Creative Ways You Can Use LEGO That Never Crossed Your Mind

by Nikita P.

While most of us see LEGO as toys, you will find it interesting to know that there are practical and creative ways you can make use of these plastics in your everyday life. 

Launched back in 1947, LEGO sets have offered limitless construction capabilities to people. This inspires people from around the world to continue to come up with creative projects that they can build with these LEGO sets. In fact, one smart teacher uses these LEGO sets to teach his students mathematics. To help you use LEGO in ways you probably may not have talked about, we have come up with genius and creative ways you can use LEGO sets and they include; 

1. Use LEGO To Organize Cables 

Generally, cables are one of the many things homeowners deliberately forget to keep organized and arranged. Most of the time, these cables can become entangled and messed up to the point that it begins to greatly affect the aesthetics of your home. Surprisingly, you can use LEGO to keep your cables organized 

The figurines in these LEGO sets all come with a hand and they are perfect for holding your cables together. These figurines can be placed in strategic places to hold your cables. One of the most interesting things about using LEGO is that it does not just keep your cables organized, it also adds to the overall beauty of your home. Depending on how your home is, you can get a LEGO set and use the figurines to hold your cables. 

lego for usb cables

2. Coasters 

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a coaster for your home, you could decide to use LEGO to make your coaster. To do this, you'll need to get your hands on thinner LEGO sets, then according to how you like them, you can build the coasters. To keep this simple, it is advised that you do not use more than two layers as this will make them heavier. 

To prevent leakage of any sort when you place your glass on the coaster, it is advised that you squeeze the sets together perfectly. Once this is done, you get yourself handmade, beautiful, and fully functional coasters. To make things interesting, you could decide to pick a set that shares the same color as your home painting. This will add to the aesthetic look and feel of your home and believe me, your visitors will not keep shut about your coasters. 

lego coasters

3. Battleship 

Battleship is currently one of the best battle games out there. While this game according to most players is about luck, strategy implored by each player cannot be written off. 

For those who do not own the game, there are times you'd crave playing them. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars trying to order and wait for it to be delivered, you could simply use your LEGO to build this game. How? With your LEGO set and with the help of the internet, you can conveniently build this game in minutes. Since your LEGO set is available, all you have to do is build this game from scratch and enjoy it. 

To make things interesting, it is advised that you get a LEGO set (that is if you don't own a LEGO set already) with a variety of colors. This will make the building and playing experience one that you will cherish. 

lego lights

4. Bookends 

Generally, bookends are handy but you will agree with me when I say they can be boring and mundane. Aside from that, they limit your choice, indirectly forcing you to settle for one that does not suit your style. 

You will find it interesting to know that there is a way out for you. To get started, you need to get your hands on your favorite LEGO set and design something that you love. With LEGO sets, the possibilities are endless. You can decide to build something that will add to the aesthetic feel of your home. While you may decide to start building right now, it is important that you remember that you will need to see videos and also practice before you can get it right. 

If you're a LEGO lover already and you've built sets prior to this time, then it will be easier for you to get to work. First-timers may find it difficult to accomplish but will definitely love the final result. There are a number of other bookend designs you can choose from to give your bookshelf this beautiful look. 

lego bookends

5. Bird Feeders 

Most people currently have bird feeders located somewhere close to their home. Watching birds pop by for a snack is a beautiful sight to behold. You get to learn more about birds and also enjoy the beauty of nature. If you have a bird feeder close to your home, then you'd agree that they look almost the same. They are quite boring. LEGO sets could bring it back to life. 

If you're one of those that love something unique, then you could decide to use LEGO to build a bird feeder that will attract all kinds of birds. This is a sight to behold and it will definitely add to the overall beauty of your home. To build this bird feeder, you may need to watch videos from the internet. This will make the process more convenient for you. 

lego bird feeder

6. Business Card Holder 

Generally, a number of companies and establishments have their cards placed at strategic positions right in the reception hall. Most of the time, people do not pay attention to these cards because they are either not visible or is not attractive to look at. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars to create artworks with the business logo on it, LEGO sets could do the trick. 

To make your visitors look at your card, you will need to place them in a position that they can see. Also, something would have to attract or compel them to look in that position. LEGO sets offer you these. You can use LEGO figurines to hold your card. This cardholder will instantly grab the attention of any visitor and in the process ensuring that they read and know about the services your business offers. 

With these LEGO-themed cardholders, get to add to the overall beauty of your office as well as instantly grab the attention of your prospective clients or customers. It is a double win situation for you with these LEGO sets. 

lego business card holder

7. Electronic Case 

More people with phones and other electronic gadgets would love to have them covered with beautiful yet unique cases. This can be difficult to get as most of the cases available are almost the same. To set your computer or gadget apart from the others, you could decide to use LEGO. 

While this is quite complicated, it is possible and the end result is beautiful. This LEGO build is completely different from some of the others you have seen. Unlike some of the others, LEGO builds that involves bricks, this design is completely different from the others. To get started, you have to watch videos online to get an idea of how to complete this electronic case. 

lego Electronic Case

8. Use LEGO To Make Earrings 

This has to be one of the most creative ideas you'll find here. Like the other electronic case design mentioned above, this set is completely different from some of the others mentioned here. This brick set does not involve bricks, it is left for you to design whatever you love with this set. 

