Unique LEGO Space Calendar available on Etsy

by Nikita P.

Have you heard about this wonderful 2021 calendar that is great? It was created by The Brick Artisan and he is selling this on Etsy. This Lego calendar is a merge of three years worth of creations made from Lego spacewhich he has built and photographed. As he has been working, he has been a musician and an opera director. These were his jobs before the lockdown period in the United Kingdom.


lego lights

All through the year, all of his creative work has gotten canceled. This is why Lego has served as a very important outlet creatively. Coming out of the dark ages after watching the Lego movie, he got a feeling which made him remember all about his Lego sets andLego light kit . Like the types, he played with growing up. This helped his mind and inspired him to have the desire to put those same pieces together again.


Being a fan of classic town. Pirates, castle too, one. Would like to create things using the space style from neo classic empire. Being also born at the end of the 80s, classic space came up just before this time. There are things you would love to pick from these sets which came up early at that time. These sets have charm, ingenuity, creativity too that has created the mold of a lot of what is to come.


Adding to this lovely Lego universe and including this into all story bits on each calendar page so that adds to the narrative and the element used in building these designs. Guessing that has to be the voice of the director in this creator. He is of course trying to follow the path with which Peter Reid followed. People like Tim Goddard and a lot of other brilliant Space Neo Classic builders have organized.


lego space calendar

There are a few builds from M: Tron available in this calendar. This is another favorite from Lego Space builds. This includes the Bubble Scout which is a Lego Ideas personal project. You would try hard and fail at resisting what the December spread has to offer and also offering Lego Christmas gifts . There are neon green and red color schemes which are perfect for this festive season of December. You can also add in some wonderful fun photos. These photos include the Bunny Space Evolution. People would enjoy this for sure.


You would enjoy adding in parts that are not usually into your Spaceship designs. You should enjoy creating wonderful parts that are new from the vast catalog of Lego elements. Thereare rare parts that change the colors that have not made it into these Lego sets. These are things you would love to add to this unique LEGO space calendar. There's a feeling you would get when you settle to put severaldifferent parts of this together by hand. Working and making connections by mistake through design issues and anesthetics in 3D space. Thinking you might not create this ever in digital form. It is wonderful to have a breakfrom digital life and screens all the time.


lego space calendar

Sharing this project is a nice one. We all hope people would enjoy this and get inspired by it all through the year that's to come.


You can find more things like this on several different pages on Instagram.


This piece is superb and it is work that was done out of passion. If you get a hold of one that you can purchase, try, and get this on Etsy. There's also a video that shows how youcan flick through all the lovely pages.


More Information on the Lego Space Calendar

If you have any Lego friends, family, loved ones, this would make the best present. This epic 2021 calendar has lots of Lego builds. It is presented and photographed beautifully. Thereare a lot of builds that are designed in the calendar that has not been published before. 

All the images are stunning and they have been edited using complete spreads of colors. This creates a proper wow factor which is epic for your Lego room, study, or bedroom.


The first 100 that would be sold would be made in a hand-numbered print. This is signed by the designer of the calendar. This has instructions on how you can create the micro build,there's an A3 poster for the centerfold. The calendar is in A4 format. You can fold it to look like A3 when it is on the wall hanging. Different months have their images. There's a Sci-fi calendar that is designedspecifically for this. There's a little description of the main image of the month and then there's a small little image which is secondary to the first one.


This calendar isn't affiliated with or created by the Lego group. They do not have any full rights to this calendar. It is photographed, printed, edited, and designed by a completethird party great designer.


What people have to say about this Unique LEGO space calendar available on Etsy

The first commenter stated that this unique LEGO space calendar is extremely nice. And purchasing this for £12.99 is a great bargain. The posters which are included are wonderful.She stated that the designer of this unique LEGO space calendar did a great job. 

The second commenter stated that this unique LEGO space calendar dark tan looks epic. The creator and editor did their best in making this unique LEGO space calendar.

The third commenter stated that they have already placed orders for this unique LEGO space calendar. They can't live in a place in this coming year without having to look at thiscalendar as the day passes. 

The fourth commenter stated that the unique LEGO space calendar is wonderful, they would have purchased it but they just purchased a WWF calendar. It is wonderful to see people doingwonderful things with art all through this lockdown.

The fifth commenter stated they were truly excited to be a part of this. Being a musician and a fan of classic space, getting this calendar is very important. 

The sixth commenter stated they have never made use of Etsy before. This calendar is wonderful, he ordered it immediately.

The seventh commenter stated that he ordered this as soon as possible. The images are great, epic designs, they would be great to add to his collections.

The eighth commenter stated that the builds are awesome. He doesn't need the calendar but they would for sure support the ideas of this project. Those cute little spaceships wouldserve as a wonderful Lego set too for the future. 

lego lights

The ninth commenter stated they just lost their job and being a teenager at nineteen, saving funds would be limited. There are still a lot of things one needs to pay for. Things likesubscriptions, medicines, the car, and others. These ideas and items are things that make this commenter want to buy this unique LEGO space calendar. One doesn't need calendars but the effort and work put into the creationof things like this are reasons why this commented wants to support this vision. He is tempted to order but would see what he can do.

The tenth commenter stated that this reminded him of that Lego space book titled growing the future. He attempted to put the space themes from Lego into a higher context. In the end,this commenter asked if both were created by the same person. 

The eleventh commenter asked the designer and creator of this unique LEGO space calendar to sell the instructions of the model too. He begged for this.

The twelfth commenter stated this was an excellent job, it is so beautiful.

The thirteenth commented stated her happiness for sharing this. It is an excellent design. Well done for seeing this through and making this in the first place. Hoping there's alot more beauty coming up in the future.

The fourteenth commenter stated she has already ordered one to serve as the calendar for the kitchen. So happy about this honestly. 

The fifteenth commenter stated that the Lego space book was put together by Tim Goddard and Peter Reid that were also mentioned in this piece. All these three are truly worth followingall their other additions to classic space.

The sixteenth commenter stated that they would purchase these Lego sets within the twinkle of an eye. Speaking specifically at that update on the Galaxy Explorer. They just ordered asigned copy and they couldn't wait for them to hang this up at their work office. They hoped it would make it through the Next Year we can't wait to be here.

The seventh commenter being me personally. I love this unique LEGO space calendar, it is wonderful, it is nice, it is a great calendar to have as the starts up till it reaches the end.All that would purchase this unique LEGO space calendar would be lucky and they would enjoy the vibe and energy it has to give. So cheers. 

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