Lego Ideas Original Projects vs Final Sets

by Nikita P.

Lego Ideas usually look at some changes which one could compare with the complete projects after the completed products are ready. The magnitude and significance of these alterationshave serious differences.


Looking at the emergence suddenly of 21325 Medieval Blacksmith has increased the discussion concerning the divergence from the original submission of ideas. However, looking at pastmodels would reveal some Lego sets which would deviate further from the actual material when other materials remain consistent. We have looked at several products and their adjustments especially at points when they becamenecessary.


List of Lego Ideas Original Projects vs Final Sets

1. 21100 Shinkai Submarine 6500 at_guy

The score of this Lego idea and its completed product is 10/10. This product was officially launched in the last month of the year 2010. The 21100 Shinkai Submarine 6500 doesn’thave any difference from the original Lego idea. It has its exploration environment and identical submarine. This is one of the only products that does not have any change whatsoever. 

2. 21101 Hayabusa, Exploration Asteroid Spacecraft Hayabusa by Daisuke

This has a similarity score of 3/10. This follows in the instances when you look at the end product and the original idea. The LEGO Group fully talked about how they wanted to createsomething completely different using their 21101 Hayabusa. The completed product was made between two scales which were originally proposed by Daisuke and then the techniques used in the building were completely different.Some of its details were retained. 


3. 21102 Minecraft Micro World: From the LEGO Minecraft Forest by Mojang

This has a similarity score of 1/10. It is the 21102 Minecraft Micro World which isn’t typical like all the other types. The forest has nothing alike with the inspired Lego idea.The only similar thing it has with the original Lego idea is nothing other than the Minecraft theme. The scale was altered dramatically and then there was expanded guile which is available to further incorporate variety. Thisalso includes caves that were underground. Being a part of the LEGO set that was much loved by Lego fans, this had to remain a part of the LEGO set.



4. 21103 The DeLorean Time Machine, From Back to the Future by m.togami

This has a similarity score of 4/10. This scale was made public by the creation and specific details of m.togami. He made sure everything remained consistent and he didn’t stoptill the design was completed and the completed product was a success. The broader structure became altered with time all across the smooth bonnet through the 6 x 8 slope became swapped by a lot of tiles. Several people becamedisappointed with the completed design. But the fans of Lego that liked this set made sure their friends had copied it and they would play with it all day long. If you’re not a back the Future fan you would not enjoythis Lego set. I feel the end product was indeed better than the original Lego idea. I love this Lego set and its original Lego idea because both of them represent the lovely time machine. One of the pickup lines for severalmovies. Even on movies that are yet to come. It has been referenced a lot. 


5. 21104 NASA Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover by Perijove

Having a similarity score of 9/10 these had adjustments to submission from Perijove. Some of these submissions are usually almost always cosmetic. Lots of them replace specific Technicelements which have equivalents directly. One of the differences that are quite obvious would be that this has a direct relation to the surface when one looks under the rover. You would notice some dark Martian orange elementswhich replaced dark Grey bluish components. 


6. 21108 Ghostbusters - Ecto-1 30th Anniversary by BrentWaller

This has a similarity score of 3/10. Are you a Ghostbusters fan?. This Lego set was composed using the Ghostbusters theme. It has a public firehouse and the Ecto-1 which is renowned.If you check the LEGO set, you’ll notice that the firehouse is absent. The official Ecto-1 has some similarities which are intriguing to the first model. This includes external bodywork and window assembly. With this,you can fully understand why this had a similarity score so low. Unlike other Lego sets with a very high similarity score. 

7. 21109 Exo Suit by PeterReid

This has its Similarity Score of 6/10. There are several details from the original Peter Reid Exo Suit which were retained when 21109 Exo Suit was created. One could have made a mentalimage of Peter Reid working closely with Mark Stafford to create a design that’s revised. However, the structure needed strengthening and adding more features that were not available in transition. 


8. 21110 Research Institute by Alatariel

This has a Similarity Score of 8/10. Apart from switching it up with the dinosaur skeleton and changing the colors from white to tan. One of the serious changes here was related to thename of the product. These were presumed to get decided on a name which ended being 'Female Minifigure Set'. This could reduce this set desire or its interest from boys. Nevertheless, the concept of this Lego set essentiallyremained the same. 


9. 21301 Birds by DeTomaso

This has a Similarity Score of 9/10 – This Lego 21301 Bird has remained very close to the original Lego idea. The only difference between the original Lego idea and the completedproduct is some very few minute details. The presentation of these three models is a little bit different. But when one wants to build between these sets, you could use the same steps. The building techniques remain quiteidentical and the LEGO birds which were selected were parts of those which were presented prominently from the LEGO Ideas project. 


