Simple Ways to Keep your LEGO Sets Hygienic

by Nikita P.


Virtually everyone knows what LEGO sets are and most kids own them. Hygiene is of utmost importance as we go about our lives, it could be the difference between being healthy or infected by a bug. In this article, we will be exploring simple ways to keep your LEGO sets hygienic. 

Ways To Keep Your LEGO Sets Hygienic 

1. Store Them Well: when you are not using your LEGO set at the moment it is best to store it well. You could sort it however you desire that would be for you to retrieve and use. You could store your LEGO set in a zip lock bag and keep the bags in a cool and dry place in the house. You could also store your LEGO sets in plastic containers. You could get drawers that you store your LEGO sets in, this way you could easily sort them and retrieve them when you need to.

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2. Hygienic Use: when you use your LEGO sets, you tend to touch other things. You could go to the toilet or other places that are replete with germs. When using your LEGO sets or making creations with them be conscious of where your hands touch so to prevent transferring germs to your LEGO set. Wipe, clean or wash your hands regularly when you use your LEGO set this would help reduce the transfer of germs. Monitor your kids when they use their LEGO set to avoid contamination of the set as kids play with several things at a time. It is pertinent that we advise our kids on hygienic use of toys as well we should educate ourselves in the same line. Don’t use your LEGO set in places that are naturally filled with germs. These are places like toilets and baths, as much as possible you should avoid taking your LEGO sets there and also advise your kids to avoid doing that.

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3. Clean Your LEGO Set: When you have used your LEGO set over time or you are removing them from storage. It is advisable that you clean them. You could clean your LEGO set by washing them in water. The water should not be hot beyond 40⁰ C, you can put antiseptic liquid in the water. Use your hands to clean them in the water then leave them out to dry. You could also clean your LEGO set by using wipes to clean the pieces. You could also clean your LEGO sets by soaking them in water that is mixed with bleach, this would help kill the germs. After you have soaked it, let it sit for at least 10 minutes so the bleach would work effectively. After the soaking, remove the LEGO sets from the water, rinse and let them dry naturally. You could also use a wet, clean cloth or towel soaked with water and disinfectant to clean your LEGO sets. 

clean lego set with water


No matter your use or love for LEGO sets it is important you use them and keep them hygienic. As explored in this article this is quite easy to do. 

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