Brighten Up Your New Year: Creative LEGO Lighting Ideas for January Builds

by Eve Alessa Arevalo

Imagine this: you’ve spent hours building your LEGO set by painstakingly putting a thousand pieces together. You’ve finally finished your build! You look at your build with a sense of pride and joy. But when night time comes, or you place it on display, it doesn’t elicit the same kind of reaction of awe and enchantment in other people as it did in you. Something is amiss. It is where the creative LEGO lighting effects enter the picture. Get ready to take your LEGO builds to a new level and make the structures and creations come to life with various lighting effects and ideas. 

What to Consider Before Installing Lights for LEGO Build

Proper LEGO lighting kit installation can maximize the visual impact of their effects. Here are a few things to consider.

Assemble the LEGO Set First

Your excitement to add the lighting effects gets the better of you. However, it's crucial to finish assembling your LEGO build before you even consider the lighting effects. If you are going to assemble the lighting kit alongside the structure, then it’s easy to lose the tiny lighting accessories before you’ve completed the assembly of the structure.

Check the Lighting Accessories

Once you’ve assembled the LEGO structure, unpack the lighting kit and check to make sure all components are working – from the lighting bulbs to the wires, etc. You must ensure that every piece works, or it won't achieve the desired lighting effect once assembled into the structure.

LEGO city build light kit component.

Follow the Manual (If Buying Pre-Made Kits)

Pre-made lighting kits come with manuals that you must check during installation. These lighting kits are made for specific LEGO sets, so there is a proper way to integrate them into the completed structure for maximum visual effect. If you follow the instructions correctly, your creations will shine!

Use Precision

Be precise when integrating the lighting kit and its components into the LEGO structure. Small wires, cables, and light strips can be challenging to integrate between the LEGO pieces, but they should be effective if you follow the instruction manual. Avoid forcing the wires into the structure, as they can get tangled or damaged. Every piece of the lighting kit must lay comfortably within the structure and not be forcibly pressed in between each brick. 

Check if The Lights are Working

The final step is to switch on the lighting kit to ensure all parts are working and check on your masterpiece. 

How to Use Light Kits for LEGO Builds

LEGO light kits are the easiest way to brighten up your LEGO build and make it look grander. They offer a convenient way to transform your creations into life using various light effects. 

1. Using Multiple Light Kits

Take your build to the next level by integrating multiple lighting kits into your LEGO build. For example, you can build a more extensive scenario by adding new structures to your build and using lighting kits that are made for these other structures. The more structures you can put together and the more lighting you add, the more visually appealing they become instead of using standalone structures. 

Another idea for creating extensive scenarios is to build a city filled with various structures to comprise the city skyline. Add different structures like the Eiffel Tower or the Statue of Liberty, among other famous landmarks. Bring these various structures together (with architectural lighting effects) to create a vivid miniature city. 

2. Use Lighting from Different Models

Certain lighting kits are pre-made for specific LEGO models. However, you can mix them and use lighting effects from different models in your creation. This technique of using lighting to enhance your build requires creativity and imagination. It's time to unleash your creativity by applying this technique to invite creativity in using lights in your LEGO structure. You'll be able to marvel in awe with your creations when you light them up at night.

3. Interchanging Different Colored Lights

Using distinct lighting patterns can be another creative way to use lighting effects in your LEGO builds. These lighting kits can be customized however you want them, so they’re an excellent opportunity to use a certain coloured light in one part of your LEGO structure and another light on a different part, etc. 

While following the instruction manual on assembling the lighting kit is crucial, you can choose your own interpretation of how to integrate the lighting into your creation. It is specifically recommended to highlight a specific area of your LEGO build. 

Creative lighting effect for LEGO structures.

Should You DIY Your LEGO Lighting?

If you want to go all out geeky with the project, you can build a DIY creative lighting effect for your LEGO structures. But, before you use this lighting style instead of standard options, you should consider the pros and cons.

Pros of DIY LEGO Lighting

  • Maximum customizability – Creating your own LEGO lighting effects enables you to realize your vision instead of being limited by the kit options offered by the vendors.
  • Savings – You can pick the materials you use for the lighting kit, which allows you to look for budget-friendly alternatives to what is available in stores.
  • Integrated lighting – Since you can customize the lighting effects and ideas, the system is created specifically for your LEGO build. You can ensure the ideal wire length and other technical specifications. 

Cons of DIY LEGO Lighting

  • Technical knowledge – Without technical knowledge in creating lighting effects, it would be difficult and more costly to create DIY lighting effects for LEGO.
  • Time-consuming – Creating the lighting effects from start to finish will require a time commitment. It will take longer to build and assemble than pre-made lighting kits. 

Transforming Your January Builds with LEGO Lighting Ideas

Whether you choose to DIY or purchase a pre-made LEGO lighting kit, the investment will be worth it once you see the result of your build. Adding the lights breathes life into your creations, making them shine. Lighting effects, even static lighting effects, greatly enhance a build. Therefore, you can select for various options (or make your own) to add something special to your creations that would set them apart from others. Use your imagination, go forth and shine! 

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