With this set, you can design earrings and also make nose studs, belly bars, and a wide range of other things. Most people refer to this creative idea as one of the most brilliant ideas anyone can choose from. 

lego earrings

9. Teaching Maths With LEGO 

Generally, we are not all gifted at maths. For some people, they will need additional assistance to help them grasp numbers on a more personal level. There is every possibility that you've never thought that LEGO pieces can be used to help students learn maths effectively. 

While these LEGO pieces are particularly good for fractions and visual aids, they can also be used for subtraction, addition, and division. The use of LEGO sets to teach mathematics is something that is capable of benefiting both children and adults alike. 

Experts have revealed that this is one of the best mathematics teaching schools. 

Teaching Maths With LEGO

10. Fish Swimming Castle 

There are reports that more people are currently owning and caring for almost every fish type in the world. With this growing demand, it is only right that people get their hands on swimming tanks. One of the many problems with these swimming tanks is that they all look alike. They are boring and do not contribute in any way to the aesthetic feel of your home. 

To make things interesting, it is best that you make use of LEGO pieces to build one of the most beautiful swimming tanks you've seen. With your LEGO pieces, you can decide to build an amazing Super Mario themed tank that will add to the overall beauty of your home. One of the interesting things is that this is quite easy to build. For a professional builder, it would take less than 60 minutes to finish this set. 

Fish Swimming Castle lego

11. Gift Wrappers 

This can come in handy during the holiday season. There are times you may forget to get a gift wrapper and you are left with no option than to present the gift to the recipient like that. 

With LEGO pieces, you can conveniently build a gift wrapper that is beautiful yet capable of carrying the gift. With LEGO pieces as your gift wrapper, your recipient will definitely appreciate both the gift and the pieces itself. To build this amazing LEGO set, you have to watch videos on the internet. While this may take time, the end result will definitely blow your mind. 

lego Gift Wrappers

12. Star Wars Themed Guitar 

Owning this perfect piece would be something that a true Star Wars fan would treasure. Also, if you're a lover of guitar and happen to be a Star Wars fan, then this guitar will definitely mean more to you. 

Unlike most of the other creative LEGO ideas that we have discussed here, this idea needs determination, patience, zeal, and planning. If you're one that quickly gives up, then this may be difficult for you to build. 

While the guitar is not playable because it was made from LEGO pieces, there are strings and it adds to the beauty of your home or studio. This Star Wars Themed guitar instantly sends a message to anyone that sees it. 

lego Star Wars Themed Guitar

13. Decorating Your Christmas Tree With LEGO Pieces 

Until this moment, we've never fully understood how beautiful and versatile LEGO pieces are. While we know that you can create beautiful pieces with these LEGO sets, we didn't think it would be possible to do most of the things we've discussed here with these LEGO pieces. 

One of the most interesting things you can do with LEGO pieces is to make and decorate your Christmas tree. The Christmas season is one of those seasons where people would be trying to make the most beautiful decorations. It is also the best time for you to use LEGO pieces to decorate your tree. This is unique and beautiful. 

While designing your Christmas tree with LEGO pieces, you can ask your kids to help out too. This makes the entire process fun and also gives them this feeling that they are contributing to the good to the home. It is a fine way to teach your kids the importance of hard work. Currently, there are a number of Christmas tree options you can choose from. All of these options are easy to build and also fun. 

Decorating Your Christmas Tree With LEGO Pieces

14. Keyholders 

The keys are very important. Things could get worse if we misplace them. To prevent that from happening, it is best that you look for a keyholder. In addition to the mobile keyholder, you will also need one that can be used to hold your keys at home. Instead of spending money to get these holders, you can use your already existing LEGO pieces to build something amazing. 

With your LEGO pieces, you can easily build a key assembly to hold your keys together. You can make use of the figurines to hold these keys. To get started on this, you need to see a couple of videos on the internet or look up some of the pictures. This is a beautiful and organized way to keep your keys together. 

lego Keyholders

15. Fancy Furnishing 

To give your home this beautiful and amazing feel and look, you will need to spend money on certain things. One of these things is fancy chairs and tables. To build this, you will need to have a large number of LEGO pieces. Also, you need to be patient as this may take time to build. 

With the appropriate colors, you could build yourself something that would be the envy of anyone who sees it. You could decide to build this in a separate room. To make things more interesting, you may decide to add lights. This will definitely give your home a new look. 

Fancy Furnishing lego

16. Lampshade 

This is one of the most beautiful ideas you can try out. Instead of having to spend money on getting a lampshade, you can conveniently convert your LEG Lights pieces to a beautiful lampshade. 

To build this, you need to pay careful attention to how you place the sets. The pieces need to have gaps that will allow for the light to shine through. This is something that would look great in your room or even in your kids' bedroom. You can build this with your kids. 

lego Lampshade

17. Jewelry 

Unknown to most people, you can use your LEGO pieces to build beautiful pieces of jewelry that you can gift to your loved ones. One of the interesting things about doing this is that your loved one will appreciate the time and effort you put into making those and will cherish them. 

You could copy from any of the necklaces you see in a store or you can build something unique. Whatever you decide to do, building jewelry with LEGO pieces helps you to save money. 

lego Jewelry


LEGO sets have been designed for various reasons and that is why there is a variety of them in the market at the moment. If you like most people are tired of building the same thing all over again, the best thing to do would be to try out any of the genius ideas that have been listed here. 

LEGO sets have been designed for various reasons and that is why there is a variety of them in the market at the moment. If you like most people are tired of building the same thing all over again, the best thing to do would be to try out any of the genius ideas that have been listed here. 

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