Lego 41931 Extra Dots Series 4 Review

by Nikita P.

Hi everyone, today I’ll be talking about some fabulous extra dots bags, which create an excellent way for you to stock up on 1x1 times cheaply. These are wonderful to add to yourLego cart from


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These are bags that trending right now. The 41931 Extra DOTS - Series 4 is gotten with some excellent colors and shapes. All merged with tiles that are printed together. They all properlycomplement the brand new Dots Bag Tags.


There are about fourteen that are printed on each bag. There are about nine round patterns. Some of these patterns are eye-like, and some have five half-circle mouths and noses.


There are around sixteen round prints with eight noses. There’s an inventory that is obtained from different shows which talk about different noses and different round tiles. Thesedifferent purchased bags have about twelve round tiles and like five circles.



The first series has about six varieties of elements. This one has about eighteen, apart from those that were printed. There are three colors which are 1x1 round. Two are ¼ circles.Then two are squares. Two are half circles. About five are one x1 slope of cheese, and four are pretty new.


These are all bits of mixed blessings because, like me, I suspect you have more than enough green and red one x1 times. There are already a surplus amount of cheese slopes presently.We don’t need so much more like that. A lot of people would have enjoyed rare colors and shapes.


This has an incredible variety of different parts. They all allow you to spruce to your tags available on your bags. You could change their expression and convert them to a completelydifferent animal.


It is quite a shame that the prints on the eyes do not look like natural eyes. This way, they end up being used as animal MOCs. Though one color is sure, they have their excellent usesfrom creatures from cartoons.


You can get these for three-point ninety-nine dollars. Extra DOTS - Series 4 is one of the things you could purchase without overthinking about it. It would help if you had in mind thatyou should check out your Lego website. That’s where you can order and get yourself this 41931 Extra DOTS - Series 4.


My thoughts on 41931 Extra DOTS - Series 4

It’s a great series, you know. I love colors, and I like the fact that this Lego item has various colors and shapes. My baby brother would love to have this. At least he wouldtake a break from watching animations all day long. 

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