The TikTok invasion of Lego Star Wars is a surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one.

by Nikita P.

Tiktok has become the talk of all social media. People recently viewed the Tiktok app when it first came out, they did not take it seriously as the other social media app but as it speakstoday it is now becoming the must-watch video for all users. The Tiktok media is a video app page that brings about trending videos and comedies that social media users cannot resist.


This page has become a limitless and powerful scroll of blue-ringed profile pictures.

Tiktok flamed out one special song that blew up social media. It was a song sang by mos Eisley cantina band named jig. The song took over Tiktok to the extent that every page you openon Tiktok you would find the song. One of the most populous app creators also built images of Lego star wars with videos that attracted Tiktok fans so much that they could not resist.


Some users are scares of the blue ring profile pictures, but the Tiktok creator assured them that there is no need to be afraid of anything. He said the profile is something that cannotbe explained and it was also done without preparation or plan, that it was used to celebrate and honor a particular video game series.


He said there was no sign of movement and no sign of disrespecting anybody. It was not politically said or quoted at any point in time. And the only thing it says about Gen Z isthat its sense of humor is even weirder than that of millennials.


Half part of Lego star wars began as a satirical movement and unbelievable response to the country's recognition from varieties within the Tiktok environment.

The journalist of meme insider was interviewed by Washington who follows up anything that trends or takes the attention of users, asked the reason why Lego star wars are so powerfuland immeasurable meme, especially on a platform that full of people and most of the ally youths, such platforms like Instagram and Tiktok.


The social media manager Jackson Weimer replied to the magazine that the Lego star wars were not something serious, he said it was just a game.


He went further to explain that the meme Lego star wars perform the same work just like another game called the meme of Minecraft or Super Mario bros. When these games were still tending,do many youths and even adults played the game from generation to generation while they were growing up as kids and youths. Now the popular game that is everywhere trending and getting the attention of youths is the nostalgiccelebration of a kids game.


During the year 1999, the first knowledgeable and intellectual property to work and partner with the Lego group was to start wars. Wit the timing on it called episode 1Star Warswas the first intellectual property to partner with the Lego Group, timed with the release of “Star Wars Episode 1: the star wars game came online in 2005 where it told the whole prequel trilogy. The game was originallyreleased a year later where they both trend on every single major platform and page at the same period.


The two main significant and important ingredients and materials the game Lego star wars had then that made to be outstanding, one of a kind and talk of the town was that the wonderfulgame was made for kids, that is why it is less difficult and excessively free and easy. the happy and funny part of the game is that the player does not die and the game does not finish i.e there is no game over at all.


When you fail the game it will automatically take you to the beginning of the game and you start all over again. This simple logic and freedom made the game playable for everybody. Fromtoddlers, 5o grandparents and even great grandparents can play along as long as the way they control the game is not a problem at all for them.


If you like to choose any star wars character, the game will not restrict you from doing so and if you also feel like changing the version you are currently working on, it's acceptableby the game. The star wars games give users and participants a version and the best option to choose from at all times.


People are surprised with the way Lego star wars blew everywhere with their games. The game that first of all made the Lego star wars popular was the rise of skywalker.


After some periods in the same year, the skywalker nine movies got the game's wonderful treatment. After some time, someone from the publisher called Warner Bros started tellingeverybody that,they will not be able to tell the world any new news or information about the games that are yet to come or games that are on ground but it's not ready to be played.


So many testimonies about the games that people or users could not stop talking about. One of the users said that he remembered when he was playing the game with his sister and everyonejoined them because the game was a simple one to play.


The Tiktok game also gained a lot of popularity in a twinkle of an eye. People used to comment on other games and so on until they came in contact with star wars games which blew theirminds off. The people that experistarbwars the game loved it and started sharing it with other people by persuading them to join and telling them they will love it and will not like to leave the game when they have startedplaying it.



Star wars game is a surprising game to everyone which has taken over social media and it is also a welcome game as a whole.


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