10. 21302 The Big Bang Theory By Alatariel

This has a Similarity Score of 8/10. The LEGO Group changed the color of the wall when they were creating the completed design. The furnishings were also changed too. The size and themodel shape also changed in the methods with which it was altered between the final product and the design. These focused exactly on the Sheldon and Leonard apartment. 

11. 21303 WALL•E by MacLane

This has a similarity score of 7/10. The scale and shape fundamentally of 21303 was published by MacLane. The completed product has several printed pieces that were omitted from theoriginal Lego design. The most substantial difference can be organizing the eyes. These include details that were changed and removed from the original Lego idea. 


12. 21304 Doctor Who by AndrewClark2

This has a Similarity Score of 7/10. This was properly re-made using a concept which was proposed by Andrew Clark 2. This featured an opening TARDIS which connected using an internalconsole. Other subtle details remained properly consistent between the two models but the Dalek design became updated and then the Totters Lane had a base that became omitted. 


13. 21305 Maze by JKBrickworks

This has a Similarity Score of 9/10. This has an outstanding marble Maze that has some adjustments which become 21305 Maze. These Technic barriers are divided using the Maze which waslater replaced using the framing structure and bricks. The bricks and framing structure got more strength as a result of the type of materials that were used to make them. The colors, mechanism, the scans remained the sameall through the process used in developing the completed product. 


14. 21306 The Beatles Yellow Submarine by Kevin Szeto

Having a Similarity Score of 6/10 – respective and being part of the scale which had colors, the 21306 The Beatles Yellow boat had some differences from the original Lego ideawhich created the completed model. It also had different proportions and then some curved shapes which looked great. There was the transition between white and yellow sections then the windows has rows that ended up lookingthe same. 


15. 21307 Caterham Seven 620R by bricktrix_Carl

This has a Similarity Score of 7/10. The techniques used for this building were employed for 21307 Caterham Seven. They were also borrowed from the racing creation of the owner of thisLego set. This ended up having proportions that remained identical absolutely. There were a few decorations that later appeared on the final model. Some details were made to look simple to make sure there were easy constructionand reduced levels of sturdiness. 


16. 21308 Adventure Time by aBetterMonkey

Having a Similarity Score of 7/10, this ended up being a project that was created and established using consistent design styles and scales which was retained for the 21308 AdventureTime. There were several techniques used for construction that was shared between the completed model and the original Lego idea. Though some of the characters were not merged into the completed model. 


17. 21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V by Saab fan

This has a Similarity Score of 7/10. This is quite a successful Lego set. It came back in the year 2020. The original Lego idea was established and it has its separate functions whichwere added into the completed model. Though the techniques used in building completely changed. 

18. 21310 Old Fishing Store by RobenAnne

This has a similarity score of 9/10. This creation was quite detailed using a proper layout and awesome size for the 21310 Old Fishing Store and also had awesome designs to properlycapture the details available. It also had shapes that slightly offered external features and colors that appeared on both the final product and the proposed model. 


19. 21311 Voltron by len_d69

This has a Similarity Score of 5/10. Showing mechs that have created several challenges to its designs. It has maintained its stability which added some levels of articulation. There’salso the 21311 Voltron which was quite vulnerable to several issues and based on its large size, this had so many changes from the project created by len_d69's. This scale looked the same and it has created lots of littledetails which could easily be shown on several designs. 


20. 21312 Women of NASA by 20tauri

This has a similarity score of 6/10. It has segments from the famous and noteworthy Women of NASA which is gotten from the 20tauri's proposal. It looks quite identical and it comprisesof about three little vignettes which are from the Minifigures. There’s the display frame which was excluded from Katherine Johnson and her vignette which was merged too. This left about three models from the completedmodel. 

21. 21313 Ship in a Bottle by JakeSadovich77

This has a similarity score of 3/10. Getting publicly known as the 21313 ships in a bottle created lots of criticism because of the revised model which was a lot different from the ideaswhich were submitted. Looking at occasions, there were dramatic adjustments that were necessary because the original bottle would have been fragile. It ended up being not practical to end up being official products. Despitethese changes, there were certain concepts and techniques used for the building that remained intact.


22. 21314 TRON: Legacy by BrickBros UK

This has a Similarity Score of 4/10. It has a light aerodynamic Cycle which was created by BrickBros UK. This got altered substantially to become this completed model. One of the bikesended up becoming two and then they had updated designs and achieved very far and superior accuracy to vehicles onscreen. They also had decorative bases. These ended up looking like a Light Cycle Grid. Also had a scale thatwas retained and it ended up looking the same. 

23. 21315 Pop-Up Book by JKBrickworks

This has a Similarity Score of 8/10. Just like the earlier model gotten from JKBrickworks', this has its mechanism for the 21315 Pop Up book and it was taken straight from an originaldesign. The book size was a little bit unaltered. It also had a color scheme which brighter both across the cover of the popup books and inside the daub and white wattle which replace the light bluish-grey stone. 


