Getting organized with the best LEGO storage ideas

by Nikita P.

There are LEGOs in my bedroom, living room, doorway, the kitchen, and lobby; there are bricks everywhere! There are so many LEGO collections you're trying to hold onto but it is taking over your living space. And your kids keep leaving their pirate pieces lying around. You have no good Lego storage for them and now it is becoming frustrating to live with.

Well, in the process of searching for the best solutions for your storage idea, this article entails a list of the best organized and convenient storage that you can find useful.

There are a few best lego storage ideas that you can also find inspiring if you are just starting. Also, don't forget that the storage that you might find worthy may depend on the available space of your house. So let's begin our journey now with some storage tips and tricks.

lego storage ideas

Tips for LEGO Storage

There are so many people out there with lots of design tastes and different arrangements style. Well, if you are planning on getting yourself organized, here are a few tips that you can browse through to help you in storing your customizable in an organized manner.

Storage Styles


This storage solution is undoubtedly one of the most popular methods of storing your kid's toy's. This is also one of the widely used ideas when it comes to storing LEGOS in an organized fashion. Here are a few ideas you may find useful;

Color Sorting with Storage drawers

One of the most practical solutions especially when you see toys everywhere and you can't help it anymore. It’s the most convenient and lovely solution for sorting out any bricks in an orderly and fashionable manner. It helps in most cases when you are trying to avoid fights and arguments amongst your kids about who owns a particular piece. You can do achieve this by getting a three-set drawer for your kids (3 at most). Then, sort out them out in an orderly manner by separating them by colors; red, green, blue, black, etcetera, and put each separated set in each drawer (designated for a child) with the color label assigned to it. With this organizing system, your kids can easily do some quick pick-ups and sort out their building blocks in their designated drawer and it would be great for a smaller living space.

lego storage brick

Color Sorting with LEGO Bins

Have you ever stepped on a LEGO toy? As you know it can be so frustrating. This is a very economical way of storing them and at the same time to keep your home organized. This method mostly helps out in storing large building sets like; the builder's collections, race tracks, and the rests. You can utilize the storage idea by either purchasing a good Trofast system or going straight to piling up labeled bins orderly. You can orderly sort out each building piece and set with your kids this way helping them see the importance of organizing their LEGO collections. Sort each piece out by their color and put individual color pieces in their respective color assigned bins. You can also keep a separate bin for the LEGO boards. Also for any random block pieces, you may find lying around the house this way helping your kids do quick pick-ups and sorting.

Color sorting with Shoe Hangers

If you’re not really into spending a little extra purchasing a drawer or bin you might try going a little bit creative with your available tools. Try making your own storage that fits your taste, you could try sorting out your LEGO pieces by hanging them with your shoe hanger. You could sort each brick piece into each shoe pocket by color differences and hang them. For smaller living spaces, you could decide to hang them in the back of a door or your wardrobe.

lego organizer from shoes

Color Sorting with Dropbox

Another very convenient storage idea is the dropbox, you know, those plastic boxes used for storing hardware. It is very helpful in keeping an apartment organized, it also has an open-top so it makes it easier for the kids to do quick pickups and put them in. Although for color sorting it would require you have a box for each toy piece with a different color. You could stack them up for space or spread out the boxes for convenience.

Color sorting with Raisins 4

Immediately you see this lovely storage idea, you fall in love with it and how easy it is to just organize all your LEGO pieces. This is a very nice tool kit when it comes to sorting out LEGO pieces and saving space in your apartment. The storage idea just gives that look that shows a home with an organized system of arrangement.


Have you ever been tired of searching for a particular piece? Another way of sorting out your building pieces is by the type or purpose of that particular piece. This is the most logical storage style since each piece is built with a purpose or function, so arranging them by functionality would be the simpler option for you. Here are some ideas that you could browse through for your home;

Type sorting with Folders

This method can help you save a time looking for building instructions or comics as it utilizes a folder in storing them.

Type sorting with Drop Box

The most convenient storage option that gives your interior home that lovely look and design. Easily Sort out all your pirate pieces according to their purposes with these plastic boxes used for storing electronics. This way, you can sort out your toys by the color and type like wheels, boards, tires and many more.

Type sorting with Repurposed toolkits

Very economical and convenient as you can easily turn your drawers, fishing box, mechanical box into a repurposed toolkit. You can easily organize your repurposed toolsets by sorting through both colors and types, making it easier for quick pick-ups and help stay organized. 

