LEGO Hogwarts Express Collectors Edition 76405 Set Review

by Mark Gini

The Hogwarts Express is a popular Train in theHarry Potter Movie that used to carry students to the Hogwarts School ofWizardry and Witchcraft. The Train was accessible through the London TrainStation. Only kids with special magical powers could access the Train. TheHogwarts Express was pivotal throughout the Harry Potter movie and is wellknown worldwide among students of Harry Potter fans. The fun thing about thisHarry Potter train is that it exists in real life. Harry Potter fans can ridethis Train in real life as they travel from Hogsmead to Florida. If you live inHogsmead, you may have ridden on this Train. This iconic Train will lookamazing as a display masterpiece. You will love Lego's new addition to itscollection if that's how you feel. 

lego lights

On August 2022, Lego Launched the new andimproved Hogwarts express, which you first launched in 2001. If you loved the2001 set, then you will love this new set. The set is enormous and comes withmany cool details, including more Minifigures, making it much more awesome thanthe first. The set also contains cool details that will keep kids engaged forhours. If you have little kids who are fans of Lego and Harry Potter, thiscould be a very good gift for them this year. The set is also fit for adults,thanks to the technics required to put this set together. The buildingexperience is more of a bittersweet situation. This blog post will deeply diveinto everything you need to know about the Lego Hogwarts Express and how ourlight kits make it look even more magnificent. 


The Lego Hogwarts Express is one to build. Theset comes in a black-themed box, with the picture of the Lego set perfectlymatching the background. Once you unbox this Lego set, you are greeted withfour instruction manuals that contain separate instructions for this set. Thenonce you pass that, you have a total of 45 numbered bags you will be using tobuild this Lego set. For some, that might sound a lot, but the truth is that thisamount of bags only tells you you will need to clear out your schedule to buildthis Lego set. The building of this set promises to be fun and engaging. Theonly hiccup some might say is a downer to this set is the fact that technicsused in the building of the train tracks are a bit repetitive. This is the factthat you will be repeating the same technics 48+ times. Aside from that,building this Lego set is fun all around. 

Another interesting thing about this set isthat you can speed up the build. This is thanks to the four different manualsyou are giving. With the help of this manual, you can make building this set agroup affair. If you have family members who are fans of Lego Harry Pottersets, you could make this Lego set your next family project. You can pick apart of the set and build it simultaneously. This will not only save time butwill add joy and laughter to the faces of all involved. This can be an awesomeway for you and your family to have a bonding time. This Lego set-building experienceis not the only thing good about the set. The Lego set also comes with amazingfeatures. Let's look into some amazing features of the Lego Hogwarts Expressset. 

lego 76405



The Lego Hogwarts Express comes with 20Minifigures which help bring the scenes on and around the train station tolive. The first five Minifigures include Harry Potter, the Trolly Witch, TrainConductor, Runny Winsly, and Herminia Ranger. These sets of Minifigures arefrom the first year, the Sorcerers Stone. We have other Minifigures from otheryears of the Harry Potter movie, including a dive into the future where HarryPotter and Genny Whsely are married with kids. These cool minifigures areaccompanied by accessories you can place and customize on any side of the set,adding to a better display masterpiece.\


Sadly, the Lego Hogwarts Express can only beused as a display set. Though the build for the engine is quite authentic, thatis all you will get from this Lego set. But what this set loses in mobility, itmakes up for in size and beauty. The set comes with stickers that help add lifeto the Train. You also have a track built with Pure Lego bricks for moreauthenticity. Then to finish off your set's display, Lego offers you a standwith the platform. The platform is just big enough to display all theMinifigures of the Lego set.

lego 76405


The Lego Hogwarts Express is made with thebest quality material. This makes the set durable and user-friendly. The setpieces, when put together, are sturdy, so you will not have any trouble withthe set falling apart after being put together. Lego has also done its best toensure that all sets are safe and can be worked on even with kids. All thesegood specs make this Lego set a must-have. 

lego 76405

     SET SIZE.

You may have already known that this is alarge Lego set. The reason behind this is the fact that this Lego set isdesigned solely for display purposes. It has three main parts that make up aset. The Lego set comes with the Hogwarts Express Train, the Track, andPlatform Stand. The Lego Hogwarts Express comes with a total of 5129 brickpieces. The Lego set measures about 10.5 inches high, 46.5 inches long, and 8.5inches in diameter when fully put together.

lego 76405


You can purchase the Lego Hogwarts Expressfrom any Lego store in your area. You can also purchase the Lego HogwartsExpress set direct from the Lego website. The Lego set could cost higher orlower depending on your location and the availability of the set in your area.The Lego Hogwarts Express cost approximately 500 dollars. Some argue that theset isn't worth it. But the fact remains that if you are a fan of Legocollectors sets and want something nice to include in your collection, this setshould be one to consider. Once you are done building this set, make it lookmore magical with the help of our amazing Lego lights.

lego lights


To help make your Lego set stand out, we hereat Game of bricks have prepared special Lego lights for your set. This lightwill help make your Lego Hogwarts Express shine. Working with our light kitsmay seem challenging for newbies. But you can get the job done following thesefew steps. 


As soon as your Lego lights arrive, it wouldbe safe for you to take a few minutes to inspect them. This ensures that allshipped lights and accessories look and are in perfect condition. It is notunusual for light kits to sustain damage during shipping. This is because ourlights are very fragile. So to ensure you get premium quality Lego lights, makesure you inspect your package. If you notice any damages during the inspection,request a replacement using your 30days warranty card. 

Light Kit for Hogwarts Express – Collectors’ Edition 76405


We have covered you if you are new to our Legolights and don't know how to go about it. We have included a manual as part ofthe light kit. This manual is well-detailed and will help you get the most outof your installation process. As you work with our lights, remember that theyare fragile. So ensure to handle them with care. 

Light Kit for Hogwarts Express – Collectors’ Edition 76405


Once you have successfully installed your Legolights, it's time to find out if you have done a good job and if your light kitworks. To do this, try putting on and off your lights using your remote. Also,try living it on for some time to check the stability of the lights. If thelights are not stable, find out through the manual if that's part of thefeatures. If not, find out why the lights are not stable. It could be aconnection issue. Once you notice any issues with your light kits, try and fixthem. If not, put your Lego set on display for all to see. 

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