24. 21316 The Flintstones by AndrewClark2

This has a Similarity Score of 6/10. This is the second successful project from AndrewClark2's. It has similarities which are a lot from the first. It has a high scale of 21316The Flintstones. This completed model matches the original Lego idea and it also matches lots of building techniques that later were retained. There were several chats after. There was the bedrock sign, the road which wasomitted while the Flintstones design had a simplified house that lacked intricate textures. 

25. 21317 Steamboat Willie by szabomate90

This has a Similarity Score of 2/10. This completed Lego set properly represents a great deviation from the original project of several ideas products. Since the 21102 Minecraft MicroWorld Forest became available. There was the updated ship which was properly constructed using different scales and the details were truly really improved. It had a subject matter which essentially remained similar. It hada subject matter which looked like the initial Lego idea. 


26. 21318 Tree House by KevinTimeHouse

Having a Similarity Score of 7/10. Having proper differences between the 21318 Tree House and the KevinTimeHouse's model was quite obvious. These had changes that were quite cosmetic.There were brighter colors that got introduced and then there were the lowest branches layers which got moved higher inside the canopy. There were more important features than one. These essential features included the construction,the size, the shape, and a lot of other paths too. These also included the number of cabins. 


27. 21319 Central Perk from Friends by Mric76

This has a Similarity Score of 5/10. Looking at contrast, this Lego set looks fairly similar to that from Mric76's proposal. It has some differences though which are quite fundamental.I think this is the reason why it is getting half the similarity score. The colors are quite the same but the scale of the model was toned down. This necessitated major alterations to the building details and techniques. Theupdated model introduced lights from the studio which truly tried its best to reflect the sitcom status from the friends series. 

28. 21320 Dinosaur Fossils by Mukkinn

Having a Similarity Score 3/10. This Lego set has lots of skeletons from Lego. This Lego set had about three fossils which appeared reminiscent of all those from which it was createdoriginally. The construction methods and their colors were changed completely. This is why the similarity score ended up being so made. This completed model later had lots of Technic elements which ended up making it morestable. 

29. 21321 International Space Station by XCLD

Having a similarity score of 9/10. This Space Station has remained close to the initial Lego idea when you compare this to all recent Lego Ideas products. Apart from the addition ofprinted solar panels, one of the only differences you could notice between this completed Lego model and the original Lego idea would be the visible external details and the breakage of the middle truss assembly. 


30. 21322 Pirates of Barracuda Bay by Bricky_Brick

Having a Similarity Score of 4/10. The arrangement fundamentally of these structures remains similar between Bricky_Brick's creation and that of the 21322 Pirates of Barracuda Bay.

Though this Lego set has brighter colors which are closer and considerably close to the original theme of pirates which was later introduced. These ended up resulting in the island andit transformed back into the not famous for the right reasons Black Seas Barracuda!

31. 21323 Grand Piano by SleepyCow

Having a Similarity Score of 6/10. There are some wonderful models which are changed to improve marketability. Several others require alterations for legit Lego design standards to reflect.21323 Grand Piano does not have strings that are available intricately. Some of these were present from the original design. This internal mechanism was quite different. Though dimensions and then the shape of the piano werea little bit similar. 


32. 21324 123 Sesame Street by the bulldozer

Having a Similarity Score of 3/10. 21324 123 Sesame Street, has reduced in scale for it to be marketable. There’s also a final model which comprises of the 1368 and is fewer thanabout half of the littlest design that was created by the bulldozer. This created quite the difference between official products and original Lego design. Some little designs ended up remaining intact like the furnishingsinside. 


33. 21325 Medieval Blacksmith by Nairobi

Having a Similarity Score of 6/10. The difference between the 21325 Medieval Blacksmith and the creation from Namirob truly shows the proper separation between the original Lego ideaand the official completed Lego set. Both of these have unaltered shapes. It has ramshackle tiles which seem a little more secure than structures after getting updated. There’s also the color schemes which look a littlebit brighter. Looking at the 21318 Tree House and the 21322 Pirates of Barracuda Bay from several other sets. 

Looking at all of these Lego theme ideas and their completed products, they have shown wonderful variations between the end products and how they are with their original versions. Ienjoyed writing this piece. There are some reasons why some of these Lego sets have differences from their originals. There are some with bright colors which are preferred for the LEGO Group. Because these models are way moremarketable. Some details required things to be way more simplified to meet the standards of Lego construction.


lego lights

There are also some changes certainly which have been more successful than others. Few of these would support this claim like the 21103 The DeLorean Time Machine over its original Legoidea. Looking at the Central Perk comparison from the original Lego idea and its completed product, the opposite is the case.


Among all these Lego sets and their differences from the original Lego set, which do you feel were the most successful and which were more faithful to its actual original Lego idea.Give us your thoughts in the comments section.


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