Top LEGO social media influencers 2020

by Nikita P.

The Lego company and firms in the world have great social media influencers especially for the year 2020. 

Top LEGO social media influencers

1. Brickset: LEGO set database and guide (Link)

Brickset is known to be one of the best social media influencers worldwide. It has the best Lego database through the internet and it is kept updated all the time with photos, need, set information and a lot of other important materials to keep up with. It posts about two items daily. They can be followed on Facebook where they have 32.9k followers, or on Twitter where they have 32.8k followers, or on Instagram where they have 51k followers. 

brickset logo

2. Brick Fanatics LEGO Reviews, News and Builds (Link)

Brick Fanatics is the place to be when you want to feel the world of Lego properly. It helps in bringing all the latest reviews and news, with the best builds and features from the LEGO community as soon as they are released. It was created by Hayes Richard in the year 2010 and presently it is managed and owned by Tiro Media Ltd. It uploads about 5 posts daily on social media since the year 2015. It can be followed on Facebook with about 6.3k fans, on Twitter with about 17.6k followers, while on Instagram with about 629 followers. It has a social engagement of 6 and a Domain Authority of 46. 

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3. BricksFanz Adding your LEGO lifestyle (Link)

BricksFanz gives a serious variety of LEGO reviews, news, and impressions. With about 3 different posts daily, it can be followed on Facebook with 1.2k Facebook fans, followed on Twitter with about 3.3k fans, followed on Instagram with about 1.4k fans, and it has 21 social engagement. 

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4. The New Elementary (Link)

The New Elementary just like the social media influencers above refers to a blog post of bee LEGO parts with building techniques, brick model ideas and set reviews. There you get to see posts about returning or new colors, bee pieces, the history of LEGO and so much more. It uploads two different posts daily, could be followed on Facebook with 20.1k followers and has a social engagement of 30. It has a domain authority of 40.

the new elementary logo

5. McGee Bricks Blog (Link)

McGee Bricks build and design works with workshops, events, libraries, museums, companies. They frequently post once monthly and have followers on Facebook that are 319, then 2.4k followers on Twitter, with 6 social engagement and 17 domain authority. 

mcgee logo

6. Bricktanks (Link)

This is a passionate blog that writes about LEGO, history of the LEGO military, also constructs replicas of different military vehicle kits, like aircraft, WW2 tanks, and other different vehicles. It posts a single post daily since the year 2016 in September.

It can be followed on Facebook where it has about 757 fans, followed on Twitter where it has 142 followers, followed on Instagram where it has 10. 2k followers. With 4 Social Engagement and 12 Domain Authority. 

7. Rebuild the World Campaign 

Apart from these social media influencers, LEGO has started it’s 1st global brand campaign for about three years now. The aim of this is to raise the creativity of children and people and join them back to the brand roots. 

These campaign strategies include those like "Rebuild the World". This talks about the chase between a very unlucky hunter and a sharp rabbit. Every character, vehicle, and animal in this campaign is based on a Lego toy from the past. There is even a huge replica of the Billund Lego House and it has heads that turn in 360 degrees.

Talking during marketing week, the chief marketing officer for Lego Goldin Julia said there is a high need for skills that solve problems to come in a creative form. And this has been what Lego has been trying to gain.

The Economic World Forum has noticed this creative problem solving as one of the best skills young ones in the future would need for them to get a job for that period. As things would soon be digitized and automized. 

For this problem to be settled, the Rebuild the World was launched. 

Lego is ‘upping the ante’ on its creative in-house agency

The Rebuild The World campaign is one of the first works that Lego has done with BETC, its agency that is creative. It helps to form a huge lady of the wider strategy for the brand which helps people know the creative value of work which is done by putting a creative fresh culture in young ones. 

BETC was brought on board and its job was to help find a brand new way in which the world would get a new package is a great way the Lego industry would not be known as just a toy brand.

As an experience that is created ultimately, the best things for us to know are all the things a young child should have. Because a lot of profits are being delivered, growth and the size of us presently makes a lot of people lose the sight building of value and creative activity as was stated by Marcelli Reno, who is the senior vice president and in charge of the Lego Agency, which was what he told marketing week as one of the major social media influencers.

In advertising, one of the worst things that can happen to you is after advertising, you are not noticed in any way, especially when you have done advertisements for big brands. Imagine we came up with a thing that has wonderful mini-figures that were animated. A lot of people could look at it but not all of them would understand the message they carry. This campaign was created so the message would be about how creative young ones need to be and it is not completely about the toy sets. 

With these top LEGO Social Media Influencers, Lego has high hope that the Rebuild the World campaign would work with everyone at a higher level.

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