LEGO Star Wars Y-Wing Starfighter 75172: A Stellar Brick Experience

by Eve Alessa Arevalo

The Star Wars franchise is a treasure trove for LEGO enthusiasts, and the Y-Wing Starfighter 75172 is a prime example of this. A mainstay of the Rebel Alliance fleet, the Y-Wing's representation in brick form pays homage to the legendary starfighter. This set includes a plethora of intricate details, various features that enhance playability, and a faithful adherence to Star Wars canon, making it an essential addition for both LEGO and Star Wars collectors.

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Design and Features

LEGO 75172

A. Main components or areas

The Y-Wing Starfighter set, with its 691 pieces, stands out with its highly detailed design. It measures 7 cm high, 41 cm long, and 20 cm wide, a perfect size for displaying. The set's core consists of the starfighter itself, equipped with a rotating turret and opening cockpit. The set includes the iconic twin forward-facing ion cannons and the two rear-facing engines, accurately representing the starfighter from the Star Wars universe.

B. Minifigures

The set features four minifigures - a Y-Wing pilot, Admiral Raddus, Moroff, and a Stormtrooper. Each character comes with an individual weapon accessory, increasing playability. The level of detail, especially on Admiral Raddus, is commendable. These figures not only enhance the play value but also provide an added dimension to the storytelling aspect.

C. Accessories and decorations

In terms of accessories, LEGO has included a service cart for weapons and additional equipment. This is a nice addition, expanding the overall narrative potential. The Y-Wing Starfighter also features several stickers for added detail. While some builders prefer printed pieces, the stickers are a common LEGO practice and do add visual interest.

Building Experience

LEGO 75172

A. Complexity and engagement

Building the Y-Wing Starfighter offers a moderately challenging and enjoyable build. The construction process is engaging, with various techniques that may be new to less experienced builders, yet will satisfy seasoned LEGO fans. The set strikes a balance between complexity and accessibility, making it a satisfying build for a wide age range.

B. Instruction manual and building process

The instruction manual is user-friendly and easy to follow, a standard for LEGO sets. The build is broken down into manageable stages, allowing the builder to see the progress and understand the architecture of the model. Some parts of the build are quite intricate, particularly the engine and cockpit areas, providing a rewarding experience.

Playability and Entertainment Value

LEGO 75172

A. Interactive features

The set has several interactive features that increase playability. The rotating turret and the bomb-drop function add a dynamic dimension to the play. Plus, the cockpit opens to allow the Y-Wing pilot to be seated inside, giving the model a realistic touch.

B. Opportunities for imaginative play and storytelling

With the inclusion of four diverse minifigures and a service cart, this set offers numerous possibilities for imaginative play and storytelling. Recreate scenes from the movies, invent new adventures, or integrate the set with other Star Wars LEGO collections.

Value for Money

LEGO 75172

A. Number of pieces and design

With 691 pieces, the Y-Wing Starfighter offers a substantial build and a detailed model for the price. The model is not just about size but also about the detail, which LEGO has nailed. The design is elaborate and captures the essence of the iconic starship.

B. Compatibility with other LEGO sets and themes

The Y-Wing Starfighter fits perfectly within the Star Wars LEGO universe. It can be combined with other sets to recreate epic space battles or to build a comprehensive Star Wars diorama. The compatibility extends to the minifigures as well, which can interact with figures from other sets.

Pros and Cons

A. Pros

The Y-Wing Starfighter excels in design, attention to detail, and playability. The interactive features enhance the play experience, and the minifigures boost the storytelling potential. It's an engaging build, offering a balance between challenge and enjoyment.

B. Cons

A possible drawback could be the use of stickers rather than printed pieces. The model also has some fragility issues, specifically in the engine area. This isn't a major issue, but it may require occasional reassembly during play.

LEGO 75172

Final Thoughts and Recommendations

LEGO 75172

A. Summary of the set's appeal

The Y-Wing Starfighter is a stellar addition to any LEGO Star Wars collection. It stands out with its detailed design, interactive features, and faithful representation of the iconic starfighter. It provides not only an engaging build but also immense play and display value.

B. Target audience and overall value

This set is an ideal pick for Star Wars fans and LEGO enthusiasts aged 8 to 14, and even adult collectors. Whether you're buying it for the building experience, play value, or as a collectible, the Y-Wing Starfighter delivers exceptional value for money. It's an investment in fun, creativity, and the enduring appeal of Star Wars.

The Game of Bricks Light Kit for Y-Wing Starfighter 75172: Illuminating the Galactic Sky

In the world of LEGO enthusiasts, there's always a search for the next thing to elevate our creations, to bring them closer to the magic we feel in our imaginations. Game of Bricks, renowned for their high-quality LEGO light kits, gives us just that with their Light Kit for Y-Wing Starfighter 75172. This stellar innovation can transform your simple LEGO starfighter into a resplendent work of art.

Light kit for Y-Wing Starfighter 75172

Easy Installation

The first impression the light kit makes is with its user-friendly installation process. The kit arrives with a detailed step-by-step instruction guide. Even novices will find the process straightforward and manageable. Each LED is correctly labeled and fits seamlessly into the existing LEGO Y-Wing Starfighter 75172 build. The wiring, skillfully thin, is virtually invisible once properly set up, making the end product as sleek and clean as anyone could wish.

Light kit for Y-Wing Starfighter 75172

Enhanced Details

The real magic, however, comes alive once the lights are turned on. The enhancements to your Y-Wing Starfighter are simply sublime. The kit contains lights for the cockpit, the thrust engines, and the forward-facing cannons. These strategically placed LEDs breathe life into the model, adding depth and dimension that are particularly stunning in low-light environments. The vibrant lighting replicates the Star Wars ambiance with an authentic glow, making it a spectacle for all fans, young and old alike.


One of the standout features of the Game of Bricks Light Kit is its customizability. The included remote control allows users to adjust brightness and toggle between different lighting effects, allowing the user to customize the look and feel of their Y-Wing Starfighter according to their preference. Whether you want a soft glow or a radiant shine, the power is in your hands.

lego lights


Notably, the Light Kit is built to last. The LEDs and cables are robust, designed to withstand hours of use. The power source, a USB plug, is a testament to its durability, capable of maintaining a consistent power flow for extended periods. Furthermore, Game of Bricks assures customers of their product's longevity with a two-year product warranty, solidifying their confidence in the product's durability.

Minor Downsides

The kit isn't without its minor downsides, however. Some users might find the process of threading the small wires through the LEGO bricks slightly tricky, requiring a fair amount of patience and precision. Additionally, while the USB power source is reliable, the absence of a power bank within the package means users must find an appropriate power source themselves. However, these are relatively minor gripes and by no means diminish the overall quality of the kit.

In summary, the Game of Bricks Light Kit for Y-Wing Starfighter 75172 offers a compelling and worthwhile enhancement to your LEGO Star Wars experience. The easy installation, customizable lighting, and increased level of detail provide a value-added experience for LEGO enthusiasts and Star Wars fans. Despite a few small hurdles in setup and power source requirement, the end result—a magnificently lit Y-Wing Starfighter that brings the excitement of Star Wars into your living room—is worth every bit of effort. This kit is not just a game of bricks, it's a game-changer for any LEGO collection.

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