Type sorting with Repurposed toolkits

Type sorting with DIY Drawers

One of the best methods of saving space in the house is by creating an opportunity to store instead of buying more furniture. One of the best DIY LEGO storage systems is by utilizing bed drawers. These bed drawers found under the bed are an effective way of saving storage at the same time organizing set pieces; each to a drawer section.

Type sorting with Plastic Boxes

Easily organize your pieces with plastic containers with covers. This way, sorting out all of them by color and purpose. You could make it even more delightful to the eyes by utilizing shelves and color tags on each box. If you have a lot of kids this can also help a lot in avoiding arguments about who owns a toy piece, You can also make name tags on each plastic boxes to identify the content of each of them like; Wheels, Boards, Tracks, Etcetera.

Manual Sorting by Hanging

You could say it's a real headache trying to find the instruction manuals for a toy set or comic you need at the moment. One of the best storage ideas is by hanging these manuals or instructions, this way making them easily accessible to you and your kids. You could do this by punching in little holes at the edge of your manuals to make them hangable. You can also reinforce your manuals and prevent them from ripping in time with sticky tape around the area of the punched holes.

Type sorting with Plastic Boxes


Another storage option that can be very useful to browse through, is organizing these building pieces by set. This way you can easily identify which toy set you to want to make use of at that moment. Here are some storage ideas that you can find useful for your home;

Sorting Set with Bags

One of the basic ways you could store your toy sets is by making use of plastic bags. You could make use of snap bags, lock bags or zip bags, this way keeping all your set pieces together. You could also make it easier to identify a set piece by tagging the bags with its corresponding themed stickers and instructions this way making it all easier to find.

Sorting Sets with LEGO Tables

If you’re looking for mass storage and space then it might be a good idea to go with this storage system. You could get a LEGO table with a plastic shelf underneath, this way making it easier for you to store your logo sets (even the larger ones) on a shelf. This storage system also helps in the case of quick pick up as the top table can be used as a sorting table, therefore helping your house remain organized.

Sorting Sets with Containers

Are you more of an economical type? Then why not just organize all your sets by keeping them contained. You can easily do this with Containers and jars (depending on the set size). Storing both your pieces and manual together making it easy to find. Make them even more attractive by adding color tags, or stickers, or why not stack them up, just remember to get creative with your idea.

Sorting Sets with Containers

LEGO Furniture

Why not try storing your block pieces and collections with some LEGO furniture. This is a great idea if you are trying to make your kid's room look unique. It's also a great way of easily sorting out your sets and boards. Here are a few ideas on this;

LEGO Tables

These tables are a great way of complimenting your collections. They provide so many storage options, from a large storage option with the plastic containers and shelf underneath it to a small drawer with a kid's chair. These tables also provide a great assembly station on top, to help keep give you that nice and comfortable base. You could try out the rectangle LEGO table; this way giving you a little extra space inside of it, or the compact activity table with a compartment for your toy pieces.

Sorting Sets with Containerss

LEGO Drawers

These attractive drawers are perfect for storing any piece or set. It's also a great way of color sorting your building pieces. It’s a nice storage idea especially if you’re considering going for a LEGO-themed bedroom.

LEGO Wardrobes

Another great storage idea and design for your bedroom, especially if you’re planning to have a LEGO themed bedroom. This storage idea is great for storing all your collections and sets. It's also a great way of packing them up quickly. It can also help in avoiding arguments and fights about who owns this since it comes with a separate compartment for doors for the kids.


One of the best ways to store your building collection is also by displaying them to compliment your home and walls. You can do this by displaying your toy pieces on your walls like a museum of the figurine and little building blocks using bit pin walls this way enabling them to stick onto the walls. This is an ideal way of storing and beautifying your home. You can display your building pieces and collection on the table in an organized manner. You can be creative by building LEGO cities or town for display, in the same way keeping all your toy pieces intact and thus saving enough house space.

You can also try out other mini storage ideas like; a container with building block board attached to it, a jar with funny stickers on it, a repurposed lunch box with your complete sets.

If you're satisfied with the list of storage ideas listed above you could also try something else. Like a LEGO-themed bedroom, fully customizable with all your LEGO furniture and storage systems, this way, you can truly compliment your all your collections.

These are just a few of so many customizable themed storage ideas out there. But it would be best to choose the best storage system that is organized for you and works well with your available home space. 

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