LEGO Sets for Babies

by Nikita P.

Are you planning on starting yourlittle angel up with LEGO? Or are you expecting your own angel soon and youwant them to enjoy the goodness of LEGO? If your answer to the above questionsis yes, then I must tell you that you're one of the most amazing parents outthere and LEGO has just the products for you.

What is an awesome way to start yourlittle baby up with fun that comes with learning? Yes, you got that just right,it is LEGO. Many families over the years have been glad they had LEGO to helpthem out with keeping the babies busy and happy and your baby would really loveit. LEGO is amazing for toddlers and preschoolers. They can learn their A, B, Cand 1,2,3 while they have fun.

lego lights

In this article, we'll look at somereally baby-friendly LEGO toys that were made to prevent any form of harm fromcoming to your baby while they have fun. Let's get to it.

LEGO DUPLOsuperheroes

This is super awesome for kids fromthe age of 18 months upwards. This is one set you're sure your kid willappreciate even when they grow older. Your child gets to build Iron-man'slaboratory workshop and give Captain America's bike a quick fix-up. Spidermanalso comes in this set which has the tallest of the figure in the set measuring13cm. This makes it carriable and easy to play with.

LEGO DUPLOmy first car creation

With these colorful and beautifulbricks, your baby will build different types of vehicles, from little cars totrucks to lorries to even helicopters, you just name it. The set comes withcars that have characters attached to the cars that create an awesomeimaginative experience for your kid. The products are designed specifically forlittle babies to have fun safely so don't worry about too much closemonitoring. With LEGO, your little angel is in safe hands.

LEGO DUPLO my first car creation

LEGO DUPLODisney Mickey's boat

Every child loves the Mickey mouse.The tender care, fun, and adventure in each episode. Your baby can buildMickey's fine boat from the little bricks in the box. This is a great way tolearn about the water world and how the boats are rowed. Your preschooler willdefinitely love to have this as a gift for their birthdays or for being good.

LEGO DUPLO Disney Mickey's boat

LEGO DUPLOmy first tow truck

Yay, who doesn't like a littleadventure? Well, it's not your beautiful little baby. Adventure is a part ofevery little child's life. Babies want to see new things, try out what they'veseen in their cartoons and all that, it would be a great adventure to help outthe city with towing damaged cars on the road. This set includes four wheels, aboy and girl decoration on both sides of the truck, and a hook for dragging thecars that break down. It's an amazing gift to present to preschoolers too.

LEGO DUPLO my first tow truck

LEGO DUPLOPrincess Elsa and Olaf's tea party

This LEGO DUPLO starter set is one ofthe finest Disney-themed LEGO sets for babies. The set includes mini-figures ofPrincess Elsa and Olaf, little tables and chairs, little jugs, and cups to makethe tea party totally awesome. If your baby is a cartoon lover, which I'm sureis the case, then you should consider getting this one to present to them as agift.

LEGO DUPLO Princess Elsa and Olaf's tea party

LEGO DUPLOTown police bike

This will help sharpen your baby's imaginativeskills and learn to proffer solutions to problems. Your baby will create sceneswhere the policeman has to ride in his beautiful bike and save the day. The setencourages easiness to teach your kids about good behavior too. It includes apolice figure, a police office/stand, and bricks with which they can build apoliceman's bike.

LEGO DUPLO Town police bike

LEGO DUPLOtown bedroom

This has to be the most magnificenttoy bedroom ever. This bedroom has a great playground look that would thrillyour baby. It comes with baby figures and other tiny toys that your baby cancreate beautiful bedtime scenes with. You don't need to look any further ifwhat you're looking for is a cute girly toy for your girl. I can bet she wouldbe ecstatic to bhttps://gem-3910432.nete presented with this one.

LEGO DUPLO town bedroom

LEGO DUPLOtown farm animals

This is an awesome time to learnabout nature and farming. It is a great toy for kids which allows you as aparent to teach your kids about how seeds are planted and how baby animals areborn and cared for. The toys come with little figures of farm animals like themother hen and her chicks, the little piglet, a cow, and a cat. The awesomenessjust never ends.

LEGO DUPLO town farm animals

LEGO DUPLOtown submarine adventure

Go on a thrilling underwateradventure with this LEGO starter set. The set includes little swimmers, fishes,a submarine, and the water environment. Isn't this just amazing? Thinking of atime out in the pool? Don't worry, you can take this one out to the pool andcreate real-life underwater scenes with your submarine. This set is great forpreschoolers and toddlers. You must get this one for your child to make theirfun time more fun for them.

LEGO DUPLO town submarine adventure

LEGO DUPLOtown pizza stand

Now, who doesn't love pizza? Yes,correct, nobody. This is an amazing set to teach your baby about trade andprobably even how pizza is made. You can even enjoy some slices of pizza whileyou're at it. This is an awesome LEGO set for babies and you just have to getit for your child. The set includes a pizza stand that your baby will build, afigure of a guy selling the pizza, a table, and a big dog. Present this to yourbaby and the joy you'll see in their eyes will be unforgettable.

LEGO DUPLO town pizza stand

LEGO DUPLOPrincess frozen ice castle

Wanna find out how Princess Elsa andAnna were able to get rid of the land on the fjord? Well, this LEGO starter setwill help you explain that quite easily. The set is suitable for both your babyboy and your baby girl from the age of 18 months up to 5 years. The setincludes little figures of Princess Anna and Princess Elsa, Olaf, and the bigcastle where they all live. You should present this to your baby now and watchthem grow even older to love the set.

LEGO DUPLO Princess frozen ice castle

LEGO DUPLOMinnie's birthday party

More from the Mickey mouse movie,Minnie's birthday party is going to be extremely fun when your baby creates allthe interesting party ideas in her head and plays it all out with the toys.This set is very suitable for your baby girl, however, your baby boy can haveit as well. It includes Minnie's house, the big and beautiful birthday cake,and all the other exciting birthday party essentials.

LEGO DUPLO Minnie's birthday party

LEGO DUPLOtown bakery

How are the delicious cakes andloaves of bread made? Ever wondered about that? Well, I'm sure your baby wouldhave. This set is awesome for kids from the age of 12 months upwards. Itincludes little figures of a baker, a van for distributing the already madeproducts, and several other bakery tools and equipment.

LEGO DUPLO town bakery

LEGO DUPLOTown fire truck

Are the alarms going off? Is there afire in the city? Well then, get in your truck and get ready to save the day.The red fire truck is an assemblable LEGO set that your kids can learn tocreate adventure scenes with, scenes where they get to save the day and advisethe citizens on how to be safe and prevent a fire outbreak. The set includes afire truck with a ladder on top for climbing to taller houses, little figuresof a fireman & a child, and a tree. Your child would remember this one foryears if you present it as a birthday gift.

LEGO DUPLOtown playroom

An amazing set to learn about playingsafely at the playground. It is suitable for both your baby girl and your babyboy. LEGO has always been about having a fun time with an extra advantage oflearning while that is going on. This set represents the original LEGO idea.You will find little figures of a boy and a girl, a pony, and other playroomequipment.

LEGO DUPLOmy first alphabet truck

Your child will build this LEGO truckfrom scratch to finish and arrange the alphabets properly and in an orderlymanner. The set encourages your baby to easily learn alphabets and probablyeven learn how to spell small words. The set includes little figures, anassemblable truck, and alphabet bricks to make it a fun learning process.