Lego Pieces for Sale - Best places to Sell LEGO

by Nikita P.

We all love our sets, and that is why we love to buy more and more. We love to display them in our homes for the world. We love to couple the pieces together into beautiful LEGO sets that we can't get enough of.

Here you can know about the best lego pieces for sale.

Many of us have been with these sets for a long time, and I currently have sets that have been in my possession for at least two decades. Sometimes, we may want to sell them to make more space for new others.

Sometimes, fans decide to sell their classic sets to give other fans the opportunity to hold them and bask in their awesomeness. Sometimes, they are sold because of money reasons. Whatever reason it may be, there is a great chance that you will miss it when it's gone. 

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Best Places To Sell LEGOs

We all enjoyed LEGO sets as kids and even as adults. Maybe all your kids are grown and you are wondering what to do with the sets. These sets are different from other items, which you have to dispose of, without pay, if you no longer need them. LEGOs are different, as you can sell them and even get back the money you spent or even more than that.

There are some sets that are in high demand. If you have those sets, you could get as much as thousands of dollars. You may be wondering how this is possible. It is a simple case of demand and supply. If there is a high demand for a set, especially a classic, and there it is little or no supply for it, there is a great chance that those that want the set would want to pay a lot for it. 

1. Auction sites

Are you wondering if we are joking? You may wonder how auction sites would be selling sets. Most people feel that the only thing that you could sell at auction sites are larger things, which is not totally true. If you know your way around auction sites, there is a great chance that the one that caters to your locality might have what you need. All you need is to search for it. 

This means that you can sell your sets there too. Most auction sites come with categories, and if you properly label it, you could have your set sold in no time. 

It is important that you use a reputable auction site that ensures that none of its users is scammed. It won't be a bad idea to go for one that acts as an escrow, thereby ensuring that you are paid immediately you deliver the set. 

You do not want to lose your set and not get your money. You need a reputable auction site. 

It won't be a bad idea to try out eBay because it is reputable. All you need to do is register and display the pictures of your set. In no time, you would have a lot of people bidding for it. 


Before you affix a price for the set, you should research on the price of that set on the same auction site. You don't want yours to be more expensive than others. No one would go for the same thing at an expensive price. 

One thing that you should note is that you want a 100% satisfaction rating. If you have any intention of selling your sets in an auction site, you should be truthful. Do not state that the set is in pristine condition if that is not true. Be truthful and you will get the satisfaction rating that you crave for. 

If your set has been used, make sure that it is cheaper than the brand new one. People tend to go for the second-hand variant because it is cheaper. If yours isn't, they would go for the newer variant. 

The only time that someone will go for a second variant and pay a lot for it is when it isn't in the market any longer. That set will become a cash cow that you can reap a lot from. 

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2. Local Yard Sales

We throw yard sales when we are tired of some possessions and want to sell them. When we want to unclog our homes of things that we no longer need, we throw yard sales. In your next yard sales, it won't be a bad idea to sell your sets. Before you throw the sales, it won't be a bad idea to invite lovers of the LEGO universe in your locality. This ensures that people do not bid your sets below what they are worth. It is only those that know what they are worth that would want to buy them for the right prices. 

local yard sale

If you do not have a lot of sets, throwing a yard sale for only your sets won't be the right idea. You could throw in other items. Before you sell your sets, ensure that they are clean. You should consider using the tips listed below to make the process easier. Instead of selling the sets as mere bricks, you could couple them together into sets and display them. This attracts people to your sets. 


3. Facebook Yard Sale Groups

There are a number of Facebook groups that exist for LEGO users. There, you could exchange ideas with other connoisseurs about different sets and pieces. You could also throw a yard sale there. There, a number of community members will sell their products there. It won't be a bad idea to sell yours too. These pages will link you to the right buyers. 

There are some Facebook groups that are created solely for yard sales. You could contact them to sell your sets. 

It saves time and allows you to earn money effortlessly. 

lego facebook groups
lego facebook groups
lego facebook groups

4. Local Classifieds

A great way to sell your sets is to sell it on Local Classifieds. There are different classifieds that can be advertised on and a great example is the Craigslist. These places are great ways to sell your used sets or even the specialty sets that you have. You could sell them at great prices, especially when they are classic sets. Before you sell them, ensure that they are clean. When you advertise a clean set, there is a great chance that you will have many people wanting them. Be careful with whomever you contact for the sales through a local classified. 

craiglist website


If you have sets that you want to sell online, you can consider using this site. This site is a marketplace that brings together different people, those that want to sell the sets and those that want to buy the sets. 

There, you can sell your parts, sets, as well as Minifigures. Bricklink can be said to be similar to eBay, though this is created for solely the sales of anyone LEGO. 

You can upload the inventory of what you want to sell. You should follow the pricing guide there to ensure that you make sales. 

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6. Bricks and Minifigs

This is where you can buy LEGO sets, especially hard to get ones, meaning that you can contact them to sell your sets. If you are in the US, this may be the right place to sell yours, especially when it is a classic set. If you have a specialty set, contact them today. 

bricks and minifigs

7. Thrift stores

Thrift stores are places that you can sell anything you have. This means that you can sell your sets there. You could even sell them on thrift stores online like Goodwill online. 

It is important to note that since it is a thrift store, you may not sell it at an awesome price. If you want to dispose of your sets without stress, Goodwill stores can help, but online and offline. 

