3 Tips For a Better LEGO Build

by Nikita P.

You could be creating your Lego Builds and you might not be so sure on how you can do this that it would look great and better than it used to. Well, this article is going to talk aboutthree (3) tips which you could use to get yourself a better Lego build. It is a nice and fun technique too. There have been events that have shown a lot of activities and exhibitions on more than twenty different Lego builds.These all have their specific individual workshops that have about two Lego builders who are masters and they help train going kids and grown ups on ways they can create studier structures around.


One of these master builders is known as Steininger Dan. He helps train both kids and adults on these three tips that are necessary for building better Lego builds.


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List of the 3 Tips For a Better LEGO Build

First Tip: You Can Overlap your Lego Bricks

If you want to create a wall, you shouldn't just make it by columns or rows. You should try to make your bricks overlapped. If you have overlapping bricks, it would help your Legobuild look and feel better after it is done and ready. It is better than when your bricks are not overlapped because, in that form, they tend to scatter faster after you have spent a long period trying to arrange it for itto look perfect. It would also look like it was made by a master. 

Second Tip: Make use of thick walls

You should use Lego bricks that are thick through two studs to build up your walls. They would be stronger than walls that are a stud thick. If you make use of Lego bricks that are notstrong enough, the entire build would look weak. It would look like it wasn't made with Lego bricks. To make your Lego build look like it was made by a master or a professional, it is advised you make use of some wallsthat are thick with strong Lego bricks. 

Third Tip: You could make use of round shapes and have your studs pointed outwards instead of inwards

If you would like to create a ball, you could make use of about six tops with round shapes as stated by Steininger. You can start by putting the top, then the bottom, and organizingthe four sides together making use of bricks with some studs on each side. 

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After doing all of this, you're fast on the path to becoming a great master builder.


All sessions of the Harrisburg event have sold out. The only thing you can do now is to be patient and to wait for other events for Lego fans that are to take place at another time inplaces like Oaks. If you would prefer some inspiration on your next creation for Lego, you can look at other complicated and inspiring constructions. 

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