Hottest LEGO technic sets in 2020

by Nikita P.

In the world today, LEGO fans are well pleased with the Technic sets. These are the kind of toys that seem to be challenging because of their complexity, and they are very enjoyable. There are so many awesome and time-consuming Technic sets in the market. Do you need any of these toys but do not know which one to buy? Then, you have arrived at the last bus stop because we are going to talk about some of the hottest LEGO Technic sets that you may decide to go for.

The top Technic sets in 2020

• LEGO Bucket Wheel Excavator

If you are one of those people who are obsessed with building with LEGO bricks with their whole time, then this LEGO Excavator model is a nice choice for you. This Technic set seems to be the largest that LEGO has ever created and there are still some claims that it is the best ever. This is a 2-in-one set that will make even a talented and experienced builder spend a lot of hours while building it. Sometimes you may need to spend days before completing the build.

LEGO Bucket Wheel Excavator

This is a 3929-piece building set that has different motorized functions including the rotating superstructure, forward driving, reverse driving and a rotating bucket-wheel. There is a lot of fun and experience playing with this fantastic set.

• LEGO RC Tracked Racer

If you are a fan of the car race and you want to create a super-fast adrenaline race, you should consider going for the above-mentioned LEGO set (RC Tracked Racer). This is a Technic set that will make all LEGO car fans glad as it can conquer a highly-temperamental terrain with its versatility and can still be reconstructed into a mighty RC Truck. This means that you are indirectly purchasing two sets by just paying for one.

LEGO RC Tracked Racer

This LEGO Technic model is sure to offer you a lot of fun for so many hours and it is being packaged with a trusted remote control that operates any one of the track independently, moving the kit forward or backward, as well as allowing it to easily complete a 360⁰ turn. For the whole racing fans in the world, this 370-piece set is one of the best you can have in your collection.

• Mercedes Benz Arocs

This is another perfect Technic set that can be added to your LEGO collection. This toy offers its users an unforgettable and detailed experience. It is also among the largest LEGO sets that have been created. This LEGO Mercedes Benz has been designed with so many authentic details, including a large power function motors and a high-level pneumatic system which controls the outriggers, tipper, and the arm of the crane as well as the grabber.

lego mb arocs

Another special thing about this set is that it offers a 2-in-one building experience which means that you can still transform it into a powerful construction truck. The set comes in 2793 pieces.

• Mack Anthem

This is an amazing LEGO truck that has been designed to feature fantastic details, such as a six-cylinder engine, front-axle steering, moving pistons, and authentic bodywork. Just like the other models that have been mentioned above, this set also has a two-in-one build that offers unlimited enjoyment to its user as it can either be built into an Anthem or transformed to replicate a garbage truck.

lego mack anthem

In this truck, you will find a realistic crane arm, landing legs, and outriggers which help to fully replicate the real one. If you are looking for pure enjoyment, then you can add this 2595-piece LEGO Technic set to your collection.

• Porsche 911 GT3

This is a true-to-life LEGO model that all supercar fans will love. This car possesses low-profile tires, suspension rings, headlights, taillights, and beautiful orange coloring. No matter the kind of shelf or desk on which you place it, it will still maintain its stylish status.

lego porsche 911

There is a detailed commemorative booklet that is packaged alongside this LEGO car. The booklet highlights a detailed history of Porsche GT and LEGO Technic cars. Moving to the interior of this car, you will see a working gearbox, glove compartment, and a realistic dashboard. All of these give the user a memorable building experience. The dream of most men would be to acquire the actual Porsche, but you should first try out this 2704-piece LEGO Technic set to have a taste of the main thing.

• Ultralight Helicopter

Fly into the sky with this durable and solid set which is not so complex for the youngsters, but has some marvelous details that can easily capture the minds of older fans. This set is one of the cheapest that we have mentioned in this article and it is a nice model for developing young builders to become masters before going for the complicated ones.

lego Ultralight Helicopter

The set features an aerodynamic design with unique decoration and moving parts. Although you will not have to spend a lot of hours while building this 199-piece helicopter, full enjoyment is still assured.

• CLAAS XERION 5000 Tractor Vc

The real world can be replicated with this fully-detailed tractor. LEGO has produced so many ingenious builds and this set is one of them. This 1977-piece model has 3 various steering functions and a realistic rotating cab which are enough for aspiring future farmers and engineers.

lego CLAAS XERION 5000 Tractor Vc

Another unique thing about this CLAAS is that it can still be transformed into a Silage Plow. This iconic brick toy is capable of engaging you for some days. If you are thinking of a Technic set to get, you can as well go for this one.

• Bugatti Chiron

You can make use of the 3599 pieces o this LEGO Technic set to build an ultimate sports car. This amazing model has been argued by many individuals to overshadow Porsche 911 GT3 which we have already talked about. Any LEGO Luxury Car fan would definitely want to purchase this model. The truth be told, it is quite expensive.

lego bugatti chiron

When you look at the details of this LEGO car, you will realize that it is actually worth the price. The interior of this set is authentic as well as the truthful mirrored instructions that it possesses. If you are sure that you can easily afford the toy, then you should not hold back from purchasing it.

• Crawler Crane

Are you a fan of construction and you want to add to your construction-based collection, then you should consider purchasing this 1401-piece LEGO model that has been rated as a 5-star set even though it is not so flashy like the supercar sets. The Crawler Crane has a lot of things to offer you while building and playing with it.

lego 42042 crawler crane

This is a challenging but rewarding building set that provides you with excellence in realism as it has an opening claw, a tilting cab, and extensive cabling, which makes you imagine yourself to be on a construction site. It is indeed a great choice for you.

• RC Volvo L350F Wheel Load

If you are an adult, you would wish that this kind of model was developed back in your tender age. This LEGO model has 4 independent motors as including the whole features of the actual deal. It is a two-in-one building set that can be transformed into an Articulated Hauler. With this RC Volvo, you will never get bored.

lego RC Volvo L350F Wheel Load

Many people have claimed that this set is among the best and most enjoyable that has been created by LEGO. With this 1636-piece Technic set, you can sharpen your building and construction skills. Be prepared to spend, at most, two days to complete the build.


Travel back and bring your childhood memories back to life with this iconic LEGO model. This is a 135-piece set that will not offer you a challenging experience and will not take your whole weekend. But, remember that all LEGO sets have two things in common, enjoyment and fun. So, even if this offers no challenge, it will offer you an abundance of enjoyment and fun.

lego whack

It is simple to build and at the same time, attractive to the eyes. Expect to have a rewarding building experience with WHACK!

• 6x6 All-Terrain Tow Truck

This is a Technic set that will offer you a challenging building experience that makes it worth the money you spend to get it. This Tow Truck has RC capabilities that enable you to save stranded vehicles. Even if you do not use it for that purpose, you can still display it on your center table or shelf.

lego 6x6 All-Terrain Tow Truck

As a mighty set, this towing vehicle has a working crane, hook, and functioning motor. You can still decide to reconstruct it into an Explorer Vehicle. It comes in 1862 pieces.


This year and other years to come will be very great for you as you will make the right addition to your LEGO Technic collection. With this article, you will be able to buy the perfect LEGO Technic set for yourself, family members, or friends.

lego lights

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