5 simple LEGO Tricks you should know

by Customer Success

If you are the type of person that is a LEGO fan, there are some special LEGO Tricks you need to know for you to enjoy having fun with your LEGO sets. It is your job to keep the residents of your LEGO castles happy, and for you to get the necessary funds for you to increase the size of your LEGO towers.

Here are five simple LEGO tricks you should know for your LEGO Castles and toy sets;

1. Develop a Selection that is balanced for Consumer and Residential Floors

LEGO castles and towers let you create the flashiest and largest castle you can create with the right sets. There are about two different types of floors you could use to get this goal. The residential floors where the citizens of your castle can move, and you could create the consumer floors where you would like the occupants that are building to do their jobs. 

lego Consumer and Residential Floors

2. Create an Elevator around your LEGO Toy set Castle.

As your LEGO Castle continues to grow taller, you could get more LEGO mini-figures that would come into your stores and floors. Taking them to these floors can be done physically by taking them to these elevators. You could get tired doing this, but with it, more coins could be added to you. You could even make the elevator increase its speed if you are willing to spend more money. There are more ways to earn more Bux if you are interested.

3. Your eyes need to be open to earn more Bux 

As time passes, you'll see different icons looking like boxes at the lower part of the screen. The red arrow which follows the pinging notification refers to someone that wants to go through the elevator. The BrickBook or BB is the LEGO social media service, and it tells you how the residents in your castle are doing. 

Your eyes need to be open to earn more Bux

4. Get a special Helper at the right time 

There is another notification box one should notice. It shows different properties of a special LEGO Minifigure that has a job helping you. If you see the Construction Worker box, don't make use of it till you have opened and purchased a new apartment on your floor in the castle. He can simply help you finish the time for construction or reduce it with about three hours. So make sure you make use of him at only the right time. As for the Minifigure Big Spender, send her to only your richest customer so you would enjoy all the necessary funds you would be able to get.

lego lights

5. Enjoy the benefits of the LEGO castle club and make great friends 

Each time you go to the LEGO menu with all the other options available, check out the tower club. You’ll have options like enjoying a free 5-day trial. Make sure you take advantage of this till you get a full membership.

Enjoy the benefits of the LEGO castle club and make great friends
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