LEGO 60291 Family House Review

by Nikita P.

We have another Lego city set gotten from the 2021 line up. This has newly featured road plates.

This 60291 Family House is a Lego set that is medium-sized. It has Three Hundred and Eighty-Eight parts. It has four Lego Mini-figures and a dog too. When was the last time you saw atypical family home featured in cities' theme? Since the 2010 8403 City House. We all have had some few hideous for small dwellings, and criminals a, and they've been parts of sets which were considerable. They havenot been a standalone family who was on this type of groups. Recently, homes and houses have gotten featured in the creator theme, and we've had several plethoras from friends since it was incepted in the year 2012.

lego 60291

This set reflects some form of life at home. You get to enjoy a weekend of playing street hockey. You get to wash the dogs, enjoy barbecues too. Thankfully we have left 2020 behind,and we have gotten welcomed to 2021. An entirely positive and glorious year.


The Mini figures

This looks like it’s a simple family consisting of parents and kids. But as we have all noticed, these Mini figures to have their own lives.

All through the pandemic, Mom left his life as a Jewel Thief; Father grew a beard, Janey found it hard to get her friendly hair dye. Micheal loved the Ninjago movie after he is doingit. Now they are all spending more time at home, that's why you can see the beautiful dog.

Most of these parts which make up these Minifigures are already available. The parents are not featured, and they do not have any other unique factors. You can notice some rare and newpieces though. There are moulds which are recoloured; they are harvested from the hidden side. These are welcomed in these beautiful colours too. The torso of the girl is new, and it is included in the medium legs. These makefor adorable generic figures.


You get to see a Lloyd hoodie. These are all fun. They were only available from Lego land. Also only exclusive from the 40429 Ninjago World

There are several expressions for the Mom and Girl. The Dad and boy are without another print necessarily. These are owed to the fact that those wouldn’t get covered by the helmetsof the bike they wear. 

lego 60291

These face prints on the Mom are not entirely aligned. You can only notice that this error as a result of the photo.

In the end, we’ve got Labrador J’adore. He's also known as the Golden Retriever. This is an adorable mould. This one has been used for Chocolate Lab simultaneously. Itgot showed as a working dog in 60292. This always leaves a dark variant which remains to offer which we could consider by setting it up as a kennel. 

What’s Inside the Box

Inside the box, there are about five bags which are numbered. There's also a separate bag which contains some large plates and road plates.

There are instructions which are supplied bagged using sheets from stickers. There are petty nitpick from this. These are nothing but graphical elements. The numbers from the book arefar too dominant.

lego 60291

The Completed and Built-in models Bags

First Bag

The first bag has the son and the Dad and the supposed hybrid electric car. It is a simple build, and it represents the vehicle used for a family. It would be best if you highlightedthe lack of a window at the back. Instead, we get an opaque black brick. One would have accepted this in a creator set. Here compromises are made for builds alternatively. One would have taken this from creator sets. Herecompromises are made for bodies alternatively. We don't know why these are made for alternate builds. These are merely subjective opinions. It is sad if one looks back and they can’t see through the window. That’sjust sad. 

The headgear that can be used if the main one is bad is available for the son and father when they do not play hockey.

This build is divided typically into bags using floors. The second and third bag contains the ground floor. These are too much for one bag. 

lego 60291

Second Bag

Here we think about the little message our pet pooch gets to tell us.

A picnic bench, this is a modest patch of lawn. There's a clean veggie garden. A lot of this downstairs glaze and then there's a bath for the dog in bag 2, along with Mom, thedog and the girl. 

Third Bag

The downstairs is completed with the remaining parts gotten from this bag.

The Eco credentials have crept into the LEGO universe. There are charging inbuilt points for the family. This has been installed by a Lego brand that's familiar. Octan is, of course,going electric. Lord business has genuinely turned his entire life around.

The living space downstairs gets monopolize by the game console. You would wonder if this is a Beat em up Lego Ninjago video game. One would genuinely kill for a Lego sheet fighter,Mortal Kombat or Double Dragon set.

The Kitchen might be too small to equip, and it would be not easy to improve. One can only change everything and do something completely different. 

lego lights

Fourth Bag

This bag has the first floor, a utility room, a wet room and a roof terrace with a barbecue station.

There's a shower where you walk in and have the bath. These are constructed neatly. We hear there’s an outside wall. If that’s true, then we should expect a lot of yellow.If you don't like the colour yellow, this LEGO set will make you love it.

So there we have it. You know a lot about this LEGO set, and you can make your choice on if you want to buy it or not. Have fun, enjoy. See you next time.


lego lights
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