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As the years keep passing by, LEGO continues to produce more steps for their fans. For some time now, we have heard of the release of many new sets. But, as this advancement continuesto occur, some sets have been decided to be discontinued and some of them have already disappeared.



During this holiday season, we have discussed and heard about some new sets that LEGO has released, and in 2021, there are also going to be new sets that would be released. Our topicfor today is about the LEGO creations that will be or have been discontinued in the last days of the year 2020. Among these sets, some are still on shop shelves, while many others might no longer be available.



lego lights

We are going to talk about the best retired Lego sets based on our findings. If you find any of your favorite sets that you would like to have in your collection among our list, then you may still be fortunate to see them in stores in these early stages of the year. But very soon, they will cease to exist and would be very difficult to find. So, you can still try your luck to see if you can get any of the following sets in the market. If you find one, then you are fortunate.



A lot of the discontinued sets can still be found in the market at the moment, but if you do not hurry, they will become scarce.



As we have said earlier, we will talk about the Top 10 LEGO discontinued LEGO sets. So, let us get back to our main topic of discussion.


Best discontinued LEGO sets

1- Star Wars

The first model we are going to mention seems to be among the most popular ones that LEGO has ever released. There is a lot of Start Wars set that has been produced, but some of them have been discontinued or retired. Below is a list of some of the discontinued/retired LEGO Star Wars sets:




Tantive IV 75244

LEGO Duel on Starkiller Base 75236

LEGO Major Vonreg’s TIE Fighter 75240

LEGO Death Star Cannon 75246

LEGO AT-AP Walker 75234

LEGO Action Battle Assault 75238

LEGO Action Battle Echo Base Defense 75241

LEGO Trench Run X-wing Starfighter

LEGO Pasaana Speeder Chase 75250

LEGO Death Star 75159

LEGO Action Battle 75239

LEGO Anakin’s Podracer 75258 (20th Anniversary)


LEGO Resistance Starfighter A-wing 75248


2- Architecture

There are some architecture sets that LEGO has already retired so that they can pave way for upcoming architecture kits that will be released in 2021. There are only two architecture sets that have been discontinued by LEGO – Las Vegas and Shanghai.

3- Ideas

Another LEGO theme that has been affected is the Ideas model. And it among the most popular themes ever produced. This will make you understand that having any of the Ideas set that has been discontinued is worth it. In our own opinion, the set that you should grab among these retiring or retired Ideas model is the LEGO Tree House. We make this suggestion because it is obviously among the best largest LEGO ideas model. 


LEGO ideas model


Here are some of the sets that have been discontinued:

21318 Tree House

21317 Steamboat Willie


21316 The Flintstones


The Flintstones

4- Overwatch sets

Many fans are in love with the different LEGO Overwatch sets, but it is sad to announce that a few of them have been discontinued by LEGO. If you are a lover of these sets, then you should get one for yourself while it is still in stock. Here are the Overwatch sets that have been discontinued:

LEGO Hanzo vs. Genji 75971

LEGO Junkrat & Roadhog 75977

LEGO D. VA & Reinhardt 75973

LEGO Watchpoint: Gibraltar 75975

LEGO Dorado Showdown 75972

LEGO Bastion 75974


LEGO Wrecking Ball 75976


lego Overwatch sets

5- Creator Expert

The fifth one that we'll be talking about is the LEGO creator expert. Many of them will or have been retired. Here are the discontinued sets:

LEGO Volkswagen Beetle 10252

LEGO Winter Village Fire Station 10263

LEGO Taj Mahal 10256

LEGO Downtown Diner 10260


LEGO Volkswagen T1 Camper Van 10220


Creator Expert

6- Hidden Side

LEGO fans would have enjoyed building and playing with the Hidden Side sets. But unfortunately, all the sets have been planned to be discontinued by LEGO. Below is the Hidden Side:


LEGO Graveyard Mystery 70420

Lego 70422

Lego 70419

LEGO 70418

LEGO 70421

LEGO 70423

LEGO 70424

LEGO 70425

LEGO 70427

LEGO 70428

LEGO 70429

LEGO 70430

LEGO 70431

LEGO 70432

LEGO 70433

LEGO 70434

LEGO 70435

LEGO 70436


LEGO 70437

Hidden Side

7- BrickHeadz

A lot of fans might have not loved the LEGO BrickHeadz figures in the past, but some new ones have been added recently. Sadly, many of these recently added sets would not last for long, as LEGO has made plans to discontinue them. Here are the sets to be discontinued:

LEGO Kylo Ren & Sith Trooper 75232

LEGO Dragon Dance Guy 40354

LEGO Reindeer and Elves 40353

LEGO Halloween Ghost 40351


LEGO Easter Chick 40350


LEGO Easter Chick


8- Marvel

Here are the different LEGO Marvel sets that will be or have been retired:

LEGO Falcon & Black Widow 40418

LEGO 76149

LEGO Spider-Man Bike Rescue 76113

LEGO Machine Buster 76124 War Machine Buster

LEGO Captain America 76123

LEGO Molten Battle 76128

LEGO Avengers 76126

LEGO Compound Battle 76131

LEGO Stark Jet & Drone Attack 76130

LEGO Hulk Rescue 76144

LEGO Bike Attack 76142

LEGO Trucker Robbery 76147

LEGO Spider-Man Mech 76146


LEGO Spiderman vs. Doc Ock 76148


lego marvel sets


9- LEGO DC Sets

The LEGO DC models will also experience this major adjustment. Here are some of the sets that have been discontinued:

LEGO Mr. Freeze 76118

LEGO Batman 76137

LEGO Batmobile 76119

LEGO 76122


LEGO Batwing 76120




10- LEGO Minecraft Sets

The last model we are going to talk about is the LEGO Minecraft. LEGO has retired some of their sets, including the following:

LEGO Chicken Coop 21140

LEGO Skull Arena 21145

LEGO 21157

LEGO Nether Portal 21143

LEGO Zombie Cave 21141


LEGO BigFig 21156


LEGO Minecraft Sets



If you realize that any of your favorite set is among the ones we mentioned above and you want it, hurry to a store. You might be lucky to find one. As LEGO has discontinued these sets, expect to see new ones in the future.



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