How LEGO Affects Creativity

by Nikita P.

LEGO games have kept children and adults occupied for years. They have been packaged and placed under numerous Christmas trees, given as birthday gifts and even donated to schools. The LEGO game is a phenomenon that swept through the entire world because it was very different from any other game. It is simply a set of building blocks that can be connected. What makes LEGO so special is that there is no destination in mind when you're building. It can be compared to building sandcastles except without the sand or erecting buildings in Minecraft except it is tangible and in person. LEGO has sparked generations of creative thinkers and have kept millions of children away from boredom. 

Most games have a particular end but LEGO does not. LEGO takes the power of decision and give it to the player which makes the possibilities almost infinite. There are huge LEGO constructions and tiny LEGO constructions. The decision is completely up to the player. This means that playing LEGO sparks thinking in order to keep coming up with new ideas and ways to connect the blocks. Building LEGO can affect creativity in a rather positive way. Here are three ways that it does so.

LEGO Creativity


1. It challenges the player to think - LEGO boxes don't come with a picture of a finished piece or a goal that one must meet because of this LEGO creativity is high. You can think within the box or outside the box whilst creating. If you're armed with a large number of LEGOs, the building can be as big as you'd like it to be. Due to the sturdy and strong connection of the blocks, the blocks can withstand a bit of force, unlike dominos. 

LEGO Creativity

2. Discipline fosters creativity - Godtfred who designed the original LEGOs designed them to spark creativity. He wanted the children to use their imagination. By using your imagination regularly, creativity blossoms. Creativity is a muscle that you must exercise if you want it to be strong. Playing LEGO is a great way to exercise creativity and test new ideas. There is no wrong or right which means you are free to do whatever you want if it falls you simply pick up the blocks and start over again. With time you begin to drift away from the cliche buildings and start thinking of fascinating new buildings you'd like to try out. Naturally, because there are little to no side effects, it is a great way to familiarise children with the process of trial and error

LEGO Creativity

3. Maintain a sense of wonder - The amount of fun that can be had whilst playing with LEGO is completely limited to the player. LEGO creativity has to blossom and for that to happen it must be approached with an open mind. "LEGO creativity" can transfer onto real-life creativity. Creativity is useful in practically every facet of life and it is necessary to live a fulfilled life of wonder and excitement.


LEGO gives space for personalized entertainment and fun. This makes it perfect for creative endeavors, it fuels creativity and encourages people to think beyond the normal.

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