LEGO Ideas to include in your kid’s playground

by Nikita P.

All parents in the world always want to see their kids happy and that is the reason why they go an extra length to achieve this. As we know, LEGO is loved by a majority of the world'spopulation, both old and young. We can say for sure that kids are the ones who are so obsessed with this toy, but some adults cannot do with LEGO . Whether old or young, LEGO is the favorite of almost everyone.


As a parent, do you have a lover of LEGO in your house? Well, if you do, then it means that you have a playground filled with brick toys and even if you do not have a playground at themoment, I am certain that you are already making plans to organize one.


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Setting up a playground for LEGO toys is not all that matters, but having the right kinds of sets. Adults and kids both have their different preferences. An adult may not like what akid would, and a kid would not like what an adult would like. This also applies to having LEGO sets and setting up a playground. An adult will set up adult LEGO toys on his playground, while a kid would want his/her playgroundto be filled with what gives him joy as a youngster. Therefore, if you have a little LEGO fan in your house, then this post will be helpful to you.


In this article, we are going to talk about some of the LEGO ideas to include in your kid’s playground. So, keep reading to know the amazing LEGO sets that you can have your youngstersset up in their playground to have much fun.


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Most amazing sets to include in your kids’ LEGO playground

When a kid discovers that he is loved by his parents, then he will have good self-esteem. It continues to develop as siblings, friends, and adults acknowledge the skills you possess.Kids need good self-esteem for the way they interact with themselves or other people. One thing that can help them build this kind of self-esteem is the kind of play they engage in at school or at home and the kind of toysthey use.

Now, let us talk about these toys which you can include in your kid’s playground that can also be a source of education for them. We say that they educate your children becausethe toys help them to learn science, develop their motor skills, learn persistence, develop a cooperative play, and to learn many other problem-solving skills. Let us now take a look at these toys.

LEGO Juniors/4+ Mountain Police Chase 10751

We love this toy because it helps to build creativity and confidence in kids. The set has all it takes to recreate the police station scenes. It features a jail cell where villainscan be kept, a spyglass, and a safe. It comes with a helicopter that can be used to chase after the dangerous guys, and also a quad bike. Kids can use this set to create amazing scenes where a police officer handles the badguys. It is very easy to build. There is an instruction booklet that will guide them through their build. Include this toy in your kid’s playground and give them something to build their confidence and self-esteem.

LEGO Creator 3in1 Deep-Sea Creatures

If you have a 7-year-old kid who loves sea creatures, then this is an amazing set that you can include in his/her LEGO playground. Your kids can have fun and also learn about aquaticlife. With this set, children can build three ocean-themed models. They can use this model to build a crab, a shark, or a squid/angler fish while they search for a treasure box. The shark toy has moving fins, opening mouth,movable joints, pointy teeth, and reflective eyes. All these make an exciting playing experience. Include this set to your kid’s playground and send them to the underwater world.

LEGO City Monster Truck 60180

The set is good in helping your children build their confidence. It features two fire barrels with flame elements, a driver Minifigure, and a ramp (buildable). With the 192 pieces ofthis model, children can build an awesome monster truck and create stunt shows. The truck has a working suspension and an air scoop that authenticates it. Every kid will be delighted to have this toy in their playground.

LEGO THE LEGO MOVIE 2 Emmet and Benny

This set will help to build the imaginations of your kid, improve their building skills, and also help them learn to strictly follow instructions. They will follow instructions to builda buggy, spaceship, and 2 toy cars. This set has tools that your kids can use to fix the buggy and the spaceship, and also one gas station (buildable). It will be a nice addition to your kid's playground.

LEGO Classic Creative Suitcase 10713

This set has different shapes and colorful pieces that children can use to build what they love most. Even if your kid just started to collect LEGO toys, he will still benefit fromthis set as it has everything. In the yellow suitcase of this set, there are wheels, bricks, eyes, and shapes which your kids can use to build whatever they like, such as vehicles. It will improve their motor skills and helpthem learn their colors.

LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Express 75955

A LEGO set that has characters from the Harry Potter movie. The set has an express train with a removable roof and side panel, a railway bridge, and Minifigure characters like Remus,Harry, and Hermione. Your kids can get creative by building the dining hall in Hogwarts and the portion room. If your kid is a Harry Potter fan, then this 801-piece set will be great in his/her playground.

LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox

This set can help to develop your children’s STEM skills, teach them how to solve problems, teach them variables as well as loops. With the 847 pieces of this set, kids can buildfive different interesting and educational models. It will help them to become more interested in science as they will get to build robots and program them. Your kids will be happy to have this LEGO set included in their playground.

