LEGO Factory (LEGO Factory Tour 2019)

by Nikita P.

Have you ever imagined the wealth of creativity that goes into creating the block-like articles that shape your favorite LEGO structures and characters? If you have, then you’ll be thrilled to explore the World-renowned, comically-majestic, and aesthetically appealing LEGO Factory. LEGO has been around for a while now, and each year they come up with something so amazing that even the most elite LEGO collectors cannot resist. All these LEGO products, both past, and present are created in one place; the LEGO Factory. Even more amazing is the fact that all their creation processes down to the packing and branding of the structures are opened to the general public through the LEGO Factory Tour 2019. 

lego factory

Thus, anyone who fancies a trip through the production site of some of the world’s most prominent LEGO sets can sign up for the LEGO Factory Tour 2019 for a mind-blowing experience. But as could be expected from a gigantic firm like LEGO, who has spent the greater part of its existence creating happiness for people of all ages, the chance to attend the LEGO Factory Tour 2019 is not for everyone. Before you can join the it, you’ll have to qualify just like everyone else. Which begs the question of how does one qualify for the LEGO Factory Tour 2019? 

How to get into the LEGO Factory Tour 2019 

Typically, LEGO only accepts 140 candidates into its world of wonder and amazement. So if you want to explore the treasures lurking behind the LEGO entryways, you’ll have to compete with thousands of other LEGO enthusiasts out there. It is just like the chocolate factory movie, where children earned a visit to the magnanimous chocolate factory by finding a golden ticket concealed in a chocolate bar. Maybe not exactly, but close. Long story short, you need a fast finger and a fairy godmother who says amen to all your wishes, to qualify for the LEGO Factory Tour 2019. Why? Because the it only happens once a year and as such, many people wait up for the date to apply for the golden ticket that’ll afford them passage through LEGO’s entryways. 

lego factory entrance

To sign up for the ticket, go online and fill out the form. Before the tickets go on sale, LEGO would have published the release date so everyone can get a fair chance to compete for a spot amongst the 140 lucky people that’ll be visiting the LEGO Factory for the subject matter year. One of the major criteria for qualification is that the visiting party must be seven years old or older. So if you are visiting with a child whose age is not up to seven years old, he/she may not qualify for LEGO’s inside tour. Only 140 people are allowed every year; so it can get a little competitive to qualify for the golden ticket that will afford you an exploration of the world-renowned LEGO Factory. 

lego inside tour

Whereas many people have come out to say that being among the first set of people to fill out the online registration form helped secure a spot in the LEGO inside tour, LEGO may have a different system for identifying eligible candidates. On the off chance that you are selected for the inside tour of LEGO’s headquarter, you’ll be notified via mail. All things considered, it shouldn’t take more than three days (give or take) to know if you’ll be going to LEGOLAND BILLUND or not. 

lego billund

So what happens next after you have qualified for the LEGO Factory Tour 2019 

Well, nothing much; just everything! The LEGO Factory is a place of wonder and amazement; it’s the place where all your favorite building sets are created after all. So you can be sure of one thing; every corner you turn in this gigantic building will blow your mind. For the sake of the LEGO enthusiasts out there, who might find inspiration from this post or consider a comprehensive account of the mind-blowing inside tour a spoiler, we won’t be going into much detail in our description of the mesmeric experience at LEGOLAND BILLUND. LEGO Factory Tour 2019 is a well-organized 3 days’ event that takes you through LEGO’s epicenter of creation and introduces you to the brains behind the LEGO creations. As only 140 lucky candidates get to explore the factory every year, LEGO ensures that you get a proper education of their production processes even as they entertain you with their spectacular works of art. 

lego factory

The Experience at LEGOLAND BILLUND 

LEGOLAND is located in the heart of Billund, Denmark. Depending on which facet of the globe you are traveling from, it may take a while to get there, but when you do, you’ll find that it is worth the effort and the time investment. Billund itself is a beautiful city with plenty of attraction sites. No doubt, you’ll love your stay in this beautiful city and the comfort the LEGOLAND hotel provides. Yes, LEGO has its hotel, and it is called the LEGOLAND Hotel. After your Arrival at Billund, You’ll be conveyed in a taxi to the hotel, where you’ll find ginormous packets of data waiting for you. The trip from the Billund airport to the LEGOLAND hotel shouldn’t take more than 5 to 10 minutes to complete since there’s little to no traffic on the route. You can begin your exploration of the city from your car’s window, as your driver takes you closer to hotel the premier destination for fun and excitement. 

hotel legoland


One of the most exciting things you’ll get to find out about the LEGO Factory tour 2019, is that LEGO has a long list of fun activities lined up to keep you active and excited throughout your stay. When you arrive at the site, you’ll be offered two seasons permits to LEGOLAND with your pictures printed on each permit. Whereas this is super cool, it is nothing compared to the mind-blowing experience that LEGO has planned for the remainder of your visit. In addition to the permits, you’ll be offered multiple gifts and two bags of bricks. On top of that, you’ll be invited to participate in a building challenge, where you’ll assemble the bricks packaged in the bags. This building challenge would be the first of many building hurdles throughout the tour. 

