Spooky halloween LEGO sets for awesome halloween fun!

by Nikita P.

Are you always happy to witness the Halloween season? If you are in search of some interesting Halloween activities to do that does not involve meeting strangers and asking them forsome sugary treats, themed LEGO sets could be more fun to you. Playing with Spooky Halloween LEGO sets is a great idea for kids and adults.


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In this article, we will talk about some amazing Spooky LEGO sets that you can as a part of your Halloween activities. Enjoy your Halloween with the following sets.

The LEGO 10228 Monster Fighters Haunted House is an amazing set that has 2064 pieces. It is one of the scary sets produced by the Lego group. This Victorian-style house is detailed withamazing features, such as a potion room, boarded windows, and a folding staircase. In the pack is also found vampire figures, butler, zombie chef, and many more realistic details. With this set, your Halloween celebrationcan be fun.

You may have a lot of cool and amazing LEGO sets in your collection, but are there scary characters among them? If not, then you can add some with this bunch of spooky Halloween minifigures.In this package, there are up to 7 monsters LEGO figures, and they are a skeleton, a ghost, a grim reaper, a vampire, Frankenstein's monster, a devil, and a witch. All these in your collection will make you be in a perfectHalloween mood.

Without the Jack-o-lantern, the Halloween will not be complete, so also will your Halloween collection not be complete without this set. There are no many details in this set, only the52 LEGO pieces that you can put together to create and replicate the amazing Jack-o-lantern for Halloween.

Do you think there is something scarier than the ghost train? Of course, there is none. Why not make your Halloween decoration with this amazing LEGO set that has up to 741 pieces. Afteryou have purchased it, you will find one spooky ghost train as well as some glow-in-the-dark pieces. To make it look realistic, an airplane has been added to it for the ghost fighters.

One thing that makes this a great choice for your Halloween collection is that it can be assembled based on the individual's needs. For example, you may choose to build it with wingsor you may feel that the wings are not necessary for what you want to use the set for. Either way, you build it, it will still look scary as it is meant to be.

Even if you are not able to go for the Halloween celebration because of one reason or the other, you can still have the feeling right in your house with this spooky LEGO Monster FightersVampyre Castle set. It has up to 949 pieces that you can put together to form a vampire castle that has secret entrances, a dungeon, a trapdoor, and many more fascinating details. In the pack, there is also one net-launchingcar that the monster-fighting hero will drive. This huge set will add more fun to your Halloween celebration.

This set has been created for you to be in the Halloween holiday mood. It is packed with 3 awesome holiday figures, such as a vampire woman holding the Jack-o-lantern, a witch that hasbroom accessory, and a vampire with a bat. It has all it takes for an eventful Halloween occasion.

This LEGO Vampire seasonal set is a simple but amazing Halloween model with just 11 pieces. The few pieces of this set are all that is needed to add a scary and spooky Halloween figureto your collection. This model has details that make it look realistic and scary, such as a decorative Halloween arch made with cardboard, and a chained and locked casket. If you wish to have fun as a LEGO lover during theHalloween festival, then adding this set to your collection sounds awesome.

Make your holiday season, most especially, the Halloween festival, more interesting by building this amazing creepy set. It has just 71 pieces that kids and adults can use to createa scary and creepy green witch. This set is all about fun. Whether you are playing with it or you want to display it for Halloween, you will love your time building this set.

Are you trying to create a Halloween scene and are looking for an additional set to include in your playground? Then, the LEGO Monster Fighters Swamp Creature set might be what you need.It has just 70 pieces, meaning that your kid can build it without much stress. Make your Halloween celebration a fun-filled one.


Now, let us talk about some of the most amazing LEGO Halloween Costumes for kids.


This is one of the most amazing LEGO costumes for your kids. This is a spooky vampire Halloween costume that has been designed to make you look like a scary LEGO blood-sucking figure.It has all you need to give you that spooky appearance, including the pants, the white gloves, the cape, and the vampire mask. Step into the Halloween ground with this costume and feel the vibe.

Halloween is all about stepping out in scary and spooky costumes and the rest. As a LEGO lover, you can show your passion by coming out in the appearance of a frightening skeleton duringthe Halloween festival. The fun part is that you are not just going to dress like a random skeleton, but as a funny and scary LEGO skeleton. With this costume, you will get the LEGO figure hand gloves, tunic, mask, and pants.

If you are a fan of Emmet, then you now have the chance to disguise and have his appearance with this wonderful Halloween costume. To make you look just like a construction worker, thiscostume’s tunic comes with iconic LEGO figure gloves, pants, and a Minifigure mask. You and your kid can be in the Halloween mood with this construction costume.

What brings more delight than dressing up like the finest Legoland’s police officer? This deluxe costume is a perfect Halloween outfit to replicate a LEGO police officer. The completecostume includes the yellow LEGO figure gloves of a police officer, a police hat, and a mask

How do you think it will feel like to be like your favorite superhero character, Batman? Amazing, right? With this costume, you can kit up and step out into the Halloween ground likeBatman, the LEGO movie hero of the city of Gotham. The costume has all the details to make you look like the caped hero, such as Batman's mask, LEGO figure hands in the form of gloves, attached cape, and matching pants.

If guys can dress up as Batman, what about the girls? You will not be left out in stepping out like your favorite female superhero character, Batgirl. You will not only look like Batgirlbut also as a LEGO superhero figure. To make the kit complete, it has LEGO hand gloves, a cape on the costume, and a Batgirl mask.

The Nexo Knights Lance LEGO Costume

If you love Lance from the series of the LEGO Nexo Knights, you will be glad to disguise just him. This costume has a tunic, matching pants, LEGO hand gloves, and a Minifigure mask.Everything about this outfit makes you look just like Lance, and of course, will get you prepared for Halloween.

Amazing LEGO Firefighter Costume for Halloween

This is another amazing costume that makes you look like one of LEGO’s Figures. This costume has been designed with amazing details that make you resemble a firefighter and a LEGOfigure at the same time. Get yourself prepared for Halloween with this costume tunic that has LEGO hand gloves, the mask of a firefighter, and matching pants.



With this article, you will be fully equipped for the next Halloween holiday. Add the above-mentioned spooky Halloween sets to your collection or dress up as one of your favorite LEGOfigures.

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