This place may not be the right place to sell your hard to get sets or specialty sets, as they may not pay what you want for them. You could sell your bulk LEGOs there, or if you have sets that are not complete, you could sell them there. 

Thrift stores

8. Sell to Friends

It won't be a bad idea to sell your sets to friends and family members. If you are a member of a LEGO club, you can consider calling them over to buy your sets, pieces, parts, and Minifigures from you. There is a great chance that you belong to a club that has connoisseurs of what you want to sell. Instead of trying out thrift stores that will pay you little or nothing, you could get your friends to buy them from you. 

If your friends aren't a fan of these pieces, they can buy them for their kids. Instead of keeping the pieces and sets that your kids may have outgrown, sell them to those that want the pieces. You could get rid of those things without stress.

9. Sell Them At Brick and Mortar Stores

There are a number of brick and mortar stores that would kill to have your specialty sets, especially when they are no longer in the market. You could approach one of them and offer to sell the sets to them. Before you do this, ensure that your sets are in the perfect condition to ensure that they can be bought. If the box hasn't been opened, it is best. 

Brick and Mortar Stores

10. You Could Gift Them Out

Instead of selling them, you could dispose of them by gifting them out. Have your kids left the house and you want to dispose of the sets, pieces, and Minifigures? You could consider giving them to your neighbors with kids, your grandkids, relatives and so on. They will be grateful to have these pieces off you, especially when they have kids that would love to play with them.

Cleaning Used LEGO

Before you sell your LEGO sets, it is important that you make sure that they are in pristine condition. You need to clean the sets and ensure that they are not in a bad state when you sell them. No one would want to buy musty sets. 

How should you clean the sets? We have put together ways that you can clean them. 


It won't be a bad idea to wash off whatever dirt that may be on the set with mild detergent and warm water. Do not use hot water, as the plastic could be destroyed. Whatever water you are using shouldn't have a temperature that is above 40C or 104F. 

If you do not have a thermometer at hand, you can use your hand to test it. If you notice that it is very hot, then the water isn't right for the pieces. You do not want the plastic melting off before you sell it. 

It is important that you should never use water to wash your electric LEGO parts. Do not be tempted to do this, as it could end in tears. 


Have you taken a walk to where your pieces are, and you noticed that they are filled with dirt? It won't be a bad idea to keep them in a bowl that has a soapy solution in it throughout the night. 

This would ensure that the dirt is easy to clean off. To help the cleaning process, you could use a tiny brush like a toothbrush to get to those tiny crevices that you can't normally reach. It is no news that you won't have to use the toothbrush again once you are done. It won't be a bad idea to go for an abandoned toothbrush. 

The toothbrush's hairs would get into those places that you had no idea dirt once lived in. 


Immediately you are done with whatever cleaning solution that you decided to use, it is important to rinse. Rinse it well to ensure that no dirt remains on the pieces. To make the process easier, it won't be a bad idea to make use of a colander.


Do you have pieces that you want to disinfect because of how dirty they are before you sell them? It won't be a bad idea to make use of bleach. Add tiny bleach like a tablespoon into a gallon of water. Do not put excess bleach, as it could destroy your pieces. 

Once you are done with disinfecting the prices, you must rinse them. You do not want any residue of the bleach on the pieces to prevent it from destroying the set. 


If you took a walk to where your pieces are, and you noticed that they reek of dirt, it won't be a bad idea to use alcohol to take off the dirt. Rubbing alcohol can do the trick for you, taking off the grime without stress. 

The exposure of your bricks to the alcohol should be for a short time, as you don't want the pieces to be faded. It won't be a bad idea to have the pieces rinsed immediately you are done with the alcohol. 


A dishwasher could also work for this. Let's say that you have numerous sets that you want to sell, the other processes above may be stressful. It may not be advisable. This is where a washing machine comes into the equation. 

Put your pieces in a mesh bag that can be used in a washing machine. Ensure that the setting of the machine is on the most delicate, as you do not want to destroy the pieces. 

If you have decided to go for the dishwasher, it is advisable that you utilize solely the top rack. Do not go for the bottom rack, as it isn't advisable. Under no condition should the water be above warm temperature. Like advised earlier, electrical parts shouldn't be put in the washing machine or dishwasher. 

It is advisable that you are not tempted to make use of dry setting in your dishwasher or utilize a clothes dryer. I understand that you want to dry your pieces, but using the above would destroy them. These prices are made from plastic and can be warped by the heat. Avoid this. Allow it to air dry.

You may be tempted to put those pieces that come with batteries or are of electric nature, or even the tires in the dishwasher or washing machines, avoid the urge. 

They could destroy these electrical parts. It is no news that water and electricity are a bad combination. 

Immediately you are done cleaning your prices, put them on a towel. You should consider placing them on their sides, as it allows them to dry quickly and prevent them from storing up water. 

An electric cooling fan could ensure that your pieces dry up without stress. In a few days, your set should be dried and ready to sell. 


When it is time to dispose of your sets, there are a number of places that you should consider trying out. It is important to note that since the sets, minifigs, parts, and pieces may be second hand, you may not get what you want from them. 

The only exemption is when it is a specialty set or a hard to find one. If you are lucky, you could sell it for thousands of dollars. Yes, you read that right. While you try lego pieces for sale, it is important that you clean it and ensure that you are careful about the buyer.


Have you considered beautifying your sets with lights? Talk to us today, as we offer customized LEGO lighting bricks for your sets. 

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