Enjoy epic display when you build the LEGO BD-1 75335 Set.

by Mark Gini

The BD 1 Droid is anexploration Droid from the Star Wars Jedi Falling Order. The BD 1 Droid, inparticular, journeyed with the Jedi master Eno Cordova as he sought to explorethe history of Zeffo. The movie was reportedly one of the most violent Star Warsmovies ever produced. Though this movie was violent, it held the hearts of manyStar Wars fanatics worldwide. But unfortunately, because of the movie's violentcontent, Lego announced that they would not produce any sets replicating itemsfrom this movie. This was sad for Lego fans who anticipated a set for thismovie franchise soon enough. But as years passed, the Lego team decided tosoft-peddle on their rules. And so, after a long while, we finally get ourfirst Lego set from the Star Wars Jedi Fallen Kingdom movie. 

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So, we present the LegoBD 1 75335 Set without further due. This Lego set is identical to the BD 1Droid that accompanied Jedi master Eno on his trip to study the history ofZeffo. The Droid comes with all the cool features associated with the Star Warscharacter and is said by some users to be a perfect replica. Aside from coolfeatures, the set also includes exclusivity and easter egg surprises. If youare a Star Wars fanatic looking for a cool souvenir or love to tackle a newLego building challenge, this set is a good choice. The Lego set also comeswith a satisfying but; ding experience. This post will cover all you need toknow about this set, including how our Lego lights interact perfectly with it.So, without wasting time, let's dive right into it, starting from the Lego setsbuilding experience. 


The Lego BD 1 set hasmany striking features, which are to be put together with the help of over 1000pieces. The set has several building stages. Once you complete each stage, youwill see your Lego set slowly start to take shape. Building this set bringssatisfaction, especially because no brick serves a purpose in getting the Legoset to its desired look. The set could be considered a large project andrequire you to delegate enough time to accomplish the building. You must notrush through the process and would need to set out time just for building theset. If you have experience building, Lego sets, an hour or two should be enoughto complete the building. If you have little or no experience, you may need todelegate more time to accomplish this set. 

With new andinexperienced builders in mind, Lego included a manual handbook in the set tohelp make your building journey fun and smooth. The manual is detailed and evenincludes pictures to help you understand what each stage looks like. With adetailed manual, you will surely not run into any roadblocks as you build thisLego set. Overall, the Lego BD 1 set comes with a building experience thatwould not only put a smile on the faces of Lego builders but would also givethem overwhelming satisfaction thanks to its display capabilities. And the funpart is that the set is recommended for ages 14 and above. This means that teenagersand adults all get to share the thrill and excitement of building this Legoset. Aside from the overwhelming building experience of the Lego sets, the setalso comes with killer features, with some even exclusive to the set. Let'sfind out what these cool features are. 

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To accompany this great Lego Star Wars set,Lego added a little BD1 Minifigure. This Lego Minifigure is exclusive to theset and can not be found on any other Lego set. The Minifigure is cool, and areplica of the actual BD1 set you are building. The Lego set has the same colorscheme making it a nice cool addition. Underneath the legs of the set, you seea nice little stud opening, which helps the set attach to any part stand. Thiscool feature made the Minifigure possible with the overall set. 


The Lego BD1 set is also a very cool displaypiece. The only downside about this is that there are many restrictions on howthe set can move and function. But the set compliments this by including a nicestand with all the information of the BD1 set. These details include themanufacturers, primary functions, equipment, etc. The Lego exclusive Minifigurealso has a spot on the stand. These features, along with the Lego sets greatlooks and details, make this set an awesome display centerpiece. 

lego 75335


All materials used to build the Lego  BD1 set are of the best quality. They allwere tested and passed the Lego company quality assurance check. This makes theset user-friendly and compatible. The Lego company also ensures that all theirsets are tested to ensure they are safe to use, even among children. Butremember that this Lego set has been rated 14+. So ensure you do not get it forkids younger than that age. Aside from that, this Lego set is safe and good forall Lego fans. 

     SET SIZE.

The Lego BD1 set comes with a total of 1062pieces. This means it would take longer to build. When completely put together,the set could be pretty sizable. The Lego BD1 set has been measured over 12.5inches tall. This makes this Lego set the ultimate display centerpiece. Thereis absolutely no way anyone would pass up this Lego set in a crowd of otherLego sets. 

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If you want to purchase the Lego BD1 set, youcould do so at Lego.com or any other online store. You couldalso purchase it locally if you have access to any Lego stores in your area.And for the price, the Lego BD1 set is currently valued at about 100 dollars.Some have argued that it's not worth the price, seeing that it is only good fordisplay. But we believe that this set will be more valuable to Lego fans whowatched and connected with the characters of the Star Wars Fallen Order movie.Another cool thing about this Lego set is its compatibility with our amazing Legolights. The next section will cover more on that. 


The Lego BD 1 set looks amazing and authentic.But with the help of our Lego lights, you could make your set look breathtaking.Our light kits are designed for Lego sets, and the BD 1 set is no exception.Our light kits could only be attached to a completed set. This means that toget the best out of your Lego lights, you must first complete the building ofyour BD 1 set. That is why we are looking into the light kit feature last. Ifyou are new to our Lego lights, here are a few things to remember. 


Before you begin using our light kits, itwould be best if you took some time to inspect them. Our light kits are veryfragile and can sustain some damage during shipment. In order to ensure thatyour light kits are in good condition and would not cause buildingcomplications, it would be best to take the time to inspect them. Once you aresure that your set is safe, you can go ahead and install it. But if you noticeany issues with your Lego set, request a replacement using your warranty card. 

Light Kit for BD-1 75335


I know what you must be thinking! But no, you won't make this short from LEGO bricks. Else, how is it supposed to be worn? You can easily go to a store or mall and ask for this design. It has a pattern of LEGO bricks. Therefore, if your dad is a LEGO lover, he would enjoy wearing it. If you don't see the patterned shirt, you can also purchase t-shirts with LEGO designs in front.

Light Kit for BD-1 75335

Now that you have completed the installationof your Lego lights, it's time to test-run it. This is to ensure your lightkits are safe and working perfectly. So search out for signs ofshort-circuiting. This would help you quickly spot any damages. Once you havespotted the damage, be sure to fix it. Once your set is in perfect condition,put it on display for all to see. 

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