. The Farnsworth was created in 2011 

11. The Robbie House was created in 2011 

12. The Brandenburg Gate was created in 2011 

13. The Sydney Opera House was created in 2012 

14. The Villa Savoye was created in 2012 

15. The Sungnyemun was created in 2012 

16. The Leaning Tower of Pisa was created in 2013 

17. The Imperial Hotel was created in 2013 

18. The United Nations Headquarters was created in 2013 - United Nations Headquarters 

the hancock centre

And, secondly, we will be looking at the ones that are still being manufactured and are still on sale. See them below:

19. The Big Ben was created in 2012 (Amazon link)

20. The Eiffel tower was created in 2014 (Amazon link)

21. The Trevi Foundation was created in 2014 

22. The Lincoln Memorial was created in 2015 (Amazon link)

23. The Flatiron Building was created in 2015 (Amazon link)

24. The Louvre Museum was created in 2015 (Amazon link)

25. The Burj Khalifa was created in 2016 (Amazon link)

26. The Berlin Structure was created in 2016 

27. New York City was created in 2016 (Amazon link)

28. The City Of Venice was created in 2016 (Amazon link)

29. The US Capitol Building was created in 2016. (Amazon link)

30. The Buckingham Palace, London was created in 2016 (Amazon link)


In addition to the several LEGO Architecture structures, LEGO created two other inventions to serve, help, and complement the building of these brick structures. They are:  


31. The LEGO Architecture Studio, created to help you create your own structures. It was released in 2013. 

32. The LEGO Architecture Visual Guide: it's a set of guidelines to assist you. It was created in 2014. 

Apart from these listed LEGO structures, we look forward to more range and inventions from LEGO in the future. 

LEGO Architecture Sets in Details...

Here, we will discuss in detail 3 of the Lego architecture building sets in no particular order. 

1. The LEGO Empire State Building Set 21002 (Amazon link)

The first on our list is the LEGO Empire State Building Set. This building which this set was modeled after, happens to be the tallest in the world. The building came to a finish in 1931 in New York City, New York, United States. According to sources, the Empire State Realty Trust were the ones the Empire State Building was designed and built for. It's worthy to note that this building features a 102 story building, it's about 1,470 tall. So tall that it's aiming for the heavens, and its floor is spaced on a 2, 768,000 ft. Now, The Lego Empire state building set 21002 was established in 2009 under the landmark building series and it contains about 77 pieces of building sets. This set is quite easy to use by all and sundry. The original architects of the building were Shreve Lamb and Harmon associates. The Lego Empire state building was one adored by all because of its beauty. Lego, in turn, didn't waste time in reciprocating this feature.

LEGO Empire State Building Set 21002

2. The LEGO New York Building Set 21028 (Amazon link)

The LEGO New York building set, is the second on our list. It was established under the Skyline Series and under the set number 21028 in 2016. It features a box content of 598 pieces of building sets, 5 mini models of some famous structures which include: the statue of liberty, one world trade center, Empire state building, Flatiron Building, and the Chrysler Building. All these structures included in the Lego New York set are there to represent and feature the details of one of the world's most popular skylines - New York. This set is a beauty to behold as it did great justice in putting out the details as it's meant to be.

lego 21028

3. LEGO Sears Tower (Lego Willis Tower) 21000 (Amazon link)

This was established in 2008 as part of the landmark series under the building set 21000. The Lego Sears Tower set comes with a box of 69 pieces of building set. 

LEGO Sears Tower

The set was renamed the LEGO Willis tower in the year 2011. This set was modeled after the Sears Tower which is located in Chicago, in the United States of America. The Sears Tower was recognized as the tallest building in 1973 and this recognition lasted for 25 years. The Sears Roebuck and Company were the original owners the tower was designed for and they were also making great waves in the retailing industry. The original building features a 110 story, it's standing so tall at 1, 729, and also features a space of 4,400,000 on the floor. It was designed by Skidmore Owings and Merrill LLP. The core reason for renaming the tower was because the ownership changed and the tower was leased to the Willis group of companies. The tower is so beautiful that people still go there to behold the beautiful sight that creeps out from there.


All the LEGO sets that have ever existed, has proved to be amazing. The fans love them because the sets appeal to them! Above, are some of the things to learn about the LEGO architectural Building sets and I hope you find this information helpful. 

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