Top 10 LEGO Stop Motion Videos

by Nikita P.

For 70 years now and counting, a lot of children in the world today have involved themselves in making use of LEGO to play. In recent times too, many people have started to use LEGO to make trailers and to upload them on the internet. They have created a lot of comedy routines vides with bricks, stop motion pictures, parodies, movie trailers, and many more. All these have made all LEGO fans go crazy on the internet and beyond. Now, check out the top 10 LEGO stop motion videos which we have selected and notice how the most colorful and creative brick sets in the world are made realistic and put to action.


Last updated: December 2019


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1. Rymdreglage – 8-bit trip


Rymdreglage, a chiptune band in Sweden produced the song that was used to make the 8-bit trip music video in –the year 2009, and Thomas Redigh, who is a member of the Rymdreglage band, handled the animation of this stop motion music clip.


This Video is among my favorite of all time and might also be a favorite of more than the 8 million people who have viewed this interesting music clip. To make this, up to 1500 hours was spent on moving and photographing pieces. 


LEGO Stop Motion Videos


2. LEGO Black Ops

Keshen Matus produced the action brickfilm in the year 2010 titled “LEGO Black Ops”. The “Black Ops” Call of Duty game inspired the producer of this Stop Motion clip – The Black Ops. This clip features a lot of people that are involved in a shootout (deathmatch).


On the next day after this LEGO stop motion pic was released, shared it on one of their articles. Later, other outlets such as PC Gamer, Game Rant, The Guardian, and TechCrunch also shared it. it did not take long for this clip to gain enough views, and it entered the list of the top brickfilms that are viewed more often on YouTube. It was also shortlisted in the Bricks in Motion Award in the year 2010.


This clip features awesome animations of violence, explosions, blood, and gore. It is something you would not want to miss. 


3. Grease – Summer Nights LEGO Stop Motion


If you are more obsessed with show tunes than Rymdreglage, then you should go for this amazing Summer Nights LEGO Stop Motion video that has gained more than 2.2 million viewson YouTube.


4. The White Stripes – “Fell in Love with a Girl”


Michel Gongry directed the brickfilm music clip – “Fell in Love with a Girl” in the year 2002. The White Stripes used this brickfilm clip as their song’s official music video of the same title. Stop motion animations are featured in this video as well as digital brick.


There is no plot in this music clip. Its main features include members of the band, White Stripes, moving around, images of girls that are throwing themselves into the pool, an intro of a real child that is using bricks to build a clock, and images of streetlights that are changing. 


5. LEGO Arcade


Michael Hickox is a Youtuber and birckfilmer who lives in Ohio, America. He is a very popular brickfilmer that has the highest number of subscribers on YouTube. The storylines of all the films he produces are always easy to understand. He is the one who created Super LEGO Mario and an Arcade film that has other different arcade games in it like Space Invaders, Asteroids, Frogger, and Pacman.


6. Super LEGO Mario


Michael Hickox which we mentioned above is still the creator of the Super Mario brickfilm. The combination of two of the best childhood memories; LEGOs and Super Mario will give you a superabundant fun experience. 


7. The Simpsons Intro LEGO Style


The Simpsons Intro is popular among virtually everybody, featuring Lisa who takes her saxophone along with her to the school’s hallway, Bart using chalk to write on the board, Maggie in the grocery getting scanned, and toxic light rods being extracted from a plant by Homer. This is also a good choice for all brick fans around the world.


8. “Beat It” – Michael Jackson


There is an abundance of LEGO music videos that have been recreated including Sabotage by Beastie Boys, Bohemian Rhapsody, and the treadmill video by OK Go. Beat It by Michael Jackson is among my favorite stop motion music clips.


9. Death Star Canteen – Eddie Izzard


They have made use of LEGO animations multiple times to make comedy routines. Among them is “Death Star Canteen” that is more popular compared to others, having more than 12 million views on the internet/YouTube. With this film directed by Thorn2200, you can imagine how it might have been if there was a canteen in the movie and how it will be if Darth Vader ever entered it take lunch. 


Statistics have shown that all the films that have been produced by Thorn2200 have gotten more than 51 million YouTube views.


10. Circle Circle Dot Dot


Nate Burr produced this music video in the year 2007. This video is set to Circle Circle Dot Dot, a song that was sung by Stu Stone together with Jamie Kennedy. Because of the MMVC (Make the Music Video Contest), it took only two days to make this amazing jingle. This song came out on top in the Make the Music Video Contest. This video is now used officially as the music video of the song titled Circle Circle Dot Dot.


It made history on the 19th of January, 2017, becoming the first LEGO film to appear on YouTube’s front page. Burr already has three videos that are featured on YouTube’s front page. For many years, this Stop Motion video held the record of the most viewed videos on YouTube. 


LEGO Lights Game of Bricks



We have just mentioned our top ten best picks of the Stop Motion Videos on YouTube. With this guide, you can choose any of the 10 sop motion videos which we have just talked about and watch them right in your house on YouTube channels. All fans sit back and enjoy your LEGO Stop Motion Videos on YouTube.


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