LEGO understands that you’ll be jetlagged and tired after traveling from your home to LEGOLAND, so they make it a point not to fix any official event in your LEGO Factory tour itinerary for the day of arrival. However, they make provisions for people who want to begin their exploration into the exciting world of LEGO without respite. So, before you begin the inside tour of the LEGO Factory, you’ll be invited to explore the LEGOLAND park. 

legoland billund resort


The LEGOLAND BILLUND is a park with diverse rollercoaster targeted at kids age 7 to 15 but mainly purported for younger kids. Aside from the rollercoaster areas, there is also a DUPLO section for infants 3 years old and below. The DUPLO section includes rides that are appropriate for people of all ages. On top of that, the park makes provision for diverse building activities and you’ll find them at every corner you turn. If you are lucky, your visit to LEGOLAND BILLUND will fall on a date when lines are sparse in the park, so you can enjoy diverse rides several times over. 

legoland roller coaster

Although not as hyped as most parks out there, this park is a lot different from Disneyland. Unlike Disneyland where glass bottles and dogs have specific sanctions, LEGOLAND allows you the much-needed leeway to enjoy fun moments with your pets. It also has a campfire (the real one) where you can bake bread hanging on a stick. The Campfire is surrounded by wooden stools where visitors can sit and relish the warmth of the fire. 

Once you’ve had enough for the day, you can retire back to the LEGO hotel for a refreshing overnight stay. 

Game of Bricks LEGO Lights

First day of the LEGO factory Tour 2019 

The official activities for the LEGO inside tour begin the day after arrival, and it starts with a get together between the participants. LEGO makes it a point to pick participants from different countries for spontaneity. Besides, how would you know that the company has fans all over if you don’t get to meet people from other facets of the globe? 

During the get together with the 140 lucky participants, the tour guides will give you name tags so you attach on them the mini-figures created in your likeness. From there you’ll be ushered into the LEGO idea house, where you’ll experience all kinds of amazing. Even though it is generally referred to as the LEGO idea house, it is better suited for the LEGO museum. This attraction site depicts the history of LEGO and portrays the life account of Ole Kirk Christiansen, the founder of LEGO. In here, you’ll learn how Ole kirk became a refined LEGO bricks developer from building wooden toys. 

lego idea house museum

The LEGO idea house showcases most of the new and ancient sets. Some of these sets are also available for people who want to build while touring the site. 

When you are done touring the main space of the idea house, you’ll be taken to the basement, which happens to be the coolest thing about the LEGO idea house (no spoiler). In the basement, you’ll find copies of every sets distributed by the company itself from the start to date. Thus, giving visitors the chance to see, feel, touch, and hold some of their favorite sets. The coolest part, however, is that you’ll get to see all the out of market sets that you won’t find anywhere else, even in the collectors’ market. 

lego idea house

After all the fun and excitement at the LEGO idea house, you’ll be taken back to your hotel, to meet some of LEGO’s workforce. There you’ll meet designers who’ll share their story with you; how they joined LEGO’s labor force, what they’ve and are currently working on, and their yet-to-be-released LEGO sets. Afterward, they’ll share participants into groups for a building challenge. 

Second Day  

The second day of the LEGO Factory tour 2019, begins with a visit to LEGO’s headquarters. But as could be expected from a company that wants to keep its yet-to-be-released inventions hush-hush, LEGO demands that all participants surrender their phones and cameras before entering into the HQ. Inside the HQ, participants will be ushered into a presentation room where they’ll get a chance to see all LEGO’s current projects. 

LEGO’s headquarters

After sightseeing at the LEGO HQ, participants will, then, be driven to the factory. Needless to say that the inside tour of the factory is the coolest and most fascinating experience you’ll have throughout the tour. There you’ll have a first-hand experience of production processes; how the machines melt the plastic, shape it, refine the bricks, and eject them into the appropriate boxes. The only snag is that you won’t be allowed to take pictures of your experience inside the LEGO Factory. 

lego factory inside

Third day 

The day three tour centers around LEGOLAND Billund. During the tour, participants will be taken behind the scenes of the rollercoasters experienced on the day of arrival. There they’ll get a chance to meet crafters whose creativity birthed the ginormous sculptures in LEGOLAND. 

lego sculpture

The LEGO Factory Tour 2019 ends with a speech offered at the LEGOLAND hotel. During the speech, LEGO will educate participants on how to apply for a role in their company. This is genius since a 3-days tour through LEGO’s amazing factory is enough to inspire people to work for them. However, getting hired by LEGO is not the same as walking in the park. To get in, you’ll have to compete against countless other contestants from different facets of the globe. 


LEGO Factory offers a great experience for LEGO enthusiasts, and if you are a LEGO lover it should be on your list of must-visit places in the world. 

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