Ghostbusters Enthusiasts’ Reviews of LEGO 10274 Lights

by Eve Alessa Arevalo

If there is something strange in the neighborhood, who you gonna call? Growing up, you've heard those lines several times, they are embedded in your core memory! Get ready to experience nostalgia when you build your Ghostbusters LEGO set with its dedicated lighting kit – the LEGO 10274 Lights. 

Ghostbusters fans have spoken, and we’re diving into a review of the LEGO 10274 Lights! If you’re a LEGO and Ghostbusters fan, this lighting kit is something you must be raring to get your hands on. Luckily, we’ve got an in-depth review to help you determine if it's worth parting with your hard-earned cash for!

Overview of the LEGO 10274 Ecto-1 Ghostbusters Set

The Ghostbusters LEGO theme set comes with a branded box with a black backdrop and red borders. On the back of the box are more artwork and illustrations of the set functions. This provides users with a visual representation of how to set up the Ghostbusters LEGO set, maximizing the features and capabilities of the lighting kit. 

The box comes with instructions and a sticker sheet in a cardboard packet. The sticker sheet is available to add more detail to the Ghostbusters LEGO set. Therefore, you have several sticker options available to customize the final look of your creation. For example, the vehicles have various rust stickers provided, of which you can add as few or as many as you like, depending on whether you want the vehicles to look clean or rusty. 

The instruction manual illustrates the actual Ghostbusters vehicle. It is a render-style image that shows the internal parts of the vehicle, including the dashboard and engine. When you flip inside the instruction manual, you will find more details of the Ghostbusters vehicle. The booklet includes build instructions on a black backdrop, with each step providing callouts to certain parts of the build. 

Next, the different parts of the build come in separate bags numbered 1 to 12. Meanwhile, each kit comes with the 4x4 Ghostbusters logo bricks. A new windshield and some printed pieces are available inside the box to add detail to the final build. 

LEGO 10274 Lights

Light Kit for Ghostbusters ECTO-1 10274

Given the extensive success of the Ghostbusters LEGO theme, hardcore enthusiasts invest in this dedicated light kit to make their intricately designed LEGO builds come to life. Now, it becomes more fun and engaging to embark on a ghost-hunting adventure with the Ghostbusters crew with the addition of the amazing LEGO lights.

The box for the LEGO 10274 lights consists of the battery box, the lights, and the instruction manual (also available online). However, there are three kit variations, and the previously mentioned items are part of the Standard light kit. Another version is the Standard Remote, which includes a remote control and more advanced lighting effects. A third version, the Standard RC + Sound light kit, comes with a sound box. Therefore, you can choose from any of the three lighting kits for the Ghostbusters LEGO theme set, depending on your preference and the level of realism you want to recreate for this set. 

With these components, you can have fun elevating and transforming your build with these illuminating effects. The lights bring out the best details of the Ghostbuster LEGO car build.

LEGO Ghostbusters set light kit.

Review of the LEGO 10274 Lights for Ghostbusters

If you’re a Ghostbusters enthusiast, you would want to take advantage of the chance to build your own classic ghost-hunting Cadillac from the famous franchise. The Ecto-1 set is part of the LEGO Creator Expert series, and you need a dedicated light kit for this project to match the lights perfectly to every stunning detail of this creation. Every detail in the LEGO 10274 Lights Kit is customized to bring intensity and vividness to the classic Cadillac – from the fog lights to the flashing light effects!

Since the new Cadillac was more updated and featured upscale details, it was important for the creators of the LEGO 10274 lighting kit to consider that in the design. The LEGO set includes a trapdoor with a ghost trap and a ghost sniffer. There is also an extendable gunner seat, a curved windshield, and a modular steering wheel. The creators incorporated new components into the lighting kit to create effects matching the level of detail featured in the set, specifically when highlighting the new and updated parts. This update includes an all-new sequence board to ensure the lights added would contribute to the authentic effect once installed onto the ghost-hunting Cadillac!

Aside from incorporating advanced lighting effects, such as blaring sirens and realistic fog lights, it was also essential to incorporate sound components to add realism. Ghostbusters fans will be in for a treat with the option to include sound effects with the famous Cadillac! The sound version is available in specific editions of the lighting kit, giving die-hard fans the option to take their build to the next level. Ghostbusters fans can use a remote control to add lighting and sound effects to their kits. These sounds are pre-loaded and ready to play after setting up your Cadillac. 

But if you want to decorate your Ghostbusters car with lights, you have the flexibility to do so! It will look realistic and fantastic with just the lights. With detailed step-by-step instructions on installing the lights, everyone can do it (yes, even beginners!). 

Is the LEGO 10274 Lights for Ghostbusters Worth It?

Whether you’re a LEGO or Ghostbusters enthusiast, the LEGO 10274 Lights are a worthy investment. This light kit features extensive lighting details and sound effects to make the build resemble the Ghostbusters vehicle. Capture the essence of the beloved franchise with vivid lights that make the adventure come to life before your eyes. This LEGO build will make a fantastic centerpiece for your car or LEGO collection when illuminated. This lighting kit – and the LEGO Ghostbusters set – make the perfect gift for car and Ghostbusters enthusiasts. 

Go ahead and catch some ghosts in style! 

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