LEGO Friends Heartlake City Pet Center 41345

It will help to develop your kid’s creativity and teach them how to groom their four-legged furry friends. Kids within the range of six-twelve years will love to have this setin their playground as they will be able to build a vet clinic, grooming parlor, and pet shop. The set comes with one grooming van which your kids can use to carry the furry friends. This 474-piece model has a variety of accessories,like a playground with a sleeping area and a seesaw. 

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Spider-Man vs. Scorpion Street Showdown 10754

Lovers of Spiderman will be pleased to have this set in their playground. So if you have one, get it for him/her. This is a 125-piece LEGO model that has a scorpion and Spiderman. Thedetails of this set include an alley wall with an opening window, ramp, and a rooftop. There are connection spots used to connect the Spiderman’s big webs. Kids can easily build this set and it will be fun having itin their playground.

LEGO Friends Mia’s Tree House

Children can have fun with this set as they create an amazing treehouse. The set has an attic with an opening, a climbing net, and a zip wire that takes the leads to the treehouse.The minifigures of this set include Mimi bunny, Cinnamon figures, Daniel, and Mia. This 352-piece model also has a skateboard and a folding ladder, all to make your kids have an imaginative play.


A kid who loves robots will be happy to have this model in his playground. This LEGO set has an app-controlled robot that can be made to play games, walk, or talk. It will make yourchildren appreciate science and engineering more. It has IR and touch sensors, and three servo motors (interactive). Give your children this set and watch them spend all their day creating seventeen different robots. Yourchildren will not only have fun but also learn more about technology. 

LEGO NINJAGO Masters of Spinjitzu: Stormbringer 70652 Ninja Toy

Your kids will be delighted to have this set in their playground as they will use it to create amazing Ninjago scenes. This model has a realistic swiping tail, minifigures, and shootersto set up the ninja battles. They can still use this set to create epic adventures together with other LEGO sets.

LEGO Jurassic World Pteranodon Escape 10756

If your kids love the Jurassic World, then this will be a great addition in their playground. It is an 84-piece set that children can use to create the Pteranodon figure with movablewings. The main features of this set include a helicopter, a pilot, a tracker, and a Pteranodon. Kids from 4-7 years old will enjoy playing with this set in their playground.

LEGO City Sky Police Jet Patrol 60206

The confidence of your kids will improve as they build this set. The set has two characters, which are a policeman and a crook. Your kids can use this set to construct an airplane (SkyJet) with a cockpit that can be opened. It also has one turning searchlight and a simple instruction guide. Include this set in your kid’s playground and build his imagination as he chases the crook that came to steal.

LEGO Road Repair Truck 10750

Help your kids learn how to care for the streets in the city and also build their motor skills by including this set 73-piece set in their playground. They can use it to build a strongtruck used to repair the road and to carry tools for construction. The set comes with a cement mixer that spins, detachable trailer, and a toy roadblock. There is also a Minifigure road worker for them to use in their creativeand imaginative play. 

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Avengers

Focus and concentration can be learned while building this set. With its 674 pieces, your kids can build the Benetar, the Starship of the Guardians of the Galaxy, the mighty Thanoswith his infinity gauntlet, and a sword. In the Starship of the Guardians, there is an opening cockpit to place the space scooter. The set has a storage room where Thanos’ Gauntlet is kept. Your kids will be delightedto relive astonishing scenes from the Marvel film.

LEGO Technic BASH! 42073

A wonderful set that your kids will love to have in their playground. Children can use it to build a strong pull-back car. The car features wide rims with tires, a big spoiler behindit, and some cleaning and care elements that are used to make the car clean.

LEGO Harry Potter & The Chamber of Secrets 75953 Hogwarts Whomping Willow Magic Toys

If you are looking for a set to include in your kids' playground, then this LEGO set will be a great addition as it will build their imagination and help them get creative. Theycan use this 753-piece set to build the Hogwarts magical castle. There are so many details that make this set look realistic after the build. Your kids will love to have this model in their playground as they will create fascinatingmovie scenes with it.

LEGO Classic Medium Creative Brick Box 10696

Why we like it: This toy set is good for kids to develop their creative side. It comes in 35 different colors which help them to have open-ended building play that develops their motorskills.

This is a 484-piece LEGO set that kids can use to build cars in thirty-five different colors. It helps to build their motor skills as it has eyes, 18 wheels, and windows. You can includethis set in your kid’s playground and he will forever be grateful to you.


As you include some of these sets in your kid’s playground, you can also customize them with our fascinating LEGO lights to further build their imaginations and help bring theirtoys to life.

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